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  1. Storm Of War 1° march 2010 Release
  2. CoD-all updates here-with links.
  3. FAQ-QUESTIONS,release date,system specs, for CoD
  4. Sow and gauge output for simpit owners/builders
  5. SOW website?
  6. Release Date Found
  7. New inteview on BOB SOW from Oleg Dec 29,2010
  8. Constructive comments on BOB historical accuracy in Acft skins/markings
  9. BoB:SoW Campaign, will it be fun?
  10. Cliffs of Dover ?
  11. Collectors edition found!
  12. Storm of War, or Cliffs of Dover
  13. If UBI's DRM scheme is unacceptable...
  14. North American Pre Orders?
  15. BoB on 6 Monitors? - Screen Management
  16. Pre-Ordered Storm of War
  17. Cliffs of Dover on eurogamer.net release list
  18. "Cliffs of Dover", title sounds... weak
  19. How "unfinished" will CoD be?
  20. To save future BoB arguments..
  21. Something about new "CoD" title that is truly abisimal.
  22. Il-2 New Generation
  23. Please tell us what the bleedin' system spec is!
  24. Preorders
  25. glad we know the release date but...
  26. Will UBI hog the release/distribution?
  27. Promoting Il-2:CoD - what should the public be told?
  28. US release date.
  29. Will there be an offline career or dynamic campaign or not?
  30. This looks like the offical website.
  31. Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Interview with Ilya Shevchenko
  32. And the WEATHER ???
  33. Screenshots,video but no audio yet
  34. SoW:BoB
  35. Double negative UI switches.
  36. ZING!! I was right on my predition (Tree fails)
  37. OK, I found something that is really worrying me
  38. Another twist to whining on the system specs
  39. 128 planes online...same for offline play?
  40. Historical insignia ...
  41. Sounds! from official trailer...
  42. Where is the new Sunderland screenshot? I can't find it.
  43. Planes within context in future patches add-ons
  44. Collectors Edition for Nordic countries...
  45. Cliffs Of Dover on a MAC ?!?
  46. Italian situation for Cliffs of Dover.
  47. Friday updates?
  48. CoD Mod Friendly?
  49. World Wide Purchasing & Distribution
  50. UBI site lists $49.99 for PC Download
  51. Where is the ground personnel?
  52. Force Feedback?
  53. The release trailer and Microsoft Flight...
  54. And The Night Missions ?
  55. Ubisoft a recent re-marriage?
  56. Ubisoft a recent re-marriage?
  57. CoD Flight Models?
  58. SoW:BoB = IL2:CoD???
  59. Questions need some Answering
  60. No dynamic campaign....
  61. Campaign
  62. "...renegade pilots on his own side"
  63. Video Feature and Copyright
  64. UK Box Cover
  65. Steam Version
  66. System Requirements and Internet Connection??
  67. Multi core processor support in CoD
  68. FS Periferal support? (Saitek as many)
  69. IA=Amnistía Internacional???
  70. Specs similar to Wings of Prey?
  71. Instrument interaction?
  72. What is name for new game engine?
  73. What would you like to see or read in the updates?
  74. In most cases, pre-ordered games are shipped the day of their retail release date.
  75. CoD new engine vs IL2 old engine & graphics
  76. New COD Screenshot
  77. Ilya answers regarding CoD scaleability
  78. Bomber hopes for COD
  79. Official system requirements
  80. Deformable terrain on airfields? (bomb damage)
  81. What OS are you running?
  82. What is best way to contact Oleg and his team ?
  83. Which videocard is in your system? DX9/10/11
  84. Any damage videos?
  85. Eyefinity or Triplehead2go Multimonitor solution for Cliffs of Dover?
  86. To Luthier:Will the collector edition be multi-lingual?
  87. unknown screenshots (for me atleast)
  88. Olegs worst competitors (?) - Microsoft Flight have released new screens...
  89. IL-2 CoD vs MS Flight graphics
  90. yep: Tracers, WOP and Il-2 COD
  91. Dot Visibility in COD and Other Flight ims.
  92. Top 8 things I look forward to in CoD (some hopfully)
  93. Who is going to upgrade pc for IL-2 CoD?
  94. Battle Of Britain ??
  95. Damage From Debris
  96. use3renders=1 in CoD?
  97. are the freefall bomb airdynamics simulated?
  98. Manuals and tips for the planes in COD?
  99. The game link on this website to BOB COD information
  100. Why Pegi 16 rating?
  101. CoD will be "only" a FS or something more?
  102. Airstart campaign?
  103. Complex engine management
  104. Most annoying thing in IL2 was the LoD 'pop-up' detail effect.Any change for CoD?
  105. Could one of the Friday updates include news on camera controls for Movie-makers?
  106. CoD website launching at 3pm GMT today?
  107. Luthier, anyone; which ram is which?
  108. CoD mod support?
  109. check ubi.com: COD has disappeared!
  110. Polish airmen list for CoD campaign designers
  111. New Rig Options
  112. Pilot behavior/tactics
  113. Turret Gunner Controls
  114. UBI Download Exclusive till Launch Day?
  115. To the folks who pre-ordered in Amazon.de
  116. Ouch! It's official, no dynamic campaign.
  117. SolidShield DRM
  118. Has a Beta test started yet?
  119. will we still have tilting planes?
  120. How about a poll on COD purchasing
  121. CoD now avaliable for pre-order in Sweden
  122. AMD or Intel?
  123. Video card quandary
  124. SYNDICATE is recruiting!
  125. Will we see those nice reflections in the first release?
  126. cliffs of dover audio thread.
