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  45. Strategic use of Demon Portal
  46. Rohum can be good for building medals and Pet experience
  47. Need strat for Thomas Torkve
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  49. Online 'Hero Builder' (link)
  50. Ennemy stack
  51. Time ago I thought Baal was hard to kill... then I saw the power of the repair droid!
  52. Analysis of the battle grid
  53. Some questions on game mechanics & enemy hero behavior & Armageddon
  54. 2 Red dragons enough...?
  55. When Is a Good Time to Start Using Ancient Knowledge Scroll
  56. Best Troops to Use Against All Dragons Enemies
  57. Army Composition, Gear Stacks & Strategies
  58. Luckiest game
  59. Which items work well / don't work for Boss battle's?
  60. Can Songs of The Wind Be Used to Summon Dragons?
  61. What Does Armor of God Do?
  62. Total Number of Quest
  63. Question About Wanderer Scroll
  64. Submarine Quest Question
  65. Princess Set Question
  66. What's good against cyclops
  67. What do you guys think of this challenge?
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  69. what's up with the max rage-generation in boss battles?!
  70. Tirexes and other lizards
  71. Finding Out What Units You Have In Advance
  72. I am Puzzled By the Saved Game File - Darion?
  73. What Are These Items Called In Save Game File?
  74. Using Armageddon is Cool :-)
  75. Question About Extra Fire and Posion Damage
  76. Smoothest / Fastest Boss Beating -- Warrior, Paladin, or Mage?
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  78. lore i sort of did it!
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  80. What Have I Missed!
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  91. Guard angel medal?
  92. About kiting
  93. beginner tips
  94. How you kill Ktahu
  95. Anyone else done this?
  96. Crown of Blackthorne
  97. how to do mass resurrection - steps
  98. shock ball + mark of blood = whole troop killed :)
  99. Goblin shamans, f*cking abuse
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