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  1. COD trailer...*i wish*
  2. In Game Footage COD
  3. UK GAME Stocks CoD
  4. Is London in COD ?
  5. Will COD be a 'no-cd' start up
  6. Ju87-B2 Information Card
  7. Oleg, Luthier, you need to give UBI a damn good bollocking.
  8. Shame on you for using STEAM !
  9. Question about input
  10. Poll regarding Steam users
  11. The goodbye thread
  12. April 19 in the North America and March 24 in Europe ?
  13. Why 1C like Steam
  14. Is CoD User Moddable
  15. AI manouvers
  16. What resolutions
  17. Best Card on the Market for CoD
  18. Is that the new Cover?
  19. And the Ubi forum is called "The zoo"...
  20. Battle Of Britain
  21. What is STEAM?
  22. New Collectors Edition Found
  23. Ability to set horizontal and vertical convergeance seperately?
  24. Are different fuel "types" modelled in the COD?
  25. Cliffs of Dover in 3D
  26. Video
  27. Trackir
  28. Weird titles
  29. Foreplay be over soon i hope
  30. i5 2500K and i7 2600K for CoD
  31. In game advertising?
  32. upset about Steam?
  33. New interview and ingame video
  34. Frankly, these lasers...
  35. Map editor included?
  36. Another new vid.
  37. Is it true, game delayed till april?
  38. Who is the idiot who is adding subtitles and tags to our posts?
  39. Why on EARTH would I pre-order from UBISOFT!!!
  40. Binaural sound?
  41. Two Weeks
  42. Look at all the features
  43. pcgameshardware interview
  44. You have to see this
  45. Free Softwares and GPU Utilities
  46. Final countdown
  47. So what will be the final boxed version?
  48. Collector's Ed from UBI UK may arrive on 22nd?
  49. Will I be able to sell CoD if my laptop can't run it?
  50. Six core CPU's an advantage for CoD?
  51. EA worse than Steam and Ubi!!!
  52. Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals
  53. To buy DCS A-10 in instead?
  54. B-17 Flying Fortress 2 tracers
  55. New steam IL2 group!
  56. Can you imagine if CoD needed a permanent internet connection?
  57. Release date changed
  58. Go to gold in Russia
  59. Question for Oleg
  60. Building Pop Up
  61. Some things that Steam COULD bring to the table
  62. What UBI should have done wtih DRM
  63. Intercepted Comms
  64. Should 1C/UBI make Steam optional?
  65. COD Development Blog: (harmless HUMOR)
  66. Controller Questions
  67. STEAM awesome because of this polls evidence.
  68. Good trim controllers for trimming?
  69. For Luthier or Oleg...release date change?
  70. Family links to the Battle of Britain?
  71. I don't know for the bar...
  72. To whomever cancelled my post..
  73. The white cliffs of Dover
  74. Which Aircraft Will You Choose?
  75. DRM, STEAM, UBI, release date, Confused!!!
  76. Question about Installing game from Disk.
  77. Where to buy BOB Cliffs of Dover?
  78. So which one are you?
  79. Any guesses - update tomorrow
  80. Unofficial CloDo Trailer - excellent.
  81. A few navigation screens for hungry eyes
  82. CoD have built in voice comms?
  83. Will CoD Map have a Memory?
  84. Clarification on release date, game versions & more
  85. More CoD question/suggestions: Benchmarking tool?
  86. 4 Just Flight and Steam UK users. Some Questions.
  87. Saitek TPM Panel... Good Idea or...?
  88. Steam Il2:COD Pre-order now available
  89. What is with the release date please?
  90. Dedicated server
  91. Sound setup
  92. kanobu.ru answers from 3D-Designer
  93. COD manual?
  94. AI radio comms system
  95. The Music Box
  96. OT 109 dog emblem
  97. why the official website at ubi is still a vulgar homepage, seriously?
  98. Steam with Disc Version
  99. What is the exact logic behind a 1 month delay for north america?
  100. CPU-Control (Win 98/2000/XP/Vista/7)
  101. ME 110 Video Documentary?
  102. Interview Alexander Porozov / Александр Порозов
  103. Co-Op Play?
  104. Flight Sim Movie Website showcases "Cliffs of Dover"
  105. Don't release too quickly!
  106. Any differences between Ubi download and steam version?
  107. Skinners Templates
  108. Saitek: low budget head tracker
  109. What size will be the DL of CoD?
  110. From what i understand its a flight sim.
  111. Multiplayer
  112. Links to reviews
  113. Flyable area
  114. questions regarding graphics performance to the beta testers.
  115. Multiplayer co-op?
  116. VID with some sound
  117. Key commands
  118. IL-2 CoD without STEAM
  119. What operating system to use with a new rig?
  120. Oleg leaving game development (CoD)?
  121. Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Podcast (English version)
  122. Cliffs of Dover Unboxing Russian Collectors Edition.
  123. Where is CoD Wiki??!?
  124. I decided to wait for Collectors Edition instead
  125. Allied Online squads looking for newb pilots?
  126. Do I need a wide screen monitor ?
  127. Why isn't this place flooded with vid's?
  128. Which Campaign Missions?
  129. So, is it out yet?
  130. shipping in Hungary.. delayed..
