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  1. English Translation mod for the impatient
  2. MODS for Armored Princess
  3. Mods
  4. Help with Battle Camera
  5. Hero's drop random artefact
  6. How do you mod?
  7. Is this possible in a mod?
  8. russian mods for english version?
  9. Leadership save game editor?
  10. Mana regen mod
  11. Is it possible to reduce the requirement for the Medals?
  12. Mod for randomizing creatures for hire
  13. Resurrection Mod
  14. Simple things that we can mod
  15. Infinite units mod
  16. Army of the Light and Army of the Dark mods
  17. Mod Requests
  18. Changing Unit Races
  19. Trap(attack enemy only) <- is it possible?
  20. Would you like to create a mod improving and balancing better the game?
  21. Make armies not chase player around the map - russian mod doesn't work for me
  22. Save Game Scanner
  23. Imp Fireball
  24. Any Resolution
  25. Random Runes after a battle
  26. Display of power-ups on minimap for all difficulties
  27. How to find actual game island map files?
  28. Request: Changing Pet Dragon type & name
  29. MOD that makes the navi chart mobs kiteable?
  30. Mana regen mod pls
  31. Mod Problem with Holy Rage (Inquisitor)
  32. Skill Icons, I need some help here.
  33. Gender Change of Units?
  34. texture corrupted
  35. Is it possible to mod the difficulty level settings?
  36. More random Shop
  37. Add morale Bonus to (as example) Giants for dwarves
  38. Modding Dragon Skills&Multicast per round
  39. Is there a mod to change class appearance?
  40. Battlemage class
  41. Help; updating mod item tooltips
  42. Looking for info
  43. KBScanner questions
  44. Modding question
  45. Units ReImagined Mod v0.01 (Wip)
  46. Master Summon v0.1-BETA
  47. Modding starting items
  48. Looking For Mod...
  49. Just installed mods now all my saved games are gone !
  50. Help with hero.txt
  51. Exchanging crystals with runes
  52. PvP?
  53. Zero damage Mod
  54. Ray instead of arrow
  55. transplanting AP to TL
  56. Help with modding -.-
  57. Talent Picture
  58. Maelstrom: Knight Model based mod (for use with armyoflight mod)
  59. Introduction/Epilogue
  60. Ultimate Warrior Request
  61. Searching for a warrior mod (that swaps some talents maybe?)
  62. txt file for dragon?
  63. Impossible+
  64. Medals modding
  65. Need help modding Paladin's Prayer ability
  66. List your modded units!
  67. Automatic stats
  68. Please help with vampire bats attack script
  69. Translated into ENG description for KB_DB_EDITOR
  70. A mod to make your unit to have individual Level and more
  71. All races units on Debir mod.
  72. display time save game mod
  73. Pet starting abilities
  74. Pet dragon starting abilities mod
  75. Islands revealed at start mod
  76. Gift Bag?
  77. Adding Reserve Slots?
  78. Special Params
  79. Legendary Warriors Mod
  80. Increasing animation / overall battle speed. Is it possible?
  81. Scripting Reference?
  82. Where do you download mods?
  83. Mod for restarting game after beating.
  84. V. 1.2?
  85. Where to put mod, if game buyed thro steam?
  86. Crossworlds Camera Mod?
  87. Edit the difficuly level settings?
  88. [Editor] Sourcemedia pack
  89. mana regeneration MOD
  90. Infinite Units Mod for Corssworlds (1.3)
  91. Manual for editor
  92. Alter the amount & distributon of runes after level up
  93. Combined items?
  94. How to install mod
  95. All races units on Debir mod for CrossWorlds
  96. Determining Pet Dragon skill levels
  97. How to add skills or talents for units?
  98. How can I change spells into the mass?
  99. Tweaking chests
  100. Modding skills
  101. Army Shop mod for AP exist?
  102. Editing Medal Description
  103. Gift Bag
  104. Please help getting mods installed correctly
  105. will the armored princess Medals MOD work in CrossWorlds ???
  106. Location of Saves?
  107. Campaign mods?
  108. Respec mod
  109. mod to get demonologist
  110. Is there a mod that adds a shop that sells all items?
  111. Armored Princess Hungarian translate
  112. Modding skills
  113. [MOD] Skill tree extended
  114. Sticky Mod links no longer working
  115. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Tomes Alpha Mod Development for AP
  116. camera mods
  117. HOMM3 Tomes for AP Mini-Expansion Alpha now Available for Download!
  118. You *can* increase combat / treasure finding speed as fast as you'd like
  119. Save Game Scanner Update Link
  120. Gift Bag new link ?
  121. Mod to stop the game keeping track of time / days passed?
  122. Possible to put the Red Sands units into Champion/Defender?
  123. Army Shop Refactored for AP (GOTY)
  124. Enemy hero statistics - where are they?
  125. issue with new units mod
  126. possible to increase intem in shop?
  127. if is possible assign hero spell on unit?
  128. Bigger Font Size