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  1. Will there be a toolset with the game ?
  2. Mods?
  3. INI tweaks and mods in this thread.
  4. How to create/use a mod?
  5. What can be modded in this game?
  6. Mod "Interface"
  7. Mod "Silent Digging"
  8. Mod changes?
  9. Request for mod to prevent camera rotation
  10. Mod "Kings Bounty Free Battle Camera"
  11. a leechers request
  12. Battle grid & unit numbers
  13. Starting Army
  14. How do i mod dificulty?
  15. Pathfinding worse with Spamm's camera mod?
  16. Mod - Digging
  17. Program "Calculation of Records"
  18. Idea: Larger Rune, magic crystal and Radar wheel
  19. Idea: Troop cost in gold.
  20. Idea:For low spec pc's
  21. Character icons
  22. Ultimate Hero
  23. Idea: mod that keeps track of ur statistics
  24. Troop totals within a battle?
  25. Warp?
  26. Exactly what modding is possible?
  27. Ultrax - Idea
  28. How to create mod
  29. Mod "Improved AI"
  30. Mod - "Ultimate Hero"
  31. Console Codes for Cheating
  32. Idea: Mod for babies/gear, wifes and so on
  33. Mod Requist: Faster Mana Regen on Map
  34. Mod "Accelerated Mana Regen"
  35. Changing maps
  36. Replay the game with same character? (wanted)
  37. Mods only working in "New game" ? - Please Advise
  38. What is codepage of Russian comments in the (Lua) source file?
  39. Undead army mod.
  40. Feanora into frog
  41. Idea: Continue after "The End"
  42. Request: Necromancer don't hit undeads
  43. Request: More mind runes for Mages
  44. Modding Shop Contents
  45. MOD: Blooming Effects
  46. Request: Ability to cast lower level spells of spells you've upgraded
  47. Mana jumping up by it's own!?
  48. Mod Request: Necromany - Resurect Enemy troops after battle
  49. Mod Request: Faster Gizmo animation.
  50. Mod Request: Increase merchant inventory 10x
  51. Alternate Battle Sounds
  52. Item Icons
  53. Editing data files -- wife and children ???
  54. Quests and Conversations
  55. Respawining foes?
  56. Mod: "The Next Generation"
  57. Remove levels from spirits of rage
  58. Mod Request: Spirit ~ Hero aligment
  59. Mod request - one more slot
  60. All available mods
  61. Creatures to buy
  62. Modding Skills
  63. Army of Darkness
  64. Request: no camera shake
  65. Request - Auto Digging Mod
  66. How to make mods and extensions.
  67. Archdemons
  68. Regular Army (your army gains XP)
  69. Russian mods [TRANSLATED]
  70. moding Model's
  71. MOD enhanced SPIRIT for hard and impossible mode!!
  72. Disabling closeups?
  73. Different avatars?
  74. Quick question
  75. Mod: No intro
  76. Artifact sets
  77. Interface Mod
  78. Random rune after a battle
  79. Mod: Damage calc mod (configurable)
  80. Would it be possible?
  81. Mod idea - more options on level up
  82. Mod: Refactored mod pack
  83. Looking for Mods to enhance gameplay
  84. Mod: Spirits extended
  85. Morale Mode
  86. mod request: skill tree "reseter"
  87. Model Mods
  88. Quest pointer mod?
  89. Hero model
  90. Can the GUI be modded?
  91. how can i get the number of crystals?
