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  1. Thoughts on expansions
  2. Wishlist for expansion
  3. Nice Feature for Expansion:
  4. Wish the full soundtrack was available
  5. Boss/Enemy Hero Drops: Unique or Randomized Items/Weapons?
  6. KB Encyclopedia and enhanced Map
  7. Expansion idea from experienced RPG player
  8. Music
  9. My Wish List -
  10. *Spoiler* - missing parts
  11. Game Requirements
  12. Objective Bonuses
  13. Random repops
  14. The case for multiplayer
  15. Mode "hardcore"
  16. Another wishlist
  17. Zoom in for unit exchanges on the battle map.
  18. Ally
  19. Expansion ideas
  20. More monster classes?
  21. New Unit: Defender
  22. New Unit: Cleric
  23. More complicated spell system
  24. Expansion details
  25. Black-haired Amelie?
  26. Thoughts about the upcoming "expansion".
  27. Some news about expansion
  28. Make gold more valuable.
  29. Screenshots.
  30. King's Bounty: Armored Princess (general discussion)
  31. King's Bounty: Armored Princess Official Announcement
  32. Change of leadership per level formula
  33. Will the expansion keep the same music?
  34. Angels and Archangels
  35. Two words: scenario editor
  36. Wish: sane DRM
  37. Better Friendlyness
  38. memory lane
  39. Please let us choose our hero, dont force us to be 1 lady
  40. Most Wanted!!!
  41. ability to play as pure magic user would rock!
  42. Not as random?
  43. Gameplay suggestions
  44. Wish: Actions affect gameworld
  45. Better level-ups
  46. Save game improvement
  47. Is there a definite release date for the expansion pack yet?
  48. Diablo 3 and Armored Princess
  49. Official Web Page of King's Bounty:Armored Princess Launched
  50. Will the pet dragon change in physical appearance?
  51. Nine brand new screenshots
  52. Armoured princess rehashed KB?
  53. List of all units in expansion
  54. Russian version - first impressions
  55. King's Bounty: Armored Princess - Demonic Videos
  56. This forum should be located right below the King's Bounty: The Legend
  57. Reviews
  58. KB - A.Princess - Videos in HQ
  59. Any chance of a Legend/Armored Princess DVD double edition?
  60. New video and screenshots from King's Bounty: Armored Princess
  61. Russian Demo is out!
  62. God I wish I spoke Russian!
  63. Your 2009 MOST wanted PC games list!
  64. Do a lot of Russians play this game Armored Princess now?
  65. English Demo
  66. Any of you waiting for KB:AP because you are bored of playing KB:TL?
  67. Demo Quest
  68. As buggy as Legend?
  69. A very important advice to AP designer!!!
  70. Shall we start a new high score/info thread? (Spoilers inside)
  71. Demo still overheats laptops
  72. While waiting for Armored Princess, you should play this game....
  73. Any definitive release date?
  74. Collector's edition
  75. Ship/Air travel times
  76. kick the boss's ass
  77. Have you played this?
  78. New gameplay video of Armored Princess
  79. King's Bounty: Armored Princess previews
  80. Marriage?
  81. KB:A.Princess Fansites
  82. New screenshots of Armored Princess
  83. King's Bounty: Armored Princess - Zilgadis Trailer
  84. Dev Walkthroug videos from GC 09
  85. King’s Bounty: Armored Princess - Official Website Launched
  86. Re: Office site
  87. drm scheme
  88. Trying to finish the Russian demo
  89. Betting on the release date
  90. AP troop stats and spell descriptions
  91. Available languages for KB Armoured Princess
  92. Where to buy game???
  93. KB:AP is CHEAP in Russia...
  94. Necro Call - Can Palladin have it?
  95. Price?
  96. Princess Amelie and Bill Gilbert Double Teaming Question!
  97. this is going to be in stores right?
