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  35. huh? Haven't I seen this before?
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  38. Manual?
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  40. steam never again
  41. Gamersgate download did not work
  42. Have to start new AP game for the Orcs campaign? RU Kidding Me?!?
  43. New hero skills for OOTM
  44. Mil Academies, huh?
  45. Scanner has strange quest in it?
  46. When do you use a 'potion of rage'?
  47. Um, sub-forums
  48. Favorite enemy
  49. Trophies?
  50. Trophies use
  51. I'm really getting my hat handed to me, any tips?
  52. Please clear up my confusion regarding CW..
  53. DRM: Starforce
  54. King's Bounty: Crossworlds Hotfix Available
  55. Impossible mage (w/ kiting) vs. Hard mage (no kiting)
  56. Non-Game requests
  57. Officer's Patent
  58. Crossworlds Debut Trailer
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  60. Scouting - does it show items on Adventure map?
  61. Crossworlds wallpapers
  62. Alchemy - Neatness Part Deux
  63. Does your AP-OOTM game record a high-score when you finish the original game?
  64. A little underwhelming...
  65. King Bounty Online
  66. What would you prefer for battles? Better Units or better Heroes or both?
  67. Paladin Resurrection effect in High Score losses?
  68. 'Randomness'
  69. What's different in the main game.. armored princess?
  70. If you have never played AP do you start with OOTM or AP?
  71. Question about the KB Scanner
  72. How do you feel about doing the medals all over again on each playthrough?
  73. Savegame database
  74. Something for true warriors..
  75. What happened to Amelie's armor?
  76. 3D and the game
  77. My thoughts about crossworlds
  78. Is there a save game editor?
  79. Why dont we see the yellow stars on the minimap in OOTM
  80. One question Only
  81. Official wish list for King's Bounty 2
  82. Peaceful Combo?
  83. how many trophies do you get per kill wired results?
  84. Editing an Existing Hero
  85. What is rating of the game in Russia?
  86. Can I somehow fix my own savegame?
  87. Just another Praise thread
  88. Fix descriptions please
  89. King's Bounty: Crossworld Official Facebook Page Launched
  90. Beta patch 1.3.1 King’s Bounty Crossworlds RU
  91. Is that it?
  92. Wow, just wow. NO Demonesses in my game.
  93. info pls
  94. Does Crossworlds work with boxed retail AP?
  95. I hate that new Shovel!!! When do you get rid of it?
  96. Destruction skill
  97. round 283
  98. Curse you 1C for your addictive games!
  99. Lowest level challenge
  100. Marquis of Krause
  101. I've come a long way...
  102. Dealing with Golbin shaman with their astral attack
  103. How old are you?
  104. Is the spell "TARGET" still on the game?
  105. Selling Scroll???
  106. AK from Elenhel
  107. Neatness bug for Engineer?
  108. New companions in orc on the march?
  109. KB: Crossworlds DVD release date?
  110. Will you allow KB: Crossworlds on Impulse without activation limits?
  111. Great maps/campaigns & excellent editor support can dramatically incr. game life...
  112. Battle reloads itself
  113. petdragon level 60
  114. need help on KB scanner
  115. Where is Darion?
  116. Getting My Ass Kicked
  117. Crossworld CRASH
  118. Missing quest sigh; which one ?
  119. Font Size
  120. Training Knights from Guardsmen?
  121. Game is hard
  122. No loss impossible with max ranged units?
  123. Advice on choosing units and Morale bug
  124. How to win a no loss impossible game?
  125. Anyone else annoyed with orcs?
  126. King’s Bounty: Crossworlds Official Update Out!
  127. Mid-game help needed
  128. fyi: 1.3.1 is now out on steam
  129. For true Experts of the Game
  130. How to get past white cub in Umkas - without Pegasus?
  131. Does losses in the mystery tower counts towards the final tally?
  132. Crown of Chaos
  133. Does Totem of Life work on Level 5s?
  134. One day sale of all KB games on Steam!
  135. Crazy Game
  136. Differences list between Armored Princess and Crossworlds?
  137. Is Disciples 3: Renaissance better?
  138. King's Bounty: Crossworlds among Best Expansion Packs of 2010
  139. Double Belt Max Morale Black Dragon
  140. Order Of Play
  141. King's Bounty Crossworlds?
  142. Demoness
  143. Main chr item setup?
  144. What are the spaces under units for?
  145. Item sets
  146. Moro Dark exact location?
  147. Archdemons SUCK!!!
  148. How long since KBAP?
  149. King's Bounty Armored Princess Ultimate Manual Update
  150. DDS image format
  151. NPC info?
  152. about Armored Princess
  153. I don't get the warrior class
  154. Is there any way to duel other players armies?
  155. Runes based on game difficulty
  156. What does race on items mean?
  157. KB platinum edition language pack
  158. Problem with Onslaught skill !!!
  159. A few questions from a new player
  160. droids are NOT overpowered:-)
  161. Interested in King's Bounty!
  162. assortment_1?
  163. Worthless spells
  164. Wildlife team
  165. Additional maps, campains...
  166. Starforce Activation Blight
  167. No DRM release.
  168. Play Crossworlds instead of Armored Princess?
  169. What is red sand ?
  170. Red Sands Mod/Add-On Discussion - potential SPOILERS
  171. Class change
  172. Are elves trainable?
  173. Finding the 93rd quest
  174. Any new challenges ? Offer some ?
  175. how to get all kinds of units at beginning?
  176. Is Heroes VI better than all the KB games?
  177. New skills?
  178. Theme Games
  179. Game Update
  180. Playing KB:CW at 1920*1080 Resolution
  181. Kings bounty crossworlds: GOTY edition changing save?
  182. when princess joins the battle
  183. Patching King's Bounty Platinum Edition (made by Focus)
  184. Montero Abandoned Mines Map
  185. update ?????
  186. Morale Bug slot 3
  187. how install red sand extreme???
  188. Kings bounty series is EVIL like heroin
  189. Effect of Neatness
  190. Editing Hero.txt
  191. skill analysis
  192. Persuasion skill Lvl 2 +3 do not work
  193. Naked challenge
  194. "All you need" Savegame for Demon Army (Mage, Hard)
  195. What is the name of that spell?
  196. Crossworld Ever For Mac???
  197. Student's Belt bugged?
  198. Questions about the "shaman crash". Emblems and Trophies calculations etc.
  199. Super easy way to beat K'tahu and Baal with mage and a single stack of units
  200. Crossworlds and Armored Princess
  201. "Treasure" in Saved Game Scanner?
  202. Which campaign to start?
  203. Driller: doesnt even have time to break bridge!
  204. Assassins morale and other buffs
  205. neatness runes not set at start of map
  206. Just finished my first game! =D
  207. can't do Mercanaries for Sohaty 50 pirates
  208. Treasure seracher, max level
  209. Battle difficulty when upgrading items
  210. Is there a limit to pet dragon level gain per battle?
  211. Do Rewards Scale With Comparative Difficulty?
  212. Best units, spells and abilities for a warrior on impossible?
  213. Yet another single black dragon challenge
  214. Player leadership vs enemy leadership
  215. dwarven control; best early army!
  216. Finally finished my first playthrough :)
  217. Is there an Appendix for this game?
  218. I LOVE King's Bounty, but...
  219. Sheterra magic gate?
  220. Onslaught adrenaline bug
  221. So what is the shortest route that people use for those 7day impossible clears?
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