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  1. system specs in your sig please
  2. Poll: Why I will be supporting CLIFFS OF DOVER and why you should too
  3. Luthiers peptalk
  4. A good video review
  5. Secound thoughs on CoD - Things are looking much better
  6. Why not "Self Publish"
  7. Day 2 review 1
  8. russian version possible one day to have english menus?
  9. 1920x1680 fullres max settings screens !
  10. Interesting (short) review of CoD on a High-End system....oh dear :(
  11. Some tabloid employees among us?
  12. Short review of CoD on a High-End system.
  13. Everyone CALM DOWN.
  14. When to buy
  15. My First Impressions of CoD
  16. Only a few days left now!
  17. Map of British airfields in 1940
  18. Templates for Skinners?
  19. 1C eviler than Ubi? DRM
  20. Russian And American Version
  21. Campaign?
  22. 1:1 map Channel..
  23. Western version compared to the Russian
  24. Ive brought my copy have you?
  25. Ranters, please.
  26. Could western Cod be Modded with Russian files???
  27. Mission Builder?
  28. Reflector gunsights - the coolest practical thing ever
  29. On a lighter note
  30. Dev Report for 28 March
  31. Quick epilepsy update
  32. About the post "Describe Issues..." - Some useful suggestions
  33. Russian Version
  34. Ok Naysayers: Does Oleg get things done for his community?
  35. The story of three flights (video).
  36. For Luthier
  37. Well I'm impressed with the CE
  38. Anyone have a link to Tree's post that support for this game will be abandoned
  39. Okay, so the Western version can now have the epilepsy filter switched off.....but...
  40. Got yours yet?
  41. Serious Issue Playing COD
  42. Luthier et al - thanks!
  43. UBI passes Epi filter debacle cost onto customers?
  44. Amazon.co.uk or play.com
  45. Very strange UK purchase options
  46. ideas how to make the prop pitch,the trimming wheel and the flaps to work?
  47. Thinking of loading Windows 7 in 64 bit...
  48. Ubishop pre-orders......
  49. IL-2 CoD...now in Finland! (boxshot inside)
  50. Best (free) video grab software?
  51. Question to Luthier
  52. UBISOFT cock up agane
  53. Anyone looked at the FMB yet?
  54. UK CE Box delivery came today!
  55. For Adonys
  56. Will we see bigger battles?
  57. CloD hard copy working in Australia!
  58. How many real pilots here? :)
  59. Flight recorder
  60. Bouncing needles
  61. Cliffs lack...
  62. Will we get that quality ?
  63. A programmers nightmare...
  64. One more day
  65. First impressions
  66. 'Off Runway' starts in CoD?
  67. How about a sticky for recommended settings?
  68. Got it in Denmark..
  69. Spitfire, result of midair with BF110
  70. Is the epilepsy option patch in place on Steam yet ??
  71. Do bomber crews do anything?
  72. So any Russians...
  73. Motion blur or e-filter?
  74. Collector Edition's map
  75. whats the size of gamefolder?
  76. So..uhm, where's the manual?
  77. Ubi customer service - you gotta laugh!
  78. pilots radio comms
  79. First flight!
  80. Does 1C Maddox get a better share with steam?
  81. Middle Wallop MIA?
  82. Cliffs of Dover #11 on Steam Top sellers.
  83. The patch we've been waiting for today...
  84. Small easter egg!
  85. For happy owners - please post pics of cover
  86. Number 10 in Top Sellers on Steam
  87. In Spain (spanish)
  88. Can I get English text in my German (Amazon.de ordered) game?
  89. Goodbye epilepsy filter!
  90. BoB is all about large formations of bombers,right?
  91. Anti epilepsy setting now on steam update
  92. eventlog??
  93. Rough opinion on Cod and Sandy Bridge cpu family....
  94. CE in Ireland?
  95. Why Apr 19 for US?
  96. Urgently NEEDED for proper CEM ! IMHO ;)
  97. Dev Diary #1 Behind the scenes
  98. Why do we North Americans have to wait...
  99. first run, fresh impressions (essentially for those waiting another week)
  100. My first impression? Buy it.
  101. icons ??
  102. Engine Sounds Suggestion
  103. Bristol Blenheim talk
  104. For Canadians, maybe even Americans that want the game...
  105. What happened to....
  106. AI chat lines...
  107. Is the released CoD an 'alpha'?
  108. Looking for hard copy...
  109. It was a matter of time when AH would speak up :-)
  110. Let's see those confuser.ini files!
  111. First impression
  112. Stop hating, and start thinking about the possibilities
  113. What about Mods and modding?
  114. Just had a 'Fit'....
  115. Happy camper
  116. Why's nobody complaining about the greenery?
  117. Aus stock of the game
  118. They are lucky
  119. Luthier...what else is missing from the release???
  120. Why no propeller
  121. Map objects population
  122. Sukhoi 26
  123. Anyone notice the spoiling mistook?
  124. Schwip has it running at 100 frames a second
  125. CoD vs BoP.........graphics?
  126. Now, this is the COD WE will get !
  127. Well I'm loving it
  128. REQUEST Volume sliders ingame
  129. to Oleg , Ilya and team
  130. SFS files
  131. Users manual
  132. That "Hurrpedo" video seems ridiculous, but....
  133. Waypoint Circles vanished???
  134. il2:Cliffs of dover got released too early ?
