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07-06-2011, 03:13 PM
Below is the link to my latest checklists (draft). With the North American release only two more weeks away (yeah, yeah, I know) I need some help to finalize the initial "full" release. Here are some of the items I have open that I would like to resolve before the NA release. Please help me out here.

Intro (White)
1. Artwork for cover page

General Data (Purple)
1. Airspeed data in Tape or ASI format?
2. Review and edit Airstart and Combat Checklist
3. Complete Squadron Data Page

Weapons (Gold)
1. Verify Smoke Trail for ammunition types
2. Decide on keeping personal convergence setting of 170m in Sight Data
3. Verify RAF G MkV Night Tracer "Slow tracer/delayed tracer" action in game
4. Identify Bomb Arm time function in game.
5. Identify "Automatic Dive Delay" of 14 secs in game. Settings refer to charge time, is this delay upon impact or time to arm?
6. Identify and explain Bomb Distributer Controls with diagrams for in game functions by aircraft. What functions are available for each bomb/fuze type and aircraft?
7. Any other Bomb Data required?

Aircraft Op Limits (Blue)
1. Are Hurris and Spits modelled with 87 or 100 Octane Fuel?
2. Further expand on Boost Control Cut Out Operation
3. Are ASI Position Error tables required? Are position errors modeled?
4. Me110 and Ju88 Best Airspeeds for Climb table
5. Missing Temp and Other Data for Ju88

Aircraft Procedures (Green)
1. Verify Procedures are executable in game
2. Write Procedures for Me110, Ju87, and Ju88
3. Verify Procedures result in proper aircraft function/performance in game

If you have comments or suggestions regarding any of these items, please let me know. I want to put cockpit diagrams in but I need to clear some copyright issues first. And I am not proud, if I have screwed something up (made an inadvertent error), please let me know.

I orginally posted these at SimHq, but not getting much feedback. Can you guys help me out?


Ali Fish
07-06-2011, 03:46 PM
well you may not have much feedback because nobody really realises what your doing with this untill you open up the PDF file that is!.

That is some remarkable work you got going there though. very well done so far.

I will certainly make use of this IL2 aircraft operational encyclopedia and provide info if i can. Others around here be best suited to that though. Great work. And i hope many chime in here to help you get this completed. It seems heavily geared towards your squad etc but in reality everyone should have access to what your doing here (not that it isnt) but this is somthing of real value i think.

Its like the "other" half of the manual 1C could/should/would have made.


07-06-2011, 05:00 PM
Absolutely brilliant and I think that this should be provided for everyone as well, we'll do our best to help you mate and like I said brilliant and well done with what you have so far!!!!

07-06-2011, 07:27 PM
Outstanding !!!!

Thank You...

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07-06-2011, 10:00 PM
Great, great work mate. Well done. You're doing this for free?! Wow, there are still some good people left in the world.


07-07-2011, 09:25 AM
Here are some of the items I have open that I would like to resolve before the NA release. Please help me out here.

Sorry, I think you should be more specific on what kind of help you need. It is not quite clear from your post.

E.g. Intro (White)
1. Artwork for cover page

Do you want someone to draw the artwork?
I think if you put your request in a form of questions in stead of list of items people could better understand what kind of input is needed.

07-07-2011, 10:02 AM
As of now you might like to mention that the convergence settings in the plane menu are are reversed (I think) as horizontal affects vertical and vice versa. Not noticable for most people if they are setting both to the same value.

Secondly your sight ajustment page where you have the picture of the two planes is now lacking the "Lethal area" text boxes, these were nice to know.

Lastly do you have information on best sustained turn speed for the aircraft? That is the maintainable speed at which they will make the smallest turning circle?

07-07-2011, 11:43 AM
Fantastic work, can't wait to see the final version. This is exactly what is needed to fill out the game manual. should save a lot of Rolls Royce engines from destruction.:) Thank you for all your work on this, much appreciated.

White Owl
07-07-2011, 12:12 PM
First of all, bigtime congrats for putting this together, and more congrats for making it available in a format that people without Excel can read. I remember seeing the earlier version recommended on this forum so I downloaded it but was unable to read it. A pdf is much more accessible, thanks. :cool:

Intro (White)
1. Artwork for cover page
Umm... what? Is there a question here? Not sure what you're looking for.

General Data (Purple)
3. Complete Squadron Data PageWhat's incomplete about it? What are you asking here?

Weapons (Gold)
2. Decide on keeping personal convergence setting of 170m in Sight DataWell you need some range setting for the diagrams to work, and I doubt you want to make separate diagrams for all possible ranges, so 170m is good enough. I think this page only needs to note that 170m is one possible setting among many, and that the GM2 mkII is currently bugged so you have to double the desired range on the selector; that's why your illustration has the selector at 340. This will change if and when that bug is fixed.

Aircraft Procedures (Green)
1. Verify Procedures are executable in game
3. Verify Procedures result in proper aircraft function/performance in game
Any particular procedures you're unsure about?

07-07-2011, 02:31 PM
What, you guys can't read my mind? Good points, i guess what I write for my own use is a little sparse.

1. Artwork comment was for me. I was going to keep it simple, probably just add some RAF and LW pilot's wings. Unless anyone has other suggestions.
2. Squadron page. If I were to create a blank page that users could write in their own info, what general categories would be useful?
3. Verify procedures. Since the procedures are from real life, I have tried to annotate those that aren't modeled in game with BROWN font color. For example, all the times the historical procedures call for "priming the engine", etc. Since priming pumps aren't modeled, there is no need to execute that step. I don't want to delete it for historical purposes, but maybe I should. Any thoughts?
4. BIG IMPORTANT QUESTION. Are the Spits and Hurris modeled with 87 or 100 octane fuel? I have engine limits for both, just need to know which to include.
5. Ammo smoke trails. I think I have properly annotated which ammo leaves smoke trails base on historical data, but which ammo in game smokes?
6. I am thinking of adding a "game errata" page to list things the game has backwards or in error. Examples are GM2 MkII sight range issue, 109 prop pitch key bindings reversed, etc. I am hesitant to do this however as I hope they will soon be corrected.

Thanks for everyone's input. If I confuse you, please say so or ask for clarification. I want to have the best possible document for the NA release. Btw, I am doing this from my phone, so please excuse typos, etc.

07-07-2011, 03:42 PM
Just chiming in with a bit of personal opinion, so don't treat this as a demand or anything.

If i were in your shoes i would keep the historical checklists without deleting anything. Annotating the parts that are not modeled in the sim is good enough and would save you a lot of time if we got more switches in the cockpit to play with in the future: instead of having to retype them you'd only have to change the font color and republish the PDF.

As for the octane issue again, i would include power settings for both. The situation is a bit uncertain at the moment but even when all things are corrected, i suspect the 87 octane variants will remain in the sim. They are useful for earlier battle of France scenarios (we do have a sizable chunk of map and early axis and allied aircraft, so someone's bound to do it) and as such, a likely outcome of the octane debates is that we might get extra variants in some patch instead of just reworking the existing ones.

Using the Spitfire Mk.I as an example, we might end up a variant modelling 87 octane fuel and two-stage or even fixed pitch propeller, another one with 100 octane and two-stage prop, another with 100 octane and constant speed propeller, etc. Then it would be up to the mission designer and server admins to decide which one to use, depending on the scenario.

In such a case, including all the engine operating limits would not go to waste and once more, it's a bit of extra typing now that can save you the hassle of possibly having to go back and edit it in at a later date.

07-07-2011, 03:57 PM
Very nice so far!