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  1. 7-Zip 9.22 beta 64 bit and others
  2. Well, Santa arrived early....let's hope my new card will run CloD super-smooth ;)
  3. Prop Flicker..Ridiculous
  4. So no more friday updates either?
  5. Friday October 12 - Release Candidate 2
  6. My latest Nv Profile
  7. Thank you so much Luthier, but one more important thing for the final release please!
  8. Bug in Friday 12th October RC2 - no flags
  9. launcher has a problem and needs to close
  10. Request for removal of the Propeller 'flicker' effect before final patch....please!
  11. DOWNLOAD link sites for 10-12-12 patch
  12. why when you take the straps off you cant look back, plz remove it
  13. Is It Time To Change The Name ??
  14. Wrong version of IL-2 CoD for multiplayer...?
  15. newbie asking help with patching
  16. Turret/Gunner bugs
  17. Can I see text of radiomessages?
  18. Green smoke/dust
  19. Luthier can we please have a Zoom IN and a Zoom out button in the last patch!?!
  20. A potential fix for the Aircraft visibility problems?
  21. Your last small wishes for final CoD patch
  22. Congratulations to Developers on recent Patch work. Big Steps in right Direction.
  23. elevator trim on su-26m (or any trim)?
  24. Need help getting started with COD thx ;)
  25. B6/Luthier Request
  26. Does this look right?
  27. @Devs: Stop the Central nerfs - its enough
  28. We need different colors of smoke!
  29. Thinking about buying the game
  30. Patch is final
  31. Steam version out, is VAC on?
  32. Flickering/Shimmering terrain and shadows
  33. Official Patch...First Impressions
  34. The Final patch is released on Steam
  35. Final patch (19 Oct 2012) BUG REPORTS
  36. October 18, 2012 - Patch 1.11.20362 is now live on steam!
  37. It is what it is.
  38. Single player load-outs?
  39. can we give devellopers a second chance with BOM ?
  40. Whole lotta shaking going on...
  41. Just updated through steam and game has gone into russian, please help.
  42. Is it time to convince some online gaming sites to do a new review?
  43. Congratulations to the team!
  44. Help Cliffs of dover to get sales!
  45. What have you guys done to my PC?
  46. I we had the possibilty to mod the game what would be your priorities??
  47. Hangout on Il2 cliffs of dover Online
  48. How to record a track?
  49. Time now to let TD loose on CloD for bug fixing only! Not for new content? 1c listen?
  50. How to erase stats
  51. Need some help finding a mission.
  52. Clouds and stutters
  53. Bug free final patch....lol! Video clip. I think something is wrong here?
  54. Give up the whining
  55. New to IL2:COD -- a few questions?
  56. Steam and Cache-Deleting
  57. the SpitIa_100oct skin
  58. All SP missions airstart?
  59. Problem with graphics after the patch
  60. Green Dust / smoke - possible answer
  61. Question for bombers
  62. Question on Saitek Combat Pedals Wheelbrakes
  63. If this was just a non-combat Spitfire only simulator...
  64. Incredible Experience!
  65. Doing the AI in CFS2
  66. Possible to dial back sun Intensity?
  67. The Missing-In-Action Thread
  68. Colors
  69. Wick v Dundas???? help please
  70. Anyone know if we can modify labels?
  71. Black cliffs
  72. Since two weeks or so...
  73. Cliffs Of Dover
  74. Control Tower
  75. Toggle Enemy Plane Icons
  76. Feeling rather better after official support ended. You too?
  77. Flak accuracy
  78. Pilot kill after pilot kill. How do they do it??
  79. Recent update on steam does not run .
  80. Comms with AI ingame
  81. How Come ?
  82. What the hell happened to Ju88 stowed guns?
  83. Why does 1C take so long with their games?!
  84. Final Poll for CLOD?
  85. am i correct on hurricanes being able to caught 109?
  86. sun reflections on the front windshield, i dont understand them
  87. Why CloD is NOT finished- the answer! ;)
  88. What the hell happened to exhaust manifold flames?
  89. PC Pilot review CoD
  90. All spits now UFOlike above 109s. ROFL
  91. BoM: Wonder if they'll model the poor Soviet Plexiglass?
  92. Skins for vehicles?
  93. help please!teamspeak doesnt work anymore
  94. Is ammo modeled at all?
  95. The Blenheim Mk 1 is bullet-proof. Pics.
  96. COD Wont Close....
  97. A little question
  98. ... next sequel BoM ... ?
  99. Blenheim manual
  100. Game wont start? Need some help pls!
  101. Smoke and fire?
  102. The future of IL2CoD/BoM..
  103. A few question about CoD
  104. "Butter! Right on my bagel..."
  105. Graphics engine from original IL2 utilised in CloD. So what hope for BoM?
  106. Screen shots and Movie Clips
  107. How to get max. perfomrnance with CEM in Spit/Hurri ?
  108. Weather and clouds and we are good to go
  109. What 1C tried to do with Clod...
  110. I think the actual insignia decals
  111. Info win since patch
  112. planes become invisible at 2km with my low game settings
  113. net stats window ?