  131. New UBI UK website is here (almost)
  132. Single player does not require steam.
  133. Hyperthreading - Finally an answer
  134. GPU specs - more info....
  135. OK Gentlemen, book your flights...
  136. Approved Modding aspects
  137. PC Opinion - Feedback/Education needed.
  138. ... and in english
  139. Retail Version CANNOT be Activated on STEAM?
  140. il 2 sturmovik: Cliffs of dover (can i run it?)
  141. The future of COD. Oleg or Luthier or Nike-it
  142. Russian launch date today
  143. Collectors Edition UK Delivery!
  144. Kill streaks?
  145. Any chance to run CoD on C2D, 3.6GHz
  146. Il2:Cliffs of dover Collectors edition
  147. GTX590 demo
  148. For Western Hemisphere buyers
  149. Purchased via Ubi shop. Download when where?
  150. Competition over at Ubisoft
  151. First impressions (russian forum thread)
  152. Any Russian vids of London or the cities?
  153. Official launch in Moscow - first virtual pilots in CoD sky
  154. Cliffs of Dover MANUAL
  155. IL-2 STURMOVIK™: Cliffs of Dover - Dev Diary #1
  156. Head bobbing?
  157. 777 Studios wishes COD best of luck on their launch!
  158. We want ingame tracks ;o)
  159. In Russia it's still "Battle of Britain"
  160. No anti-aliasing for COD??
  161. First bugs/glitches?
  162. Night time Engine Start and Cockpit Lights.
  163. Emailing Ubisoft
  164. What is the final release list of flyable aircraft.
  165. il2 Cliffs of dover
  166. Unconditional support team Oleg.
  167. We must make sacrifices
  168. Since luthier offered.....
  169. To lighten the mood just a skoosh....
  170. CoD disappointing in skinning matters!
  171. I am canceling my pre-order (from Steam)
  172. New interview with Oleg and Ilya
  173. Video of CoD on lowest settings
  174. Steam release CoD.Does that mean Ubi aren't involved? So Epilepsy filter could be off
  175. Reality check...
  176. i dont get the moaning
  177. To luthier
  178. Friday update?
  179. CoD Benchmarks
  180. Started a POLL at Ubi for the Epi filter
  181. 3 questions, if I may.
  182. If i was Oleg........
  183. Looking forward for a graphic settings comparison
  184. Why nobody posts new screenshots ???
  185. Beta testing
  186. More on epilepsy in Cliffs of Dover
  187. Slats in 109 and 110 in COD - could anyone confirm?
  188. Strength Through Solidarity
  189. CoD Crisis DOESN'T make BBC 6 O'clock news SHOCK!?!
  190. Why two versions of the game?
  191. 109e cockpit layout
  192. Gameplay vids update
  193. Simple request when posting videos
  194. Dear russian fellows..
  195. Su26?
  196. US Purchasing clarifacation....
  197. West Version impaired? need reply.
  198. Sound Engineers Needed!!!
  199. Official Ubi COD site updated
  200. Very Confused about the Filter and Fix Please Help :) ???
  201. US in stock ready to ship?
  202. Quick Mission Builder?
  203. Pixel by Pixel
  204. Maddox Games: You made the most stupid decision with this game
  205. So...how nice does the SU-26 fly?
  206. Ilya Shevchenko, time to hear from you
  207. Suhkoi.ru Screenshots
  208. IL2-COD Handbook.....awestruck
  209. A message to all
  210. Manual page 62 :(
  211. How about inviting some russians here ?
  212. Airwarfare FAQ
  213. Have any of you actually played any other game at launch?
  214. Ilya why didn't you use this gun sound?
  215. Is The Sound Binural
  216. More Videos
  217. Sim hq screenshots
  218. open beta
  219. After a day of flying IL2/46...
  220. People bought CoD from Russia.
  221. Hmm.. Megatexture anyone?!!
  222. After watching this video i am even more in love with the sim!
  223. RAF Pilots in BoB
  224. My two cents of latest developments
  225. Console exceptions that you might came across
  226. To Luthier
  227. From tiny to huge, the future of gaming and potential.
  228. Key map?
  229. Russian version review
  230. The questions I would like answered.
  231. Frame rate is king
  232. Which ordering channel will give 1C:Maddox the most?
  233. I will support this game
  234. So in the end we are all beta-testers....?
  235. winning as always...
  236. Leaked Video
  237. Can you use thing's on the ground ?
  238. Who do we blame?
  239. Images of maps of IL2 COD
  240. Custom Squad Markings?
  241. Suggestion for Thursday
  242. Finally...THE GERMAN!!
  243. Readme file in English
  244. Will engine sounds be corrected in the western/ubi release?
  245. Short review from TX-Gunslinger, SIMHQ
  246. What I would do if I were Oleg...
  247. Sequel to COD- the future ?
  248. My take on CoD - UBI and 1C dropped the ball on this one
  249. Some nice treats noticed while playing...
  250. Who's order also got cancelled?