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  1. The current KBAP manual
  2. How to travel from first island
  3. Just for fun - Max intellect mage game! WARNING: contains some basic cheat codes!
  4. game.ini
  5. Tip: Do the tutorial, and buy Glory early
  6. Tricks and Combo's
  7. Destroing Artefacts
  8. Combined Strenght
  9. Verona map on bolo
  10. trap artifact
  11. rusty island all very strong and lethal
  12. How to play Paladin?
  13. Couple of questions..
  14. Developer Mode -Cheats. DOn't read if you haven't finished the game!
  15. Using Quest Items For Bonuses
  16. Dev-mode
  17. How do I sell items off inventory?
  18. Elon map kiting and impossible paladin 1 stack challenge
  19. singing dagger location (possible spoiler)
  20. Free/low cost breeding techniques
  21. Where did you find the trap spell?
  22. how to get all unit?
  23. Champion of Teana Tip
  24. No loss technique
  25. general tips n tricks for new players
  26. is level 60 possible?
  27. Stuck on last bits of Scarlet Wind
  28. How win Vs Steward Shivons?
  29. Mage low on mana constantly
  30. Stuck at Verona...
  31. It's impossible to play on Hard
  32. Mind runes located on mountain
  33. Play Kings Bounty with Addon Units & Items?
  34. Where is the key to enter in cave on Zag-Zag ?
  35. From Where i can buy Cyclops ?
  36. Rarely troups - Where i find pirates
  37. Plz help me, I have a question. :)
  38. Warrior guide.
  39. Funny mistakes
  40. any place to buy/trade for runes?
  41. What is the tricks with Ultrax?
  42. How to deal with Gremlion ?
  43. Divine Armor
  44. Mage school with a warrior
  45. Where do i find Princess Set- The dress
  46. Leadership (and possibly stats) bug? How can I be the only one???
  47. Rage and Mana
  48. The best companion
  49. how do you kite so much?
  50. How to deal with the drill mech?
  51. Marquis of Krause
  52. Treasure seeker level 3
  53. Warrior (Impossible)
  54. Keeping level 5 units alive
  55. newbie questions
  56. Some Questions About Gold, Black Dragon and Spells
  57. can't find ben gan's treasure
  58. Question About Paladin Resurrection Skill
  59. ceberus
  60. adding scrolls? (cheating way)
  61. Reload ability?
  62. Is it me..?
  63. No Archangels - A Pity
  64. What is better in a 1 unit army - 1 red or black dragon
  65. obelix bosses?
  66. can you get more then 2 reservslots ?
  67. Growing the trap medal, made easy!
  68. Does rage generation stop after twentysome turns?
  69. Elon - Lecture Hall professor Dambior quest
  70. Map of Van Hausen
  71. Questions about how experience is gained
  72. Ancient Ents and ressurection
  73. Pet Dragons spells too rage-expensive
  74. Missing Turn Back Time Spell
  75. Wtf Where are the "good" units?????
  76. Resurrection skill improves Prayer?
  77. paladin stats advice
  78. leadership
  79. im stuck
  80. How to kill Baal; mage on impossible
  81. spider boss hardmode
  82. Dismissing units
  83. how do i deal with Arch Demons doing 'half'?
  84. Buying Runes -- Cost Prohibitive
  85. Purifier merdal
  86. Can't get charts for more islands?
  87. New player seeks advice about playing a mage and the tactics for no loss
  88. No spider boss showed up for me?
  89. how many more enemies before Baal?
  90. I am stuck on 1st island
  91. Axe of the Elements mistake
  92. Impossible warrior LEVEL 61/Day 7/all quests/ZERO casualties run
  93. Some Beginner Questions
  94. In danger of giving this up
  95. Is there any way to speed things up? Pleeeeeease!
  96. Tower of mirrors
  97. Advice for impossible Paladin?
  98. No loss impossible unit combos.
  99. No loss without kiting - advice plz
  100. Increase stack size with sacrifice?
  101. Is it possible to sacrifice guard droids?
  102. no loss as warrior/paladin
  103. Advice for impossible mage?
  104. help going on
  105. Question about the one invisible green dragon tactic
  106. Teach me, expert players of Armored Princess
  107. Assemble statue, how?
  108. Where is the Giant frog?
  109. Do Mages get two spell casting in Princess?
  110. Where the heck are the destruction spells?
  111. Why am I not able to buy scrolls?
  112. Is it just me or do the animals retreat way too fast?
  113. Useful equipment especially for mages
  114. Lethal or invincible
  115. "Overpowered" tricks list
  116. Selling items
  117. problem with training in crossworlds
  118. Fighting dragons tips
  119. Noob mage
  120. How to pass Ziraks x2 without losses?
  121. Crossworlds questions and mod compatibility
  122. Keeping track of losses within battle
  123. Manual / instructions?
  124. beginner question
  125. Help or any tips on defeating gremlin towers
  126. Which is better
  127. What is worth screening for with scanner?
  128. Warrior skill - Counter-attack
  129. 3 fights away from utter happiness - advice needed!
  130. The 6 and 7 day stuff?!
  131. Best units early game
  132. Burut pre-travels..
  133. Attack and Crit of special abilities
  134. Questions from a newbie re: dragon training
  135. Target Spell
  136. Where do you find Elenhel and where do you buy Blood of the Goddess?
  137. Keyboard commands
  138. Early fairies ?
  139. Jimmy Kraud
  140. How to droid no loss?
  141. Learning Usefulness?
  142. Newbie Help
  143. 50 archers
  144. Stuck on Velona
  145. Trap Problem
  146. Game Too Hard/Easy
  147. Kings Bounty Dark Side PATCH question
  148. Talon wont sell me any more prisoners