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  1. Eurogamer: Reader Review of the Month Award.
  2. Rare Seafire as gear up landing
  3. why 109 Pilot's parachute cannot deployed??
  4. Luthier's Working Bug List
  5. Feature request: Auto track record.
  6. My game seems to be running better..
  7. I think ive found the system specs needed to run IL-2 CloD perfectly
  8. The Bouncy Tacho.....
  9. COD music
  10. Take the Experten Challenge!
  11. Strange Sound Bugs
  12. AI roll rate: why can't I make my plane move like that?
  13. Sense of speed
  14. Tracer Mod
  15. Tracer mod-now with link
  16. Even I am going negative now.
  17. crash at duxford today [2011]
  18. Ground attack fans are invited to mission testing
  19. Reviewing Luthier's roadmap
  20. New subsection for the forum
  21. Poll - COD Terrain: Your Opinion
  22. the 109 lair
  23. An interview to Pe-2 navigator
  24. A new book: Graphic War: The Secret Aviation Drawings and Illustrations of World War
  25. 35% off @ GamersGate.com
  26. Defiant modelled in COD is incorrect
  27. OT: Space Shuttle and Enola Gay 360° Cockpit view
  28. BoB pictures
  29. Duxford 2011 Pix
  30. Where to buy COD Collector's Edition in the United States?
  31. What a tracer should look like (before spazzing just look).
  32. ATI crossfire performance "UPDATE" No.. really its positive!!!!! :)
  33. question on ports control tower
  34. FPS behavior
  35. New bug?
  36. really nice 109 videos
  37. My Flying Legends album - Sunday 10th, 2011.
  38. Ot - flying legends 2011
  39. Todays the day
  40. OT- Boeing plant camouflage
  41. The silence is deafening...
  42. OT 50% Off Ubi Flight Sims
  43. Ammo loadouts
  44. Interesting new flight game. Didn't see this mentioned before.
  45. Tomorrow's The Day
  46. The day after today....
  47. Duxford 2012
  48. 19th I think Its Gonna
  49. Communication poll
  50. anybody knows if the 6dof integrated with the mouse can be tweaked?
  51. Off Topic..Not CoD related. real life Batmobile
  52. About He 111
  53. Is there a command to" toggle icon" types in Clod??
  54. Speculation- we will hear from Ilya and have a patch on 7/19
  55. plz could we have binaural sound to tell height of planes?
  56. will flight sims ever get a model'd pilot
  57. What our good friends at Ubi$oft are doing...
  58. Steam Update?
  59. CoD disappeared from Sim HQ
  60. New website for simmers
  61. Hurricane night intercept - new youtube vid by me (best seen in a darkened room)
  62. an idea for search lights, have been used?
  63. New In-Game Map Question
  64. So Disapointed after all the patches
  65. IL2 Expansion coming in September???
  66. Is USA release still on time for next week ( 19th July?)
  67. I give up.
  68. Ok.......
  69. Check out what is working from those who have good working COD systems
  70. A little tribute ive been working on
  71. Possible Temp MP Sound Bug Fix
  72. Please luthier, can you enlight us about next patch?
  73. woo Hoo!!
  74. U.S Release without update?
  75. Guess What... US Release...
  76. omg is vertical convergence working?
  77. My god..Its finally here..DL slow though
  78. an idea for a non falling bullet, has been made?
  79. Got beta patch...
  80. Clod On Sale At Ebay
  81. Different Box Art
  82. More interesting than patch threads
  83. Just bought IL-2:CoD for $10.50
  84. Oleg turns up for USA release with the creator of the landscape.
  85. To All The FanBois Heres The Patch News
  86. Radio menu Coms question
  87. Use this thread to list tips and tricks to get best performance/framerates?
  88. OT - Has Gogamer.com Gone Belly Up?
  89. Good things come to the ones who what!
  90. Can't find tracks in game
  91. Things to do when bored.....
  92. For those that like COOPs
  93. Download has started! At last!
  94. Has the USA release updated and improved the game?
  95. people expect too much from ai, all ai is stupid skynet is far
  96. Is it possible to get rid of the mini throttle indicator?
  97. No news
  98. Anyones thats Downloading today........
  99. a thought on shadows
  100. the quality of this forum...
  101. US release delayed two-weeks
  102. Now available !
  103. OT - alternative captions invited
  104. Zebras are better then horses
  105. Released in Canada
  106. US download is V: 1.02.14821
  107. Dev team....come on fellas, enoughs enough
  108. Steam release less than an hour away.
  109. Video of a .50 cal flipping a tank
  110. Play At Ubi.com?
  111. New nVidia Anti-Aliasing method.
  112. C.O.D. at Best Buy
  113. Amazon. Shipped Today
  114. 12 mins Overdue Notice
  115. No more Critisim on 1C´s Communications
  116. Activation in multiple PCs
  117. Support on Steam forums
  118. BoB Art (pictures inside)
  119. Old Clod DVD Boxes
  120. North American Manual
  121. Oh, America!
  122. IronFront
  123. Steam Purchases
  124. Request Forum Addition/Change
  125. New Info Windows: Speedbar?
  126. New update with USA release?
  127. IL2 flightsim hobby gets serious
  128. Quick question...
  129. One explanation and we will stop whining
  130. Greetings to all Bob COD owners and new USA customers!
  131. hello luthier!
