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  1. It will be Saturday tomorrow
  2. What really happened
  3. Wick v Dundas Question
  4. Friday Official Update, July 20, 2012
  5. They have a swiming pool at new 1C office!
  6. Anyone else get Launcher exe crash after exiting with ESC
  7. General mood change?
  8. When the Launcher.exe crashes, why do I not get crash dump files?
  9. Default skin quality & room for landscape texture improvement
  10. About SLI and Quad SLI @ B6
  11. The answer of Luthier to the little poll i made:
  12. How I make the Launcher crash every time. Step by step method ;)
  13. Multiplayer campagn
  14. Sukhoi.ru down again?
  15. Noob needs help!
  16. Great Idea for the Cementer
  17. Q&A, July 25, 2012
  18. Bomb loading the Ju-88...how do I?Can I?
  19. any working fixes for nividia users?
  20. Any Japanese planes for BOM ?
  21. Friday Official Update, July 27, 2012
  22. system specs on Devs.
  23. Some problem display on my screen
  24. I've had enough!
  25. Cant take anymore
  26. 1c Maddox, A positive note.
  27. I'm enjoying COD....
  28. Multi-crew bombers
  29. Why Are The Lovely 'Splash Screens' 'Dark'?
  30. Come on give us something!
  31. Trolls be on notice.
  32. First flight on CLOD?
  33. Swotl
  34. Channel Battles is Good
  35. A call for patience and peace.
  36. Offended of the lies 1C
  37. Suicide squad
  38. Moderators Please Help
  39. Bomber pilots!one step forward!
  40. last official game version ?
  41. Iindignant Forum, the
  42. Campaign, Dynamic or otherwise
  43. The glass is half full.
  44. MegaTestures = 0 Fof = 0 Are these working?
  45. Total immersion (the future of flightsimming!)
  46. Crickets...REALLY?
  47. Dawnguard and the Patch on the same day!
  48. Cool your jets, guys
  49. Communication and work with community
  50. BETA PATCH v.1.08.18956 - August 3, 2012
  51. BETA PATCH v.1.08.18956 - Bug thread
  52. BETA PATCH v.1.08.18956 - install?
  53. Interested in your impressions of the new Patch (1.08.18956)? I'm quite happy so-far
  54. clod free to play, inteligent move?
  55. Link to NEW BETA PATCH v.1.08.18956
  56. Launcher.exe crashes
  57. WOW!... 1C has delivered!!!
  58. Help
  59. idiot question . installing beta patch
  60. Now I can Fly this where do I find some good tutorials?
  61. Latest beta crashing on start up
  62. Patch road map ?
  63. Fultures!
  64. Back after almost 1 year, whats the status Gents...
  65. Enemy Disappear
  66. hows the visibility of planes ?
  67. Mystery Damage
  68. Cannons Blazing!!
  69. FMB Fun - IL2 Cliffs of Dover 72 JU88 Bombers vs 6 Spitfire IIa
  70. Il-2 Sturmovik: Controllable Flak Gameplay
  71. Release Beta through Steam
  72. Channel Command is back (Slim Online version)
  73. Announcing Bomber Command:
  74. Your Help Requested on Download
  75. Beta Roadmap - B6 request for Friday Aug 17th Update
  76. Tutorials
  77. Bit the bullet & boy am I glad!!!!
  78. Infantry shooting at airplanes
  79. 15 New Pilots ready for Combat!
  80. OMG! I want this sooo much!
  81. GTX670 or 7970 For THIS Game?
  82. Why does Ghosting occur on servers?
  83. PLEASE provide a proper, 1946 like, Mission Recorder
  84. Hurricane Summer, pt. 1 - new video by me...
  85. Does the AI ever lose energy?
  86. OT - Wings Cinemareware (Amiga Classic) on Kickstarter
  87. Hmmm, Friday? Udate? Patch?
  88. BS - (resolved)
  89. Real size spitfire flight control set ups
  90. Announcement! Championship "Gladiators" 1x1 "IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Britain"
  91. Game slow down while taking off?
  92. Fantastic COD video!
  93. minature v12 and radial 14 cylinder engines! Enjoy!!!!
  94. Recording and Saving Controls Problem
  95. Bob 2 wov,Dvd gun Tracers
  96. question about motor and clouds
  97. Precious parachutes.
  98. More effects on the pilot
  99. Is Comms working?
  100. Books about Air Combat
  101. Morale
  102. ATAG Blenheim Bombing Run
  103. FM discussion
  104. pilot dogs
  105. is the game dx9 ready?
