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  1. Thank you for bringing IL2 to consoles!
  2. Is Birds of Prey coming out for PC too?
  3. New video of IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey
  4. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Preview
  5. Birds of Prey gameplay footage.
  6. Interesting information about Birds of Prey
  7. Question for the developers of Birds of prey
  8. Birds of Prey trailer
  9. IL2 Console
  10. Birds of Prey GC 2008 trailer
  11. Il-2 stormovik birds of prey
  12. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Preview
  13. Release info
  14. Saitek Aviator for Xbox360
  15. New video IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey -- trailer 4
  16. Features explained
  17. Idea for online play
  18. Will there be a basic mission editor in the game?
  19. Appealing view
  20. Trackir on consoles?, here some clues..
  21. A little bit of gameplay footage.
  22. A little bit more....
  23. We've got company...
  24. Anton, schedule/timeline to release
  25. If anyone understands Russian...
  26. Cooperative multiplayer
  27. Jeremy Soule opinion
  28. Bits and pieces.
  29. Turret's bomber
  30. Are multi-stations supported?
  31. Anton Thanks for great job you have been doing on this forum
  32. Real-Time Missions?
  33. Any sign of the website?
  34. Potential beta testing registration
  35. Target footage - Pearl Harbour
  36. Question about game
  37. Ok....
  38. What content in the demo would make you decide to purchase this game?
  39. IL-2 Sturmovik on console
  40. Il2 Birds of Prey Boxshot
  41. Anything New?
  42. Birds of Prey can now be preordered !
  43. This game needs more Publicity
  44. Questions about the game
  45. B.O.P. - Releasing July 2009 according to IGN.
  46. Will BoP support the new Thustmaster Flightstick
  47. JACKPOT! new gameplay !!!
  48. When can we expect the new website?
  49. Getting quiet around here.....
  50. BoP multiplay
  51. Forum 1C interview: if you could ask 3 questions
  52. Official PSN ID's
  53. Post ideas for "tweaks" to polish the game
  54. Official XBOX360 Gamertag
  55. Did 1C check out OnLive at GCD? Input?
  56. Forum Signatures?
  57. Night flying
  58. Mid-air collisions
  59. where is the website
  60. anton what kind of stuff is on the website
  61. Will I be in the Game????
  62. NEW screen shots released on IGN!!
  63. Anton, your comments are scaring me
  64. Why no Australasian release?
  65. Will there be replay options anton or anyone
  66. Anton since you know the date of the website launch
  67. Some questions for ANTON or anyone who nows
  68. Official word on AC6 flightstick support?
  69. IL-2 bumped from July
  70. New Guy Here
  71. antooooooon Where is the updates/website?
  72. Instead of Replays, I prefer a Photo Mode
  73. New Screens and article!!
  74. a new thread for the questions Anton sad he would answer
  75. a compilaton video some one made of the best il2 bop videos
  76. Anton will this game have V-sync ?
  77. Gamepad for BoP
  78. Anyone interested in creating a online ps3 virtual wing?
  79. PS3 SQUADRON looking for recruits!
  80. ¡Achtung! Ze Best Pilots Shneeded Here
  81. 479th Xbox Squadron
  82. anton how is development going so far?
  83. BoP Forum Member Info...
  84. Also a new guy
  85. If you could pick..
  86. Sound of Silence
  87. are these new screens ??or not
  88. Ok so we've had...
  90. What do you want to see online wise?
  91. Anton , if BOP is a huge hit....
  92. Found new screens, the best so far!
  93. Russian GDC 'Best console game' award
  94. Online play questions
  95. Found this video
  96. Cockpit view question
  97. Site
  98. Put it this way...
  99. Oleg interview
  100. 5 new screenshots
  101. Landing
  102. X360 joystick
  103. So, the box art is up
  104. E3 IL-2 info
  105. new il 2 clan for ps3
  106. X box 360 squadron(s)
  107. Seeing the pilot
  108. I guess anton was wrong :(
  109. e3 started, site would be up?
  110. Carrier Landings???
  111. New article
  112. From E3, an IGN article about BOP
  113. One particular screenshot...
  114. Replay Viewer/Movie Editor
  115. anton has a date for the site(here it is
  116. ???co-op???
  117. Article "release first half of 2009"?
  118. Just for fun
  119. does anyone no marketing
  120. E3 Review..finally
  121. BOP + Natal
  122. The demo has to have both simulation and arcade
  123. where is the site now?
  124. some detail info from review highlighted to discus
  125. anton , you need to contact the people who run the xbox website
  126. why the delay, just throwd up a idea
  127. a gamespot preview
  128. New Trailer...IGN 360 Front Page
  129. I am a genius, here's the web url. Don't get mad at me, 505!
  130. Questions to Jeremy Soule
  131. cant log into new website, temperarely?what to see
  132. Planes Planes and More Planes
  133. training mode
  134. il 2 direct fotos i made from new video
  135. the site is up again,guys yeaah for good i hope
  136. september 15th is the release date?
