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  1. King's Bounty: Armored Princess issue
  2. Graphic glitches in the bottom panel (English Demo)
  3. KBAP Demo Crash Issue
  4. d3dx9_33.dll missing
  5. Armored Princess doesn't start
  6. Activation Code
  7. 3D Glasses for Armored Princess?
  8. Armored Princess direct 3d error please help me !!! thanks
  9. Having a weird problem...
  10. No Sound or Music
  11. Game won't save
  12. windows 7 64 bit games hang
  13. Won't start, resolution settings?
  14. How do I UNactivate a code?
  15. Freezing to death
  16. Map Loot Not Showing Up Anymore
  17. Game-breakin' battle-bug!
  18. How can I copy my data to another computer?
  19. Error code 51 ??????
  20. steam error
  21. kb.exe has stopped working on startup
  22. "Halo" effects are shifted
  23. Has anyone had the game go blank??
  24. graphic glitches and game crashes/go blank once awhile.
  25. Issues with win 7 64 like TL ?
  26. Problem unable copy save game
  27. Game doesn't start after switching monitor
  28. Runs very slow
  29. [FIX] For call failed -1,-1,E_FAIL on latest nVidia drivers.
  30. Armored Princess runs very slow
  31. unable to get units with dev mode
  32. Kings Bounty - Cursor Problem
  33. Game Crashes when exit training area!
  34. Bug with computer taking control of troup(s)
  35. Screen flickers then...nothing
  36. Corrupt Savegames?
  37. Playing in 16:9?
  38. corrupted texture
  39. Demo Crash
  40. Crashs when trying to load Uzala
  41. Maps not showing up
  42. Problems with the game starting
  43. bmrender/rmode.dcpp(1598) error on start up
  44. Win 7 64 bit crahes
  45. refund?
  46. Question running this game
  47. I'm not sure if I can run the game. plz help
  48. Save Games Dissappear
  49. can we choose game language ?
  50. Playing in Windowed Mode
  51. Where is Activation Code?
  52. Isn't there anyone on this forum
  53. HALF mana in combat
  54. Direct3D "undetermined error"
  55. nVidia Display driver update (January 2010) crashes KBAP
  56. Use original copy on 2nd computer...?
  57. no valid depth/stencil found in RenderInit()
  58. missing combat graphics
  59. Bug report
  60. Exchange ATI graphic card .
  61. problem with restoring save-game files
  62. Can't Activate Armoured Princess
  63. Games Crashes At Startup
  64. Game freezes
  65. Armored Princess on Alienware M11X
  66. What's wrong with this picture?
  67. long loading times
  68. Does 1280x768 also have black bars?
  69. I can't install~~~
  70. Ball of lightning not working?
  71. Enlarging the ridiculously tiny fonts
  72. Uninstallation - does it deactivate if you're online?
  73. Broken Game. Broken Company.
  74. Out of frequency
  75. undead spiders can be blinded and affected by plague spell
  76. Upgraded to Windows 7, cant run anymore
  77. Error trying to load Demo
  78. transferring saved games between two pc
  79. A Fine Game that get Poor Rating due to Tiny Font
  80. Game has strange crash on specific loading screen...
  81. Problems in starting a new game
  82. i cheated, no consequence?
  83. Any solution to the Direct 3D subsystem error
  84. Bottled Conscience
  85. Multi-language mode
  86. Buttons issue for left-handed players
  87. Increase zoom out on the world map?
  88. Graphic's Issue
  89. Game Shuts down computer after 15 minutes
  90. 50 pirates bug?
  91. kb.exe does not work
  92. Morale issue in KB AP:CS
  93. Demons love to hump Guardian Angels - on the same cell!
  94. reinstall problems
  95. And the question is... Will it run?
  96. Problem with start a new champain in Crossworlds
  97. Can't laugh
  98. Peacefullness Spell + Game restart with high level character <<
  99. Awards: trapper is stuck
  100. Got the Ap and CW from steam, but wont start.
  101. Missing island names?
  102. Need language files
  103. Patch version
  104. Crashes in tower of eventus
  105. Bug!! bonus extra spell turn from 20 int
  106. HP Laptop: Can't quicksave as F5 key not recognised!
  107. Enya quest problem ?
  108. kings bounty armored princess wont open
  109. Crossworlds GOTY drm question
  110. Item cheat not working
  111. Issue running KB AP and KB on Windows 7 SP1 64bit
  112. Black fuzzy bars? Graphics issue maybe? HELP
  113. missing dll?
  114. i have a rus edition of kb crossw but....
  115. Issues running KB: Platinum on Windows 7
  116. Drop down menus and item info pop ups not working
  117. Text bug/corruption
  118. Patching
  119. Location of saves?
  120. Need Assistance With KBAP/Crossworlds
  121. Graphics Glitch
  122. How to add a spell scroll?
  123. Bug report: evil beholder's mind control ability
  124. $20 bucks wasted [SOLVED]
  125. Activation issues
  126. two easy question (respec potion and bugged dragon?)
  127. Holy warrior medal bug?
  128. Neatness ability is not increasing maximum mana
  129. Please Help! Graphic Flickering, Screen Disoriented
  130. d3dx9_33.dll missing, HELP!
  131. blank screen
  132. help please xx
  133. is anyone on here !! Helloo
  134. A certain spell causes my entire to freeze
  135. Orcs on the March Expansion
  136. How can I register Crossworlds without Internet?
  137. Changing save game locations,
  138. incompatable system spec
  139. enemy routines don't continue
  140. Not properly displaying current moral
  141. Dark screen, making the game unplayable
  142. Text not displaying properly
  143. MacBook Air no Units showing
  144. Graphics Issue
  145. Macbook Pro - No units showing
  146. Rage not increasing over 25
  147. Serial number
  148. Please help: the orc shaman laugh is driving me insane!
  149. Problem with running KB: AP on Window 7
  150. kb.exe has stopped working
  151. Activation on Steam
  152. Endless Bridge Bug
  153. Bolo bug :(