  106. Any news or mail being delivered this beautiful Friday morning?
  107. Air Force Bases of CloD - Printable cards
  108. Communications options
  109. Got my first Knight's cross!
  110. A thread to list the most common questions - to help B6 know the common concerns
  111. Funniest vid from ATAG
  112. Toggle Tags
  113. ATAG's New secret weapon
  114. Is this the "June announcement" that never was?
  115. HE 111 : somehow it doesn't seem the same
  116. My Recent PC Upgrade.
  117. Does anyone know what Oleg Maddox is doing nowadays?
  118. Beeing Bored?
  119. Is CloD any where near IL2 1946 yet?
  120. New SSD
  121. Co-op comment
  122. WW2 Bomb explosion
  123. 71/2 Minutes at +11 Boost, Spit Ia100oct
  124. He 51
  125. Channel Command - Now live on ATAG Server 1
  126. New rig - CLOD and documentations
  127. So which mission in Clod lets me strafe trains?
  128. Disastersoft will there be an English version of Channel battles???
  129. Spitfire Question
  130. Crash Poll
  131. Free Track Profile settings
  132. V.1.08 Installation Instructions?
  133. Will mixture control be fixed ?
  134. Weather/Terrain effects. Surely this is the minimum we expect for CloD or the Sequel
  135. Long Live IL2
  136. Graphics Card Upgrade
  137. Will there be any info/Patch today?
  138. 'Radiator Drag Is Modelled' - Demo
  139. Is there a way to increase plane visibility? (online)
  140. Epic Landing!
  141. It´s not a rant, its a state of mind + tips :)
  142. No joke: 248mph Hurricane dh5-20, 230mph Spit... what on earth is going on??
  143. My little 109 v spit experiment
  144. A question for BlackSix and FS~Phat about "Communication and work with community "
  145. Have been away for over 1 year is the game worth getting back to ;)
  146. An applause to all the negative people that are still here!
  147. B6-Original vershion
  148. Browning .303s
  149. How many users have SLI/Crossfire?
  150. How To Destroy Me 109 With Mk 1 Spitfire. Pick Your Moment...
  151. What's currently stopping you ??
  152. does the SLI poll requested by B6 mean that they are working on it?
  153. script to override AI and add my own ?
  154. What happens when il2 touch the artistic streak
  155. Questions for Luthier
  156. Friday the 14th Development Update
  157. Cliff's of Dover will be updated by installing the sequel over it. yay!
  158. A BoM demo for ClOD users
  159. Questions
  160. What we didn't want to hear
  161. Forget about the SU-26, Fix the Flight Models
  162. AI
  163. The new Oleg Maddoxs
  164. Thoughts about Friday's update
  165. The Half-A-Hurricane
  166. Latest patch - grass covering concrete runways...
  167. I'll be back at the end of the day to answer ... your questions
  168. Bf109 Tutorials [VIDEO]
  169. New Wing Commander?
  170. Answers!
  171. What Do You LIKE About Cliffs of Dover?
  172. We would need this sound in CLOD!
  173. the climbing rate gauge should have HUGE variations caused by atmosphere
  174. Is there possible to operate the landing light and nav light?
  175. does a twin engine lose its gyroscopic properties of inertia?
  176. Extreemly rare aircraft photos WW1 and WW2 - Grman, Italian and Bulgarian air forces.
  177. If you are flying offline some good stuff I have found
  178. Blacksix can you please have a look at the Force feedback profiles
  179. Why so little interaction with the community?
  180. Just bought Clod: First impressions, and questions
  181. Stream and auto-patching?
  182. A crazy idea about how to use yhis community...
  183. De Havilland Mosquito to fly again.
  184. In about an hour...
  185. Friday, September 28 - Patch Release Candidate and Su-26!
  186. Friday, September 28 - Patch...First Impressions
  187. Luthier. Please let us know when the questions will be answered
  188. Patch mirrors - Friday, September 28 - Patch Release Candidate
  189. SLI users- disable SLI with new patch
  190. Bug-Thread for Patch-Release-Candiate (Friday, 28. Sept)
  191. So this is the final patch then?
  192. Patch 1.09 Red Fighters
  194. Anti virus issue with new patch
  195. Best videos of CloD: by Ph0b0s95! This is war boys...
  196. Netcode observations & feedback - Patch 1.09 - Luthier please review.
  197. Requesting confirmation that the 1.09 beta patch 'bug thread' is read by the Dev's
  198. Took the Su-26 for a spin.... WAUW! (Youtube vid)
  199. New Patch Install Issue Fixed-Can't use Winzip
  200. Black Six & Luthier
  201. 109 engine doesn't rev above 1400. Bug or user error?
  202. Answers to Community Questions
  203. Do we have real-life SU-26 pilots here?
  204. Drawing a line under COD, clean start?
  205. Can the baton be passed to the community now?
  206. Deja Vu
  207. Anyone noticed a difference in damage model latest Beta?
  208. Let's help the Developer's of BoM. What would you like to see in the new sim
  209. Plane attitude details
  210. Cold Start prior to flight: Never done, all engines should be pre-warmed
  211. Nvidia card can not use full screen
  212. Damage sound still nowhere?
  213. game will not start any more
  214. Thinking about a Community Patch
  215. Question for Luthier
  216. The most effective rudder ever
  217. RC1 British Engine Hotfix + SLI/Crossfire test
  218. Bug-Thread for RC1&2 British Engine Hotfix + SLI/Crossfire test & RC2 release
  219. SLi now working. some minor issues
  220. One Huge thank you to the 1C CLOD Team!
  221. Luthier: Air Race Sequel?
  222. Game Hurricane is 534 lbs overweight
  223. 1C wants to make money? Surely the original P-51, B-17 and Fw-190 'financial' sense?
  224. bullet types effects changed-strange results!
  225. Does the 109E have armor?
  226. isthere gonna be an egypt map in next game?
  227. Gun convergence on Bf 109
  228. BoM - Well we have a Hurricane already - How about this for a campaign idea?
  229. Solved: Lame menu music
  230. Big improvement in performance with my Sli setup
  231. Bf109 test data
  232. ATAC Server
  233. Turn off radio chatter
  234. AI command menu question ...
  235. The glass is nearly full... I'll buy the sequel for sure!
  236. How many non-combat simmers will the Su-26 attract?
  237. Glycol Radiator Damage Model Problem?
  238. "Their Finest Hour" [ClOD movie] showcased at FlightSim Movies Website
  239. About the conduct of in this forum and missed opportunities..
  240. Help for Dedicated server Auto Crash
  241. Cliffs of Dover Backup??
  242. Prop flicker in zoom mode
  243. Xp64 dx9
  244. Last Chance to submit Questions & Requests for CoD
  245. Has the FPS drop been fixed when zoomed in?
  246. Help me please Wick vs Dundas
  247. BOM Single Player?
  248. How to revive sales and save this great game.
  249. CLOD Middle Wallop
  250. New nvidia drivers 306.97- no sli profile