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  1. Just installed another GTX 460 in SLI - at last I can fly properly
  2. Historic Spitfire Mk1/1a loadout
  3. Half a Spit anyone? :)
  4. beta patch atmosphere & lighting at altitude
  5. All servers just went down?
  6. Bailed out AI pilots disappearing?
  7. In gaming, everything is amazing, but no one is happy
  8. Development team HUD poll
  9. Instead of using sound samples ...
  10. DEVS: Crewman Animations and tailgunner view
  11. nvidia profile/sli compatibility patch request
  12. What have you done to my game?
  13. Steam cloud,to check or uncheck?
  14. Resetting Stats?
  15. BoB day on Military History Channel SKY
  16. A strange thing happened,
  17. Fields Beta Online Dynamic campaign
  18. What the...Is Luthier giving us the finger? [Raaaid content]
  19. DEVS: Please add score for bombing vehicles/ships etc
  20. Looks like a new Documentary on the Bomber Crews of B-24's, link here
  21. I'll buy your game...
  22. freetrack will not run
  23. Beta becoming Full patch soon?
  24. Can anyone confirm these plane set namings are correct?
  25. Nvidia cards of 560 series not compatibile in Sli
  26. The future of CoD...
  27. What's on your list!
  28. Ati 6950(2gb) or Nvidia 560ti
  29. Clickable cockpit question:
  30. AMD Bulldozer
  31. Poll: My favorite aircraft II
  32. Cold War clash in New Zealand
  33. How to do it
  34. COD copy for sale
  35. new beta patch Nvidia drivers 285.27 ...
  36. server password protected
  37. what kind of a graphics setup are you running?
  38. Spitfire incockpit sound
  39. Gtx460 768mb
  40. Happy Battle of Britain Day
  41. sdriemline server?
  42. Flightsim aircraft sounds for Dummies...
  43. Prob the best bit of Wing DMG Ive seen
  44. Lancaster pilots & Night Fighter have a beer together
  45. Lancaster pilots & Night Fighters have a beer together
  46. Do You Play With Damage Notices?
  47. Take off practice
  48. Fantastic!
  49. erm... screenshots?
  50. sli conclusions (for devs)
  51. How much RAM do you have?
  52. Friday Development Update - September 16, 2011
  53. A few questions
  54. Are there any pubs in this game?
  55. Two HUD questions
  56. Moving your head whilst parachuting
  57. How much RAM do you have - REVISED POLL!
  58. Steam Update?
  59. Trak IR zoom in 109
  60. COD Screenshots
  61. Capturing Video
  62. Force feedback
  63. Girl on my lap - WTH????
  64. Scripting Library
  65. All about the prop. pitch - Very nice Video on Airwarfare.com
  66. Are we getting a new train?
  67. Will COD be stereographic 3D? Worth 3D monitor?
  68. My plane is pulling away
  69. Suhkoi Forum Tidbits
  70. how to start the BR20
  71. TrackIR zooming when looking aside
  72. sond and pulling left
  73. Ability to set plane crew skill in quick mission
  74. Axis planes mixed up Insignia
  75. FMB Poll
  76. Why can't I add bombs to the Blenheim?
  77. Beta - Official Upgrade Proc?
  78. Messed up collisions
  79. WW2 desert Hurricane pilot
  80. COd just went from 10fps to 40.
  81. Most fun I've had with my trousers on for some time - ATAG Server
  82. When will these be making an appearance!!!
  83. Full Realistic Tutorial for All flyable planes.
  84. How about this version of the Blenhiem?
  85. Answers from BoB Spitfire pilot and Rigger
  86. [NFO] IL2CoD official development timeline/info/patches
  87. I admit - I had a greta fun last night...with this game
  88. This game is actually really great
  89. Battle of Britian BBC Page (Must See)
  90. @the dev team : Very important
  91. Spitfire pilots get the pots and pans out I'm ready to duck.
  92. What would make this game ROCK!
  93. IL-2 COD Really Comes to Life with a decent Video Card
  94. New server
  95. Working 3D screenshot from the upcoming patch
  96. Fave Add On Missions / Campaigns
  97. Patch info updates from Sukhoi.ru
  98. Enough it's enough. A DEMAND for the next patch!
  99. If Land > Refuel, Re-arm, Repair is implemented...How long should each stage take?
  100. Vaio Z128 Laptop + External GTX580 = BIG Grin! ;)
  101. Rare Mk1 Spitfire Video
  102. Nvidia Owners: 285.36 Beta Driver has my game running spectacular
  103. Thanks to the ATAG server
  104. FMB-Bug?
  105. 4GB Memory tool
  106. Men of War / IL-2 Crossover
  107. Patch Status
  108. Overclocking GTX 480
  109. Free Track Working??
  110. Multi monitor setup needs custom FOV
  111. Why do you run CloD on XP?
  112. Really Excited To Test Patch
  113. Luthiers Online
  114. Patch Beta 2 - v15866 - October 5, 2011
  115. Lets compare Beta v 1.03.15527 to v15866
  116. Patch Beta 2 - v15866 BUG REPORTS
  117. Question Regarding New Beta Patch
  118. YAY we have wind
  119. FYI BF109 E4 Rad Not Bugged
  120. New beta patch, good things/bad things
  121. Cockpit and Landscape Beta Comparison
  122. what file contains your personal loadouts?
