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  1. ...2011 standards for realistic sceneries
  2. New patch to NVIDIA
  3. Monitor recommendation?
  4. Spitfire fun in London
  5. i wonder about the long term destiny of flight sims
  6. Stuttering More Noticeable In "Cockpit View" Mode?
  7. Any news??
  8. Feature request - Shadows options
  9. Using 2 PSU has CLoD kicking it in high gear!
  10. This is worth a look
  11. Detailed damage info?
  12. Snapping View
  13. am i the only one who feels claustrophoby cockpit on?
  14. FaceTrackNoIR
  15. OT - German machine gun
  16. Help Understanding The Comms Menu
  17. Touchscreen Profile
  18. So...how`s the new sim?
  19. After upgrade & newest patch & hotfix issues remain:
  20. Grey Bf109's of JG26
  21. Skins Post em Here
  22. So ummm , how do you move things ?
  23. Predict a CoD Thread for 2nd June 2012. Prizes!!!
  24. I'm not a nazi but,
  25. Calling RBJ
  26. a couple of ideas to have a sim that FEELS more realistic
  27. where is my leader ?
  28. Any Openfalcon veteran here?
  29. A game status update would be nice
  30. Manston under attack! - new youtube vid by me (best seen in 1080p and full-screen)
  31. anyone counter the bank indicator problem? the little ball is stucked aside..
  32. OT but very, very cool. "Yankee Gal"
  33. Luthier...what are you guys up to?
  34. is it posible with clod engine go back in time?
  35. Next patch info
  36. 109 Cannon shell self destruct
  37. Trying to trace the Unit of 2x Ju-88 shot down June 6th 1944 in Galati, Romania?
  38. Battle of Britain books. Recommendations?
  39. WW1 Paved the Way for the Battle of Britain.
  40. Amazing Details Here!
  41. Bombing with He-111
  42. Skin request
  43. Rather dissapointed...
  44. Need a few terms explained
  45. Airwarfare COD Downloads open to all
  46. No Longer Able to access any FMB Missions
  47. Translation Please
  48. Cockpit Glass shading
  49. Aerial photos of BoB Airfields?
  50. engine warming up
  51. Call sign
  52. I'm probably just being ignorant, but
  53. The Second World War Aircraft Gun Controversy
  54. RAF pilots drank a lot!
  55. Jealousy
  56. What about a better simulation?
  57. Skins - keeping my updates in this thread from now on
  58. How to make skins show up in the list
  59. Problem with nvidia GT330m for notebook
  60. skins in QMB
  61. an advice for those who cant run the game at good fps
  62. Mixture
  63. How do you clean your monitor?
  64. is there any gore on the game? if there is, can be utrn off?
  65. What controls COD shipping date for U.S.
  66. CoD - sound issues
  67. 67 years anniversary of D-Day
  68. Is IL2 1946 still alive?
  69. Flaps and brakes question..
  70. Cannot connect to MP servers - timeout!?
  71. Something to test
  72. Mein lieber Luthier
  73. Rendering capacities of a 2011 game !
  74. OT- Cosford Airshow
  75. take as long as you want
  76. Whats the origin of the online expresion salute?
  77. Turn Down Head Shake
  78. Best price for IL-2 COD so far ?
  79. Dear admins, can we have an Off-Topic forum section?
  80. Offline Campaigns announcements
  81. No name of locations in the map ???
  82. Bug or Me?
  83. Are the loadouts sorted yet?
  84. What will we see in July?
  85. Gunsight Fix?
  86. Where to find game manual?
  87. bombs do not explode?
  88. Performance Poll
  89. why when you take off the straps you cant look back?
  90. weres all the dust particals?
  91. CoD Manual
  92. gunsight question
  93. The death star
  94. Just wondering why the "World of Planes" Beta sign-up thread got deleted?
  95. Messerschmitts vs. Hurricanes over the Ärmelkanal. Yet ANOTHER vid by me, sorry.. :-)
  96. Threads empty
  97. it's friday?
  98. Need help, spitfire with very low rpm on full throttle
  99. Text too large in Spanish Translation
  100. Patch 1.01.14588 Xfire not working
  101. Ju88 and Detonators
  102. Online tutorial please
  103. Dogfight
  104. Attention MG! That night, steam changed the Russian version in English.
  105. i5 2500k
  106. eventlog
  107. Ubi didn't even present CoD at the E3 2011!?
  108. Anti Aliasing settings for Nvidia GPU users
  109. Oleg's dream
  110. Joining online via Steam
  111. my new pc
  112. multiplayer-how do i know if i hunt ai or a real person?