  137. Anton , you guys need to do some sort of online beta test
  138. New info on multiplayer (lower your expectations on this thread first)
  139. Just sticking my head in here.............
  140. A question about IL-2 Bop and 1946.
  141. Possible editors???
  142. а русскоязычные здесь есть?
  143. landing a plane??
  144. Anton, describe Battle Planes
  145. Nasty rumor and request for a debunk
  146. Pre-order, if you can. Right.
  147. The (Veteran) Squadron Ps3
  148. new players
  149. Anton, when could we look at a real gameplay footage?
  150. Website Discussion Thread
  151. Joystick support in PS3?
  152. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Website Goes Alive
  153. Anton, will we see a demo?
  154. Any other flightstick options for the Xbox 360?
  155. anton , how many planes can WE fly in the game?
  156. True Story B-17
  157. Custom Paint?
  158. Squadron/Clan Recruitment Thread: All squad C.O.s post here.
  159. achievement wishlist
  160. That is NOT a P-51B Mustang in the initial plane list
  161. XBox 360 Joystick Support?
  162. EB and GAME in Australia say its released.
  163. PS3 Flight Stick Support
  164. best plane
  165. Tactics
  166. Please don't dumb down this game.
  167. Website Updates...
  168. Anton now that you released the video showing off the arcade mode
  169. new video got it from gametrailers, walktr sim arcade
  170. (un)official reviews reports thread
  171. anton could you aswer please in the new video...
  172. Voice chat in multiplayer?
  173. Stunning NEW pics
  174. Clickable Cockpits??
  175. Interview with Anton
  176. Best PS3 flight controler?
  177. Will there ever be a IL-2 for the Vista
  178. Voice Command for Bot wingmen?
  179. PC Demo ??
  180. imported for VAS veteran members only, or if you wanna join
  181. Flightstick- improve control or just "experience"..
  182. Plane List.
  183. Anton, define shaky cam
  184. Visual questions
  185. 360 Gamertags Thread
  186. Am I the only one buying both (360 and PS3) versions?
  187. Replay mode is needed...
  188. What part of the game are you most excited about?
  189. Please share cheap pre-orders here....
  190. Intersting pic of plane models from preview
  191. preorder poll
  192. Damage Model Specifics?
  193. Collectors Edition
  194. Axis planes only in multiplayer? What about a quick mode?
  195. New preview with videos
  196. anton these arcade mode videos are concerning
  197. old trailer, but in HD MP4 downloadable
  198. Anton, does BoP simulate radiator coolant leaks?
  199. Control interface...
  200. Sound Questions
  201. Do you play single player or multiplayer first, or both?
  202. Movies/Shorts
  203. This game is getting dangerously close to the ...
  204. Only 8 planes?
  205. PSP version
  206. games physics
  207. Anton how is hosting and joining games done?
  208. IL2 BOP hits twitter
  209. Contest: Best art for forum signature
  210. Forum contest discussion and questions
  211. Plane Performance Questions.
  212. Il-2 Sturmovik Visual Benefits
  213. 505 Games Makes Use of Satellite Data for Il-2 Sturmovik
  214. Anton will the PS3 get any themes?
  215. Question about BOP native screen resolution
  216. TeamXbox hands on
  217. How many in multiplayer? Can we confirm this now?
  218. mid september release!
  219. anton will there be a special stick for ps3
  220. Il-2 Simulator for consoles we'll see.
  221. Anton startup sequence
  222. Awesome Military aircraft..... Haitch40
  223. First handheld hands on from IGN
  224. Skirmish
  225. anton how is the demo?
  226. IGN 360 Hands-on.... 3 new gameplay vids
  227. Via Twitter - Pre-Order Bonus planes, UK Only??
  228. spread the word to the communities of the internet!
  229. New preview over at Kotaku
  230. anton think long and hard about releasing a MP demo
  231. New member say's 'hello'
  232. Padlock Targets? Rival Battles?
  233. GameSpy Multiplayer Hands-on Preview
  234. also new videos?
  235. Official confirmation-Sept.4 release!
  236. a stupid question maybe custamize in small degree?
  237. Local Multiplayer
  238. Not a marketing genius but....(joysticks)
  239. Favourite theatre of WW2 (with emphasis on aerial combat)
  240. new video (?) multiplayer(?)
  241. Q for Anton: Will the Spitfire XIV be in Birds of Prey?
  242. Il2 twitter answer to question
  243. anton could you post the control setup?
  244. Jets?
  245. Official who has what system and what is your tag
  246. Psp system
  247. cool new bombing video,very nice
  248. Multiplayer suggestion for Anton
  249. am i unlucky?
  250. control setup here,came from 1up