  132. signs of life on 1c planet
  133. All I needed to hear....
  134. Hmm.. Hello USA!
  135. U.S Version and Steam
  136. How about a Sub Forum section for complaints ?
  137. Sound bug... tress, potential fix??
  138. Progress Update?
  139. Nvidia 9500 GT the screen keeps blank after the loading
  140. BTW: Anyone managed to cripple Dover radar site?
  141. clean uninstall and reinstall
  142. Franz von Werra
  143. Info Windows Arrgh!
  144. Track Ir 5 just stopped working...why?
  145. This game works, when it wants
  146. Long live il2 series
  147. Just put:
  148. Why no gamma, Brightness
  149. The truth will out.
  150. Need help with completing my ignore list
  151. At last someone has got a grip of this forum
  152. Important message from mods
  153. screenshots question
  154. How can i take screenshot without text and console?
  155. nearmiss, a suggestion
  156. So where is all the new players?
  157. Ammo Loadouts.
  158. Beating the bugs...
  159. steam cloud a big mistake
  160. Two small request
  161. Screenshots.....
  162. Anybody using fraps?
  163. Aircraft how-to forums, beginner guides?
  164. experience so far......
  165. Great Job on the Me-109!
  166. Aircraft Operating Manuals
  167. Small issues...honest;RT commands,gunner views.
  168. Vintage Wings of Canada - Flying the Messerschmitt Bf-109E
  169. I survived! :)
  170. if IL-2 1946 can do it...
  171. (ATI) Remove intro video => +10 FPS in game
  172. My chips are in
  173. Drop your props and grab some brushes!
  174. 110 Canopy
  175. Two suggestions on killstats
  176. Update today?
  177. Repost - Why Luthier doesn't announce patches early
  178. The One Thing you want fixed
  179. Cliffs of Dover FAQ, subject to change due to patches
  180. Always the same problem
  181. id like negative sensitivity
  182. Update here....
  183. Enjoying Multiplayer
  184. if a game is good doesnt have to look good
  185. Multiplayer, cant select aircraft
  186. To the "troublemakers and the malcontents"
  187. Funny advert
  188. Off Topic forums? here
  189. some sorte of error on line?
  190. Key Strokes for FPS?
  191. After Burner
  192. Dear MG
  193. To my norwegians brothers and sisters...
  194. Changing plane on servers
  195. As posted above - Should this forum just be deleted and have sub-forums only?
  196. What no siren????
  197. Great FPS, still stuttering.
  198. Dogs of Dover -- the movie
  199. could you recomend me a good non violent game for 5 eiro on steam
  200. GTX 460 or should I wait for something better?
  201. Look at all the players on MP!
  202. External views won't let me back into cockpit view
  203. This game could be so good!
  204. why the gunnery is so much differnce between il2 and CloD?
  205. Spit 1a
  206. a thought: what takes longer: to operate a very light wheel or a 100kg lever
  207. Cliffs of Dover on Giant Bomb
  208. Expanding the content of CoD?
  209. CoD Launcher Problem
  210. Where can I get some online action..?
  211. For my 40$.
  212. Very short development update
  213. Anyoen managed to make FSAA work?
  214. Micro-Stutters
  215. how to record tracks?
  216. Spitfires vs. Bf-109s at the White Cliffs of Dover - Youtube vid by me.
  217. Spawn Humans
  218. Road map
  219. problem to detach wings???heres the solution for the bf109!
  220. customer satisfaction poll
  221. Huricane
  222. Tracking cookie
  223. Winging Satisfaction Poll.
  224. can a pair of skull crasher headphones be worth for this gamer?
  225. Any mods in the house?
  226. Talking cockpits Spit vs Bf109
  227. my thoughts on propeller pitch
  228. SLI and Crossfire Performance Poll
  229. Ch Joystick and Pro throttle..NOT USB!!
  230. Out of interest where is Oleg now ?
  231. Pilots Blogs
  232. info about loadout bug!
  233. So, What other titles are we playing?
  234. Alpha
  235. How do you become a mod?
  236. Catalyst 11.7 out now
  237. Lost in the Cloud:Steam & Cloud -what the?
  238. Is it necessary ...
  239. Saitek x52Pro and Pedals £150 yes or no?
  240. Concerto for Merlin and Double Wasp
  241. Airworthy I-16!
  242. New NVIDIA Driver 280.19
  243. Bored 10£ bet poll for Friday...
  244. is eyecandy ruining playability?
  245. !!!Tomorrow's Friday!!!
  246. How many use FMB
  247. Very Satisfying!
  248. Saitek Evo problem,please help
  249. Something completely different
  250. No Servers in list but direct connect works