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10-09-2011, 07:54 AM
Hello guys,

I think the landacape looks pretty spot on as it is for the moment, however I have 2 suggestions for dthe developers!

1. we have a certain distance that the landscape is detailed, if you climb up you will see that beyond a certains distance, the landscape is just blured. Now, this is fine as it probably would eat too much CPU resources otherwise, however the colour of the blured undetailed landscape is too yellow and makes it stick out terribly, most of the detailed landscape is greenish, brownish etc etc-
Would it be possible to change the colour of the landescape beyonf the detailed region to at least a colour that matches the detailed range?? This way the border between the too wont be so obvious??

I did a nightflight the other day, funny enough I could still see the land during night and this can possibly be explained to the full moon, however i tried to create the same scenario in FMB but then the landscpae is completely black (which is very real and a great challenge) Anyway this was not my issue. The issue is that at night missions with full moon and when you can see the landscape, it still had its colours i.e brown, green yellow etc..
The human eyes dont use the "cones" inside the eyeglobe at night, only the "rods" and these cannot see colour, but only different shades of grey, which is why at night, everything only has different shades of grey and no colour...
Will this maybe be updated in a future patch as this would be quite essential for night missions??!? A night landscape withrout colours...

Best regards

10-09-2011, 08:23 AM
+1 from me

Looks like that the "non-detail" textures are still using the old palette. While they blend perfectly with the 1.02, the landscape looks awful in the beta patch when you have such a big contrast between "green" main textures, and old "yellow" non-detail ones. I hope that it will be improved. Even setting the terrain detail to the highest setting will not help. Moreover, I do not think that all of us are using maximum settings :)