  114. Full CEM with the Hurri...
  115. Improve your aiming/marksman skills
  116. Need motivation to fly more and train harder?
  117. So .. when can we expect BOM ?? xmas present ?
  118. running this game my gpu reaches 100ºC with no overclocking at all
  119. MS Sidewinder Precision Pro 2 Issues Part 2
  120. BoM? Battle of Moscow, Battle over Moscow or Battle for Moscow (?)
  121. 5 things you would ask the Developer's to fix before they release of BoM
  122. Blenheim problems
  123. What Do You Enjoy From A Mission?
  124. Is there anyone in the forums that has C.o.D running successfully on Windows 8
  125. Oleg maddox new venture..
  126. Do Axis planes have controllable oil radiator?
  127. Poll to select a ClOD movie subject
  128. Spitfire on my tail pt1- offline campaign
  129. Guess the name of the first sequel to CloD, as it may have more than just Moscow?
  130. can i use any TOTALLY HARMLESS ally ammo?
  131. Setting Key Commands To Default
  132. Mutliaquadron event only days way!
  133. Still unsolved problem with launcher
  134. Default controller profiles
  135. Can someone explain what this video is showing?
  136. Spitfire skins
  137. The Last Patch Didn't Fix The Game
  138. 15000 come to see Catalina land
  139. A little question
  140. Question on Information Window
  141. Feature I would really like for the Map
  142. 73 squadron Hurricanes short campaign in the making
  143. how about restricted fuel?
  144. Best Nvidia Control Panel Setting for CLoD. Please?
  145. free flight
  146. Spotting the enemy?
  147. New Offline Flyer - how to progress?
  148. For the Developers: wrong 3D model of Bf 109F in Il-2: BOM pictures
  149. Weather in FMB?
  150. Stuka Steps
  151. Fuel...87 octane or 100 ?
  152. FF dor Clodo?
  153. updates for CloD?
  154. Cliffs of Dover online server list?
  155. Dress Rehersal Greece 1940 Wednesday
  156. kill markings-any chance to reenable them?
  157. New Graphics Card - GTX 660 non Ti or 7850/7870
  158. how the scoring system in CLOD?
  159. Now that's scary! He111 v Beaufighters
  160. Announcement of the game "IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad"
  161. A final message from Luthier
  162. CLOD and BOS
  163. Just an odd question about CloD pre-patches....
  164. Exploding fuel dumps?
  165. Update CLOD ?
  166. Looking for "leader" virtual aerobatic team
  167. amazing story
  168. A Track Ir 4, If you want one.
  169. Help using JoyToKey for zoom view
  170. Post deleted
  171. Instructions for assigning zoom view to a single axis
  172. Defend the flag mis.
  173. New Life For Cliffs Of Dover?
  174. Spitfire Ace TV Show
  175. Upscaling to get anti-aliasing
  176. Changing Ammo Belt in SP
  177. Good discussion of CoD AI
  178. New Server Announcement
  179. Does anyone have sweetFX for CloD for me ?
  180. mesage in game
  181. Extreme Flagada 3 - Su26 display & recruiting
  182. Fast Kill, Slow Motion (new movie up)
  183. Prop pitch in combat?
  184. The sun settings in some servers,, **cough,,, cough****
  185. Best SMAA settings for SweetFX?
  186. Early game
  187. CoD for Windows 8
  188. Great 10 min movie Paths of hate
  189. Dual Aerobatic Part Deux - EVAT!
  190. A few noob questions that could resume common issues...:-)
  191. Flight Training In IL-2
  192. KB267038 - Windows Update
  193. anyone try the newest Nvidia video driver 314.07 ?
  194. Luftwaffe Squadrons historical BofB data
  195. CoD constantly freezes
  196. A small suggestion for the COD development
  197. Settings not stable?
  198. What are the 100 octane skin folders named?
  199. Worth buying?
  200. Calling one-eyed furbs
  201. anyone try the newest Nvidia video GeForce 314.21 Beta Yet?
  202. LOD change
  203. Steam update killed my joystick
  204. noob 109 question
  205. Any plans to release CoD without DRM?
  206. Anyone here use newview in cod?
  207. My Micro-Stutters have been eliminated!!!!!!
  208. DCS Jim Mack passed away
  209. Finally some new content!
  210. Questions about CoD on 1440x2560 displays
  211. Worth waiting for expansions ?
  212. refueling n rearming
  213. Take off problems
  214. patches
  215. Bail out
  216. Blenheim Attack - - - - New movie up at Flightsimvids.com
  217. Joystick latency under CoD
  218. SLI overlay
  219. Oculus Rift Co-Founder dies in police chase incident
  220. Hate to be a sourpuss
  221. How to turn on engine controls on screen and chat windows
  222. Low flyby
  223. Why Is This 1c Forum So Popular?
  224. Turning the engine sound ONLY down. How?
  225. Running a simple dogfight mission.
  226. My contribution to the community.
  227. Thunderstorm's can be fun!!
  228. Very cool E4 short flight
  229. Ju-88 bombing
  230. BF110 vs Welington DM show up.
  231. No servers found?
  232. Battle of Stalingrad. I Hope It Is A success.
  233. After a long sabbatical, general help please
  234. Best Nvidia driver
  235. Malta campaign is on way
  236. Supercharger experiment
  237. EADS Bf109G4 crashed yesterday
  238. il-2 CloD "free".
  239. Selling: Addons Desastersoft - Helmut Wick, Channel Battles
  240. E3 exterior/supercharger
  241. Battle 4 Malta mod demo
  242. Home made long throw joystick
  243. Pilot Rescue
  244. Sept 15th Battle of Britain Day
  245. Any Blenheim campaigns out there?
  246. game closes
  247. Run in windowed mode?
  248. The Face of a Fighter Pilot. Please Add Images.
  249. 5$ = il-2:CloD™
  250. ATAG forum has been hacked