  113. RAAAAID you are so goonna love this
  114. actually enjoying it now
  115. Some considerations about the FM purists...
  116. Give us Simple Mission Builder like Original IL2
  117. Overclocking i5 2500k
  118. smooth and fast on these settings
  119. i5 2500k v's core 2 duo
  120. View from the cockpit
  121. Will there be a concise bug list?
  122. B17 crashed
  123. HD Pacific Gun Camera
  124. Other planes look small
  125. The forums are really dead.
  126. OT - if you got more brass than sense...
  127. CloD up & running but certain aspects just don't work...can anyone explain?
  128. The Dover Chronicles
  129. The best lawn mower money can buy ...
  130. Cockpit files
  131. quick maths
  132. Did the germany not take prisoners of war
  133. Luftwaffe campaign walkthrough
  134. Patch release?
  135. New pilot signing up
  136. Friday June 17 Update – Next Patch Info
  137. First Light the Film,anyone seen this?
  138. Have you guys heard of this one yet?
  139. Where do screenshots go?
  140. OT: What do you think of this?
  141. Top ten most wanted fixes...
  142. ordering from justflight
  143. Top 10 Most Wanted Fixes?
  144. OT: cheered up a boring walk in the woods today!
  145. Aircraft Reference Guide?
  146. Happy Fathers Day!
  147. why no a different colour for every sunset?
  148. Nvidia 275.50 Beta and STILL no SLI?
  149. A numbers' game
  150. Stuka Angriff! - Shipping attack in The Channel. Yet another video by me...
  151. V.14762 BETA Download Links
  152. Review by Heinkill
  153. screenshots afther the last patch 21-06-2011
  154. June 24, 2011 - v1.02.14821 Release Patch
  155. Battle of Britain Video - a short history
  156. Stay alert !
  157. UK Patch
  158. Sound bug solution ?
  159. AMD HD69xx blue lines fixed!
  160. "Launcher Not Working" with 14821
  161. Patience is a virtue...
  162. The Complete Manual
  163. Patch Rollback
  164. Please debug CoD
  165. Suggestion: forget multiplayer focus on sim for single player
  166. Well, I've just had the best 2 hours of offline flight simming I can remember...
  167. Patch v1.02.14821 Bug thread
  168. Steam
  169. Bf-109 E4
  170. For Information: Read Only Thread
  171. Cockpit labels
  172. Bugs you [I]don't[/I] get
  173. what are the simple navigator tool in new patch ?
  174. Waste of money
  175. Help For Luthier
  176. Establishing a "real" issue tracking system?
  177. Career mode bug?
  178. opening canopy
  179. Keeping IL2 Interesting while Waiting for CLOD :)
  180. Community Liaison Person
  181. OT: Navy Historics Spread their Wings down at the local Patch
  182. Anyone knows if the sound bug is related to specific hardware?
  183. Sound bug
  184. Violations of RULE 13 = the vulgarity rule
  185. No damage sound?
  186. Configuration Files
  187. Bug or not?
  188. Spitfire excavation today...
  189. Luthier, July 19th Patch
  190. Profanity...?
  191. Solve the ESC Bug!!!
  192. Sigh.........
  193. Negative Dudes: Can U be bought off?
  194. CEM-difference between MP and SP?
  195. My System Specs, My Problems
  196. 8000m altitude limit?
  197. Sound issues in SP mode
  198. Quit complaining.....now
  199. no Steam patch update
  200. Will there be more planes ?
  201. The Crystal Ball
  202. PCPilot mag full CLOD review (not in this post)
  203. Nose art
  204. Blenheim Fuel Cock .......
  205. Ignoring Threads
  206. Please luthier, a small friday update about progress?
  207. OT: Watch live Airshow Airpower 2011 now!
  208. An overview of all forum posts so-far regarding Cliffs of Dover
  209. an idea for twop gauges to navigate in ww view
  210. Friday July 1 Update – Meet the Team
  211. How to disable the UBI screen???
  212. A tool that could help evaluate BOB COD objectively
  213. BoB Sequel in the works already...can we have this one working first please?
  214. Dont clouds look better here?
  215. IL2 Store
  216. Shameless eBay plug :-)
  217. Standard Tracks Benchmark Videos - Evaluating CloD objectively
  218. Finally, The Battle of Britain
  219. Poor performance after retail patch? Re-installing will solve it!
  220. Just got back from holiday...
  221. i think devs have done right not developing stereoscopic effect, why...
  222. My first choice:
  223. Landscape Colours need adjusting IMHO. I just saw pics from a BOB TV Program.
  224. Tracers move too fast
  225. GTX 580 has saved me
  226. freetrack
  227. Guess the aircraft - Friday Update 01/07/11
  228. Well...we said it would be a problem..
  229. Are Tracer threads the new ".50-Calibre" thread?What if we get a .50-calibre in CloD?
  230. Show your edited picture !
  231. Compare with "this" with this
  232. Anyone got a link to an online image of the Channel map?
  233. A bad day for the JG 2
  234. Ju-88 joyride through the Vallée de la Risle to Le Havre - youtube video by me
  235. Prerelease Draft Checklist -Request Assistance
  236. conf.ini file: spawn humans=1 doesnt work
  237. Fraps - revisted!!
  238. July 19th release... I hope?
  239. Low level bombing in the Ju88? how to make boom!
  240. Shadows in the moolight
  241. Need a lil help
  242. British campaign Fw-200 mission CTD
  243. Request: Artwork for Upcoming Campaign
  244. landscape of official storm of war trailer
  245. For those against Digital sales (also Steam).
  246. best headphones maximum range for the lowest buck
  247. New Cpu
  248. Will we get an update today?
  249. Captain of the ship .............
  250. No Advertising