  135. Full Mission Builder
  136. What is the campaign like?
  137. The "use at your own risk" dynamic weather?
  138. quick overall first impressions (link to external blog)
  139. Well, we're loving it
  140. Screenshots
  141. Gametrailers CoD Debut trailer!!!
  142. My small review and first impressions
  143. COD now available at your favorite stores!!!!!
  144. Battle Failiure
  145. You are without doubt the worst pilot I have ever met!
  146. My oh my... such detail
  147. Solo training in hurricane?
  148. Il-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Roadmap
  149. First training mission
  150. We are all equal
  151. Collector Edition Spitfire I Pilot's Notes Amendment
  152. COD collectors edition
  153. Report from Launch party in Moscow (English version)
  154. Do you want IL2 COD for free?
  155. [OffTopic] Hail to the mods!
  156. Anyone going back to IL2 1946 for a while?
  157. [REQUEST] Skin Templates / 3D Overlay
  158. Suggestion: User made startup procedures!
  159. Building a new pc
  160. Cliffs of Dover Yuppi!
  161. A couple of questions:
  162. Gun Tracers
  163. About force feedback
  164. CLOD in stereoscopic 3d
  165. What Is Being Worked On for The Patch
  166. (Eng) Flight manual for E book (kindle and others)
  167. Reasonable request to support
  168. Send it to the optimizer!
  169. What kind of straps did they use on WW II planes?
  170. Head shaking way to strong
  171. 109 problems
  172. Mission Editor
  173. Optimized Buildings - How
  174. I like this Sim/Game (New Vid)
  175. Simple Test mission
  176. First Big Battle Flight...
  177. What is the DRM on the retail version of Cliffs of Dover?
  178. question about giving orders
  179. "Heartbreaker" Spitfire busted?
  180. Will the Il2 engine be a real alternative for civillian Flight Sims?
  181. Small Bf-110 combat report and some nice details i spotted
  182. Gunsight, is it off or is that the dimmest setting?
  183. The last meeting...
  184. Is Oleg still with 1C?
  185. Graphics glitches
  186. bird strike?
  187. Chianti Raiders! BR-20s in action. Screenshots
  188. IL2 CoD, its Credits list and the actual state of the game..
  189. No Customize Button
  190. The first experts reviews are already about CoD :)))
  191. IS anyone running COD on max settings with no probs?
  192. To get you in the mood
  193. Video making
  194. Cant go to Bomber Position
  195. To all u clickable cockpit dweebs
  196. Airfields not marked out in FMB, help.
  197. Looking for recommendations for your new rig?? System builders chime in!
  198. Parachute Malfunction
  199. Happy With Sound
  200. Communique From Fighter Command.
  201. AI difficaulty?
  202. I cant even dream FPS like this
  203. FMB Question
  204. noseart & squadron markings
  205. 36 He111H's (4 groups of 9) intercepted by 12 Spitfire MkI's (2 groups of 6)
  206. If this doesn't get you pumped for the Sim nothing will...
  207. List of console commands?
  208. What the H..E..double toothpicks happened?
  209. Full Mission Builder:suddenly rudders seem to be controled by autopilot!?
  210. Ingame sound has no sound adjustment
  211. Did a player review of CoD over at Gamespot...
  212. Most successful mission so far
  213. VRAM Usage - 6970 (2 GB) vs. GTX 580 (1,5 GB) vs. GTX 580 (3 GB)
  214. speed bar is there one
  215. How do you eject from your plane?
  216. ~~~A Wish List~~~
  217. pilot notes hurri and others
  218. I cannot see realistic Gunnery
  219. Can a second monitor be used to display instruments?
  220. Huns! mission
  221. Music folder
  222. Icons without the arrows
  223. editors bug?
  224. For those without CloD - Pics of He111 crew positions
  225. Tail Wheel lock
  226. AI can see in thick clouds (not what Oleg and 1C promised)
  227. More I play it.. more I like it
  228. Ammunition
  229. Yet another problem, help on this please ?
  230. For those without CloD - pics of Ju88 crew positions
  231. Is there any way to print out the game map?
  232. COD is a bloody GOOD SIM !
  233. South Coast Train of Death!
  234. New PC: What, Where, How Much?
  235. Leval Bombing
  236. No trees :(
  237. 128 Planes.. Thoughts.. [contains vid]
  238. Video showing off some ground-level scenery.
  239. attention ASUS,ASrock and Gigabyte owners
  240. bought this game to play multiplayer so
  241. Stuka Automated Dive Recovery (vid)
  242. Which monitor? has anyone tested multiple screens?
  243. COD skin ideas
  244. Spitfire MKIIa not very accurate - please fix
  245. We Will Play Game Like This 1 Day
  246. Help on making video..
  247. How do you
  248. Custom paint jobs
  249. COD bug finds!
  250. Plane stuck in the grass