  123. WHich Servers Will Upgrade to the Latest Beta
  124. To naysayers with love: evolving sound engine...
  125. Problems installing the patch
  126. New Landscape Colors vs Old
  127. New cockpit colors vs old
  128. Liking Beta 2 A Lot...Thanks Luthier
  129. betabeta gave me really bad performance hit...
  130. Visual Effects = Low - Stops freezes/lock ups
  131. Sound is getting better with every patch!
  132. Steppe map
  133. New Beta CTD hotfix available
  134. Why do we have 2 copies of the game?
  135. Recommended training course for new pilots
  136. Something unusual happened..
  137. how do i get/make sure i have the latest proper conf.ini?
  138. Why are we more concerned with colors than performance and scaling?
  139. Clean ReInstall Fixed Performance
  140. i cant wait to try 3d, tracers gonna rock
  141. Brit MG Cockpit Sounds
  142. Post videos
  143. So whey did you change the cockpit color/contrast?
  144. Landscape Time of Day Video
  145. any mountains on the map?
  146. a uestion on the game that could be applied to reality, buiilding collision
  147. a uestion on the game that could be applied to reality, buiilding collision
  148. The Blitz Video by Barfly/JokkerFX
  149. Luthier try and fix the "Stutters"
  150. Sound Issues - Patch Beta 2 - v15866 [RESOLVED]
  151. Quick Mission - So Addictive
  152. Nvidia Driver upgrade affects Trees?
  153. About all these rants on new patch colours
  154. Before and after patch
  155. Soundmode=1, Graphics anomaly
  156. Screenies with newest October5 patch & fix:
  157. greenish windshiel (spit)
  158. for the people who loves the new cockpit colours
  159. Keeping up with AI?
  160. Screen Text thread from months ago.
  161. Spotting planes
  162. New Folder called "Music"
  163. Stereo 3D Mode
  164. Skins
  165. So.. what next?
  166. Anyone figure out the secret addition?
  167. Is it too much to ask
  168. jaggies
  169. Fiat g50 - Brick with wings
  170. Patches
  171. Landscape graphics
  172. Italian Markings in QM
  173. So, has anyone in NA bought the CE of CLoD
  174. What will you do while you wait for the official patch?
  175. AI in 15866...
  176. Propwash
  177. Shake with engine on
  178. Hurricane slow in take off run
  179. I am the only one who doesn't...
  180. Amazing ground vehicles
  181. Gun Damage
  182. Il2 Finally works!
  183. Sistem sound configuration
  184. Salvation for ClOD ?
  185. how to install BETA, and if possible to revert
  186. Here are my config files which have my game playing perfect
  187. Spitfire taxi troubles for beginner
  188. The never ending cockpit discussion
  189. Please Help
  190. Don't forget to turn the reflections back ON
  191. Dots infront of Vehicles/planes?
  192. Looking for an Aussie Squad
  193. How to install patch?
  194. Can German Boxed Version Be INSTALLED in English>?
  195. Future Brit Bombers...any news? Rumors?
  196. Visibility distance
  197. Markings Visability
  198. External sounds audible in cockpit with engine running?
  199. sounds reversed
  200. Tree Flicker
  201. Spitfire IIa Warm Up Time
  202. which FOV do you use while playing the game?
  203. Did the British actually shoot down bombers/planes over London?
  204. Do you ever wonder....
  205. Possibly my only remaining performance issue??
  206. Top Gear - The Spitfire Experience
  207. Bug-Report-Homepage?
  208. Chase across the channel, Blenheims outrun my Emil !
  209. What GPU...if money is no object?
  210. F5 francy
  211. Mission Builder Tutorial
  212. Only stutter is during large bomb run
  213. just switched back to beta 15527-waoh!
  214. Can we have new online modes
  215. Spitfire Rads - How closed do you go?
  216. Importance of Shadows
  217. Just saying thanks to all of you testers who are helping to make CloD fun for us ;)
  218. Beginning to feel like your taking something from me
  219. how to spawn airgroups after another one is destroyed?
  220. The developers why write the Sukhoi.ru page and why does not official forum?
  221. Logitech G940 Force FB
  222. Distance Tags
  223. Poll: We do we need new trees?
  224. Do we need new trees?
  225. 56 Squadron RAF (v) is recruiting
  226. how to remove grey text box
  227. Comparing 15527 v 15886 based on 4 categories
  228. Aren't the trim tabs reversed??
  229. What should the Devleopers be focusing their attention on?
  230. Lga 2011
  231. how does the 109 trim work without trim tabs
  232. Hyperthreading off = stutters off.
  233. A little video...
  234. Bf-109 CEM, what's it?
  235. P-51 Mustang "popping" the Canopy to bail out. Did it slide or come off?
  236. SLI support
  237. Old patch v1.05.15950 is now live! What to expect next.
  238. New post at sukhoi
  239. Trying to identify a FW unit, December 25th 1944, Liege area.
  240. Please make a copy of your old version for backup.
  241. Check this video out
  242. Mirrors
  243. how to reset to normal windows and throttle dials?
  244. Initial impressions of 15950
  245. Good patch, horrible Bf-110 cockpit.
  246. So far...post patch
  247. why do I get this "Grey Area"
  248. ETA next patch
  249. v1.05.15950 PATCH BUG THREAD
  250. Check your custom skin size!