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  1. DCS WWII Europe 1944
  2. Fly Eliese warping software
  3. SweetFX, how do I get it working?
  4. Getting Bomb Bay doors to operate-easy question:
  5. installing mods
  6. Team Fusion Patches! What an Improvement!
  7. Team Fusion patch bug?
  8. Knickebin bombing help
  9. Expanded Malta Mission Pack now available:
  10. Italien Battle of Britain campaign starting on 16th November
  11. Cliffs of Dover $5 (AU) on gamersgate (ww2 battle of britain flight simulator)
  12. Will there be an online community for COD after BOS?
  13. latest maddox.ddl for last offical patch
  14. Team Fusion FIX YOUR MOD!!
  15. Anyone Mistaken The Defiant For A Hurricane?
  16. Still struggling with the Joystick Setup
  17. single mission problem
  18. Clean Install... What Next
  19. Free Christmas Campaign from Desastersoft.
  20. Throttle control using mousewheel, is there a way?
  21. I finally found time to do a new CoD movie: "A Hurricane and two funerals"
  22. Better RAF Voices
  23. Desatersoft loading location?
  24. Custom control panel for Hurricane
  25. Thread to talk about great things in new mod 4.01
  26. AI radio commands in single player.
  27. why did I lose control settings, gun settings etc?
  28. Dream achieved: Photo-realistic simming
  29. Desastersoft giveaway of 6 campaigns.
  30. This Has Probably Been Asked Before...Hats.
  31. Team Fusion now on Facebook for those of you interested ;)
  32. General Question: Status of the Italian Planes in CoD w/ TF 4.00
  33. Question about IL-2 series of flight sims...
  34. Comments on hardware for the IL-2 series...
  35. Question about display posibilities. ..
  36. Draft ReadMe for Team Fusion 4.2.
  37. Team Fusion 4.3 out Monday 17 3 14 7-8pm GMT.
  38. Team Fusion 4.3 Released.
  39. Really quite amazing CLod
  40. My Real Hurricane Propeller.
  41. Have TF Mods added antialiasing?
  42. CFS1 Goes IL2
  43. Browse speed bar
  44. insrtuments Program
  45. Can edit colur airshow smoke Su26?
  46. "The Beginning of the End" - Best air sim vid I've ever seen.
  47. For those of you who remember Scragbat, sadly he has passed away
  48. weapon loadout conf
  49. Storm of War - some new things - coming soon
  50. New Pilots -Useful links for Team Fusion patches.
  51. Storm of War - General Announcement
  52. Storm of War - Friendly Bomber Finder
  53. Cliffs of Dover - Graphics Setup
  54. Should there be people in CoD?
  55. Cliffs of Dover - In-game information windows - my suggested setup
  56. Storm of War server - RADAR for Blue Team
  57. Gray rectangle appears on cockpit screen
  58. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Singleplayer Pack
  59. Storm of War - Hall of Fame
  60. Ongoing developments to Cliffs of Dover multiplayer
  61. Singleplayer Dynamic Mission
  62. Hurricane. Photos from Shuttleworth Museum, England.
  63. Another player made movie
  64. My Battle of Britain Picture and 'Kopfhaube'
  65. Old news : an He-59 & skin question:
  66. wind in ATAG server was a bit much for my tired body...
  67. The Battle of Britain Retold Teaser
  68. New Storm of War Interface
  69. Cockpit view
  70. The Battle of Britain Commenced on this July Day in 1940
  71. Throwback Thrusday
  72. coming soon to IL2
  73. The Kent Battle of Britain Museum.
  74. This Day. 75 Years Ago Today. RAF Losses. Battle of Britain.
  75. Storm of War Server
  76. Major Multiplayer Announcement
  77. Ride out the Storm of War
  78. A page someone might want to visit
  79. Battle of Britain Day.September 15th. 75 Years Ago.
  80. Hurricane. Damage on Landing Video
  81. How do I get rid of info box in upper left corner?
  82. New Battle of Britain film soon!
  83. Skull & cross bones Bf-110 nose skin- does anyone have it?
  84. A Real Hurricane Over the Cliffs of Dover.
  85. rudder has good control
  86. Team Fusion Update - July 31st 2016 - The New Map/Theatre - Video
  87. Tiger Moth !!
  88. RAF Museum, Hendon. BoB Aircraft Photos.
  89. Dear 1C
  90. Please tell me why I cannot take off
  91. Battle of Britain Beer.
  92. ordering COD from steam issue
  93. ACG Annual Flying Extravaganza All Welcome
  94. New Movie. Dunkirk. May-June 1940.
  95. Team Fusion and 1C Games sign Agreement in Principle
  96. Regarding the "Deal in Principle" between TFS and 1C - info. and update
  97. TFS Update - 21-02-2017 - Link to a small update showing some new WiP
  98. TFS - Yes, now it is official - We have signed the agreement with 1C - Link here :)
  99. Team Fusion Simulations Update - In-game footage of the Gladiator MK.II
  100. Team Fusion Simulations patch v4.312 (free!!) is available via Steam
  101. The Source Code has arrived - Now the fun begins :)
  102. TFS Update 06/04/2017 Channel Map Work in Progress
  103. Full Mission Builder and Script users, what new game ON-events would you like to see?
  104. Happy Easter Aeronautica Macchi pilots from Team Fusion Simulations :)
  105. Aces High, a massive multiplayer flight sim needs to get on steam greenlight
  106. SiThSpAwN DCS help needed
  107. Hard beach landing
  108. Had a chance to take a 109 up over v4.5 WiP French Landscape. Images :)
  109. Trains
  110. Team Fusion Simulations are now testing the release candidate for v4.5 :)
  111. War
  112. Corrections to the Damage Models - Oil, Water and Fuel - Just an insight
  113. Beaufighter IF Test by ATAG_Lewis - Beta 4.49
  114. A selection of images by Larry69 while betat testing v4.49
  115. Beaufighter Raid on Airfield by ATAG_Snapper - v4.49 Beta footage of Cliffs of Dover
  116. Me-110 C6 Attack footage on various aircraft - Beta testing v4.49
  117. IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover - Blitz Edition relaunch video
  118. Live Stream of v4.5 RC this weekend 2nd/3rd December
  119. 4.5 has has gone live
  120. where find good missions to download?
  121. Free Track doesn't work in game Blitz?
  122. Free Track doesn't work in game Blitz?
  123. Bf-109 grudge fight Oleg Maddox Luither trib
  124. The meaning of this game
  125. CLoD 2022, where is all the buzz!!
  126. Where have you been people :) Cliffs is still alive!
  127. William Jacket (WJ)
  128. Oskar jackets
  129. Leather Jacket Black