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  1. Steam "issues"
  2. Can only save 1 file at a time??
  3. Bug/improvement suggestion thread
  4. Problem with starting the game
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  6. Graphics Bug
  7. After last 1GB update on Steam KB freezes when switching campaigns
  8. Stuck in Steam Auto Update / Validation hell? Turn off Auto Updates and Don't ...
  9. Bugs found in steam version
  10. Steam Crossworld completely messed up
  11. "label not found:add_blog_shaman_trophy_spent_2 " bug
  12. Label not found error on desktop during battle
  13. Assassin's Find Weakness BUG
  14. Is the Hotkey for Health Bars and Turn Indicators are GONE in Orcs Campaign?
  15. Crossworlds BUG REPORT: Goblin attacks
  16. Can't launch the game
  17. BUG REPORT - wrong icon pictures
  18. [BUG] Blanket buttons (no text in buttons!)
  19. Crossworlds GOTY freezing issue
  20. "Champion of the Arena" campaign freezing
  21. Can't uninstall in Steam
  22. crossworlds, march of the orcs not working
  23. Bugs/errors in CrossWorlds
  24. Demon Portal prevents end of combat if..
  25. Witch Hunter death glitch (cosmetic, minor)
  26. Are there dialog fixes anywhere?
  27. Very minor bug in Defender of the Crown
  28. Kraken hits without animation?
  29. The games dosent work!!
  30. How do you slow down the game..the i7 980X CPU is making it play too fast.
  31. Ogre Drain ability bug
  32. Where do I raise attributes at level-up?
  33. Trapper medal bugged
  34. Widescreen Support
  35. HELP!! deactivate/uninstall AP
  36. steam version: label for dragon skill ball of lighting is incorrect
  37. Items not marked on map
  38. crash to desktop (steam version)
  39. Urgent need help to solve unable to launch Kings Boundy Crossworlds
  40. Debir Mystic Tower - Very Unstable
  41. Bug: enemies not loosing AP on trap
  42. Bug: able to summon untis of size 0
  43. DINPUT8.dll crash report
  44. Item description error: Ale Barrel
  45. Item/Spell/Skill/Unit description errors
  46. Bug or not? Holy anger not working on Plants
  47. Fighting Elenhel freezes screen on load
  48. Phantomed Shaman do not start with adrenaline
  49. assassin "find weakness" still bugged
  50. Bug or not - Assassin's Spell Negation
  51. steam version: rakus has incorrect options
  52. Using Poison Spit on boss monsters
  53. Steam Version: bug; baal did not summon
  54. D2D Version: Crash at Startup
  55. Steam - AP/CW updating?
  56. Bug with Red Dragons
  57. game crash :(
  58. Orcs on the March? Where are the orcs?
  59. Royal University, Rector Leicester
  60. Assassin Find Weakness - Limit?
  61. Rakush dialogue bug
  62. Royal Griffins Immune to Shock?
  63. [Steam] Crash when loading into Scarlet Wind
  64. How to disable Print Screen or other quick keys.
  65. Windowed mode
  66. Slow dialogue transitions
  67. Sheep - No Clipping - Invisible on Battle Board
  68. champion of arena bug
  69. Serious Bug - Assassins's Find Weakness and Wizard Tower
  70. No more trophies
  71. Dragon rage bug?
  72. got the patch from Official site
  73. Lost an activation? :(
  74. Spy quest in Debir
  75. How to get your edited mod to work?
  76. Culture Setting after monitor change
  77. Startup crash
  78. Installed Crossworlds, not Armored Princess games gone
  79. Patch 1.3.1..
  80. Kb.exe reads files one byte at a time?
  81. King’s Bounty: Crossworlds Rune Mages HotFix
  82. Cheats
  83. Wizard Tower - Fire Room
  84. GOTY edition D2d problem
  85. game doesn't start
  86. Patch 1.3.1 eng "unkonwn error"
  87. King's Bounty rebuilding registry after format?
  88. I... think the game is not saving correctly
  89. 16:9 looks wrong..
  90. I can't save more than 2 games
  91. there mey be a bug in the pet experience computing.
  92. Gypped on Activations and Ignored By Support
  93. Action points missing?
  94. no serial number
  95. resolution issues
  96. Activation damaged
  97. Kraken/octocpus crash
  98. Can only play "Defender of the Crown" Campaign
  99. pet dragon skill text error
  100. Problem with archmage
  101. Enormous loading time!
  102. Dragon of Chaos crash.
  103. Character model graphical glitch
  104. Circle Attack Causes Crash
  105. The game doesn't find my save files :O
  106. Shaman Bug
  107. Crash in first floor of Wizard's Tower
  108. No antialiasing
  109. Crash at entering the demon himself in Shaterra
  110. Help with new item png image files
  111. "School of Piranha" doing level 1 dmg at level 3
  112. Please help Reseting Campaign Editor
  113. Minor Issue With Gold Counter
  114. king bounty eng
  115. Copper Flute Glitch
  116. I cant save my games at all period; bought from steam recently
  117. No sound in any King's Bounty game
  118. Random crashes/CTD
  119. sometimes missing unit-sounds in Battles
  120. Blank loading and game screen
  121. Game crashing on 2nd level of wizards tower in battle
  122. Steam: Black Screening
  123. Save Games File Location
  124. Orcs on the March Batlle Freezes
  125. Is it a bug?
  126. Kitano doesnt give option for Freedom Isle
  127. Meditation Bug
  128. detecting saved game files
  129. Access Console in OS X version
  130. CW will not load please help (KB Platinum edition)
  131. Website Music Downloads
  132. Kings Bounty Legend Patch
  133. Orcs campaing items problems !
  134. Crossworlds Keylogger Suspicious Behaviour.
  135. Graphics problem
  136. I have 3 King's bounty Armored Princess w/o a manual or activation code :(
  137. call stack functions - Steam Version
  138. Install problem with warriors of the north
  139. KBC game of teh year edition does not work on windows 8.1
  140. Warrior class skill counter-attack seems to be bugged
  141. Zero Damage Bug
  142. CTD with combatspeed 2
  143. Validation code farce !!
  144. King's Bounty: Dark Side. Hardware. Will my computer run it?
  145. I can't turn off the sound
  146. No valid depth/stencil format found
  147. No Valid depth/stencil format found in RenderInit()
  148. scarlet wind pirates game crash(orcs on the march)
  149. 5760x1080 ???
  150. Dark Side Boat-bug
  151. Dark Side Boat-bug
  152. KB: Dark Side - Mac version unplayable?
  153. How to zoom in camera in game ?...
  154. Crossworlds patch question
  155. Graphics issue in long battles (the legend)
  156. "Reviving" more than i can lead?
  157. I wonder if these two are working out correctly
  158. Ball of Lightning bug fix.
  159. Romanian translation – technical issue