  127. Land vehicles damage
  128. damaged coolant systems...
  129. Whats first for you?
  130. Server Requirements?
  131. Shame IC Company
  132. IL 2 COD Roadmap?
  133. PC Gamer interview.
  134. Dynamic Polycrewing of poly crew aircraft?
  135. Aircraft list on release?
  136. Tablet PC for display gauges and control knobs & switches
  137. A few new screens...i think.
  138. Force feedback for rudder
  139. IL2 CoD level bombing sight
  140. Any of our Russian friends care to translate?
  141. New Rig
  142. Compatable?
  143. CoD Training
  144. 332Viking Squad recruting for IL2/COD!
  145. Spit Girl
  146. But we can still live with it, I guess…
  147. Why Spit Girl is good.
  148. CoD avaliable for pre-order at eurogamer/getgames
  149. Nice toy for Il-2 CoD and sims in general?
  150. Is this the final artwork for the next title?
  151. Potentially serious FM/DM issue
  152. a mobo ? for the techies here
  153. Damm you Luther and youre Q6700 !
  154. What to write about CoD?
  155. pc test
  156. amazon.de shows new release date
  157. Some good new info over at SimHQ.
  158. Another new vid, 12 2 2011.
  159. Il-2 CoD preview - translated version
  160. Beta-test
  161. New video 2011-02-13 WITH SOUND!
  162. Collector Edition in French ?
  163. IL2: CoD release in the UK??
  164. CoD - Bf 109 E3 With Sound!
  165. Skinning in CoD?
  166. CoD preemptive whining thread
  167. Protocol for correcting model inaccuracies in CoD
  168. Guncam idea for COD
  169. Looking forward to harder gunnery
  170. Question to the devs (could save me 1000 Euro)
  171. Some new official info from ubi forums
  172. Player operated AA "FlaK" guns?
  173. UBI go a way - Bring back OLEG
  174. Parachute question
  175. Fantastic movie made with IL-2 engine (4 parts)
  176. Release delayed?
  177. Need help for ATI confi ini best settings
  178. CoD Pre-release support & Bug reporting
  179. Release changed?
  180. Submarines & Ships
  181. FMB Maps
  182. Durability of aircraft to MG (< 8mm) guns
  183. reading list
  184. It is so frustrating ...
  185. Battle of Britain links
  186. Dual 580s in SLI or 2 5870s in crossfire
  187. Let us adjust how many aircraft we want for the campaign
  188. CoD Online Environment
  189. Sim vs Game plus opportunity
  190. MDS and Triggers
  191. COD to sell in US in retail box?
  192. steam version?
  193. Thought for future expansions: Release Chronologically
  194. Future CoD devopment.
  195. Will AI aircraft performance exceed human piloted aircraft?
  196. Sim-pits, some with 6DOF movement.
  197. 109 slots
  198. To Developers: New engine settings for Merlin III at +12 lbs
  199. Muzzleflashes unrealistic?
  200. Preview flight simulator "IL-2 Sturmovik: The Battle of Britain
  201. COD-Demo
  202. Options, Options, Options.. CoD
  203. Avalon Airshow March 1 - 6
  204. One month today.....
  205. British .303 Incendiary B. Mark VI 'De Wilde'
  206. Interview with Ilya Shevchenko 20.02.2011
  207. Dedicated Hotas/joystick for il2.
  208. Air-Sea rescue mission, this would be AWESOME!
  209. Release Data change UBIsoft
  210. Today's random Question: Who's writing the installer?
  211. Why use a car when you have a spitfire?
  212. I would like one question,why is not included in this part of the E4 Messer?
  213. AI turned to Flyable in updates
  214. When the RAF pilot goes in the drink...
  215. Interesting listen when you have some time
  216. Listen to a real play-by-play of a dogfighter over the channel
  217. Capture the flag - An online time waster!
  218. Need smart mapping defaults for popular hotas/joysticks
  219. ME 109 Flight Instruction Film?
  220. Atomic article on Cliffs of Dover! (March release)
  221. only 12 planes?!?!?
  222. Will CoD make use of Nvidia Cuda or Physx? Not sure if detail has been released?
  223. Insist all AI aircraft playable in first update
  224. Controls Function List
  225. PC Gamer - The most hardcore sims - IL2 COD #1
  226. "New" Trailer
  227. Collector´s edition release cancelled????
  228. The "Crooked Cross" symbol on LW aircraft tails
  229. Going gold?
  230. where can I order CE of COD in Asia
  231. Alternatives to the Collector Edition Contents
  232. Downloaded COD today do i install to programs or make folder on C
  233. What the clouds should look like in CoD. Video of clouds at altitude with Fighters
  234. videos after release?
  235. to those who get CoD first, a request
  236. "Comfort" in cockpits of BOB adversaries
  237. Will there be a demo?
  238. so which flightsimsite will get the first review?
  239. 20 days where are the videos?
  240. What is CoD going to be called in Russia?
  241. If one purchase D/L of game, discount for Collectors Edition?
  242. Is a full blown GROUND game planned with CoD?
  243. Correct fonts for Oleg
  244. IL2 CoD on Win XP?
  245. Cliffs of Dover : 31 mars ?
  246. "New" update video
  247. Tales from the BoB
  248. This is EXACTLY what COD needs..
  249. Happy Birthday To You, Spit!
  250. Fast and inapropiate request and preorder.