  98. Trading skill - gone?
  99. The way Armor Princess is being delayed, I'd probably played Disciples 3 before it
  100. what's the game after KB:AP
  101. Official english patch for KB:AP
  102. Transmutation skill - when all else fails!
  103. Change game difficultly after starting game?
  104. Pre-order King’s Bounty: Armored Princess Now
  105. KBAP Info Thread
  106. King`s Bounty: Armored Princess Official English Demo Available
  107. DL site users: You can't download 3D glasses...
  108. King's Bounty: Armored Princess Reviews!
  109. King's Bounty: Armored Princess Released
  110. Download/Distribution Recommendations
  111. I'm Back!
  112. Question about language
  113. No choices at level up
  114. Well, my first game ended badly.
  115. Money matters
  116. Why isn't my Paladin resurrecting my guard droids?
  117. Poisoning/Burning still broken
  118. Guardian angel medal ?
  119. Well, what's the concensus thus far? Yay or Nay?
  120. Localisation error
  121. Is King's Bounty: Armored Princess for the Xbox 360?
  122. Will somebody please explain unit stats to me.
  123. Intellect Question
  124. Is this possible in *any* way?
  125. Irritating Battle Camera
  126. Discrepancies to point out
  127. Game slightly ruined
  128. Which is more powerful?
  129. Paladin need help....
  130. Trapper?
  131. What do you guys mean by "no losses"?
  132. Paladin - is it just me...
  133. How do I turn off the 3D messages?
  134. Customizing soundtrack
  135. Transmute and possible error
  136. My thoughts on original vs AP changes so far
  137. Easter eggs
  138. Game Mode Ideas
  139. King`s Bounty: Gold Edition
  140. Christian symbol for paladin?
  141. Taking on the odds
  142. Thanks a lot guys....
  143. Any informative KBAP sites being built?
  144. CD version?
  145. Will we ever see this?
  146. King's Bounty: Gold Edition Available
  147. The dreadful camera zooming and tracking
  148. Trapping and Peacefulness (two issues)
  149. Game is kind of difficult to progress
  150. That free-mana bug again?
  151. Beating the game
  152. Paladin resurrecting bug?
  153. pegasus
  154. Playing Dress up with your Boy Toy
  155. How much important is troop moral?
  156. Map Kiting in KB:AP or KB 2
  157. HELP me!!!
  158. Leadership vs. Class
  159. Music from Trailer
  160. Not about the score but the utmost(6 days+0 losses)
  161. AI stupidity
  162. Bah, Level up bonus stats :(
  163. Is there still a way to edit the game text?
  164. King's Bounty, Homm5 Love CHild
  165. Best Critical Attack Thread
  166. Trap medal and altars
  167. Total mana increasing on it's own?
  168. King’s Bounty HeroScreen interactive guide
  169. Any Army, Any Time - Instructions
  170. Any Aussies that want to buy KB:AP DVD Version, can now do so!
  171. Axe of the elements, what can u get?
  172. king bounty expansion pack
  173. KB:AP DVD 3 activation limit!
  174. what units (level 21) mage
  175. atk def vs leadership
  176. Single Spell Challenge
  177. KB:AP $19.95 on Gamersgate - today only (23/12)
  178. Availability in EU
  179. Unlocking all the maps (Without Kiting!)
  180. combat messages - what are the red ones
  181. Merry Christmas! KB:AP on Sale @ Steam $9.99
  182. Do u need original Kings bounty to play King's Bounty: Armored Princess?
  183. When will we be getting the "Gift Package" in english?
  184. Two questions (guards, more kb games)
  185. Where to recruit Paladins (cleared most of Verona)
  186. What do Dragon Eggs do?
  187. Some questions... (Spoilers)
  188. Your ideas for the next KB... (spoilers)
  189. King’s Bounty: Armored Princess – a Bagful of New Years’ Presents!
  190. why do different leaders have different leadership scores?
  191. Great game! :)
  192. Need some buying advice
  193. KB - Bonus Disc!!!
  194. Are the pirate units worth using later in the game?
  195. Appendix
  196. Botany course
  197. Talking crow doesn't work!
  198. Definitive CD release date?
  199. To the Makers of King's Bounty: Armored Princess...
  200. How to make battles faster?
  201. My pallys turned into sheep....forever
  202. Random heroes?
  203. Black Knights, Solos all bosses, 300k+ Crits
  204. Does anyone use the wall (dragon ability)?
  205. Is it me or does KB:AP crash every 30 minutes?
  206. Very peculiar discovery - future new troops/companions?
  207. AP on Impulse for 19.99
  208. Useless/Helpful Husbands SPOILERS!
  209. Inquisitors vs. demonologists vs. archmages
  210. The biggest omission of the game?
  211. Dragon Slayer sword's morale is 100%... what's it doing for me?
  212. King's Bounty Midweek Madness
  213. Any way to skip the 3 intro videos automatically?
  214. Retail Release of Armored Princess or Gold
  215. ultimate chalenge
  216. No Loss Impossible Mage Techniques
  217. Analysis of King's Bounty
  218. New Player Help please
  219. Russian mods don't work with English 1.2 ?
  220. bleh bug with trap medal
  221. Combat order?
  222. Which school does spell belong too
  223. Any chance...
  224. Experience dependent upon army size?
  225. help with impossible (mage lvl 10)
  226. Amelie = Amelie?
  227. What level for Reha Arena of Death?
  228. Question about damage ?
  229. How do you play? (playstyle)
  230. HP's ?
  231. Extremely annoying "bug"
  232. Behind the curve
  233. Boss fights and Upgrade fights
  234. Upgrade fights to level up
  235. Does no-one play for fun?
  236. King's Bounty: Armored Princess listed in Game Informer's Top 50 Games of 2009
  237. Any chance for a hard copy collector's box set?
  238. My wishlist for new Kings Bounty game
  239. What units to use as games goes on
  240. Why are things like patches and FAQ locked on home page?
  241. Sell/Store Army
  242. How do you beat Super Boss fights with no losses?
  243. super ultimate challenge
  244. beat elenhel but no +15 mana?
  245. Armored Princess Receives the Award from GameBanshee
  246. Comparison with the original Kings Bounty
  247. Super Fantastic Loss-less Challenge Fighter 2 Turbo
  248. Has anyone played King's Bounty for Playstation 2?
  249. Suggestion to 1C Company and/or Katauri
  250. Single black dragon - how far can you get?