  92. Give me animations!
  93. cheat codes and trainers
  94. Characters icons
  95. Looking to see if item loading at shops is script controlled
  96. Army of Darkness - INSTALLATION ???
  97. Camera Mod (not in Battle Camera)
  98. Mod Request: Font
  99. Some Pointers Required & Other Things
  100. minor game problems
  101. Anyone have knowledge of how scrolls work?
  102. Female Paladin
  103. Carry over items/character to new game.
  104. Anyone still here?
  105. Any modding guild?
  106. Trouble Applying Changes
  107. How to fetch unit's param?
  108. Item Creation/Manipulation Questions
  109. game glitches and more modding info / pls reply
  110. how to modify fonts
  111. battle & game camera manipulation help
  112. Fonts Reconfigured
  113. tell me how to modify the game camera and battle camera PLS
  114. translate the headings of data and ses files
  115. battle camera mod 1.2 does not work on the nobilis en version
  116. where are the ui button files located
  117. [MOD]Transform your troop into card
  118. Helpful hints for novice modders
  119. get files to point to .bik files instead of .png files
  120. video crashing "who is the master who can solve this"
  121. does anyone actually answer these forums ? any russian modders who can speak english
  122. Any way to mod out morale?
  123. Any mod showing detailled game stats?
  124. mass slow
  125. Mods don't install - help please
  126. Mod problem
  127. Field Camera Mod for GG 1.7
  128. Bugged paladin's horse hair texture
  129. Removing king's bounty logo from main menu screen
  130. MOD for How many creatures will die ?
  131. List of items for sale in darion
  132. Loading sequence of "LUA" file
  133. Ultimate Army Mod-customized army
  134. Problem Modding Armored Princess
  135. Mod suggestions: Speed, controls / camera and resource tracker
  136. Disabling closeups
  137. Looking for Permanent Necro Call mod
  138. Lina's Chargers graphic glitch fix
  139. item specific mod
  140. How to use mods
  141. Mod suggestion: improved Inquistion
  142. Reworked Skill Tree
  143. Request: Cast lvl1 spells with lvl3 magic using ctrl+shift?
  144. Make a Trainer Mod.
  145. Can someone list these -DEV commands.
  146. Addind morale bonuses
  147. Armored Princess skill sets
  148. Is there a way to mod the difficulty level?
  149. Mod: No Item Morale
  150. MOD suggestion: "nighttime operations" as in AP
  151. how to open .act and .chat files?
  152. Exchanging Wives
  153. Request: Quest Log improvement
  154. How to change the wife's portrait?
  155. editing unit stats and spirit spells ?
  156. whats best
  157. Editing starting items in first Castle
  158. Marlow's mod
  159. Modesty Mod
  160. font or interface mod
  161. Camera mod question
  162. Balance & Challenge Mod
  163. Mod: Amelie with Horse as Mage for Legend
  164. camera mode stopped working
  165. Show treasure on minimap
  166. mod
  167. might runes and mind and magic
  168. king bounty crossworld
  169. show death kill?????????
  170. army shop have ask but not sure if right place
  171. New Mod Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Babies!
  172. English Grammar / Spelling Patch
  173. Modding Tutorial - Adding an Ability to Apply after a Unit's Attack
  174. mod for speeding up combat?
  175. Anyone know how to get an English mod to work with a non-English localization?
  176. HOMM3 Babies Mini-Expansion Beta now Available for Download!
  177. KB Platinum Edition
  178. Help Please... can someone post the Camera Mod?
  179. Any way to eliminate scroll limits?
  180. Help! Many mods are missing
  181. Editing max mana?
  182. Full Interface Mod, the "kbgui"
  183. New Mod Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Babies! ??????
  184. when unit die
  185. skill gem
  186. Mod Tutorials - Unit Features / Spell Functions
  187. Enemy Hero File Reference and Original Statistics
  188. Hidden Treasures?
  189. How to start with all of spirits active?
  190. NPC LNG & CHAT File Reference
  191. camera mods missing..?
  192. Need help with some editing( I guess this is the place I can get my answer)
  193. Dark Side Modding
  194. Dark side dialog editing- need help
  195. Infinity Units
  196. Can we change face of our wife?
  197. suggested mods for begginers?
  198. Dark Side modding start question
  199. Swapping Portrait [Dark Side]
  200. Replace magic crystal animation
  201. HYLFIRE: New huge mod for WoTN - Ice'n Fire
  202. Kb_db_edit
  203. KB-The legend, Warrior recolor/retexture.
  204. BONFIRE MOD (of the WoTn game)
  205. Noob Questions
  206. Changing/adding the races/units affected by wife bonus?
  207. A new, huge mod for Crossworld: THE TRENT WAR
  208. Darkside Balance Mod
  209. New mod for WotN
  210. Where do I edit these popups?
  211. BMA and BMS extesion
  212. Mod for Kings Bounty Legend by MARLOW