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  3. Camera mod not working anymore
  4. Cannot mod AP after CW installed
  5. Mod "Kings Bounty Free Battle Camera"
  6. Mod "Army shop"
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  9. Modding or cheating
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  14. KB scanner updated?
  15. Regarding showing items on mini-map
  16. Wait command - a question how to...
  17. All-Skills mod/tweak
  18. a list of mods?
  19. digging treasure
  20. your own castle?
  21. Next Generation Orcs on the Marsh Mod
  22. Mana Regeneration Mod
  23. add stats at levelup
  24. are there any user made campaigns totally unrelated to the official campaigns? if so
  25. Question about Modding Spell Effect Death
  26. Amelie dungeon models
  27. Where are files for passive talents?
  28. Minor Rune Mage mod -Royal Griffin Morale Boost
  29. is it possible to play Legend campaign in Crossworlds?
  30. World Map Fix
  31. Any luck with changing animations?
  32. Bigger font mod
  33. In The Works: Anti-Paladin Mod
  34. MOD: Female NPCs and new images
  35. "Adventure" Mod
  36. Location of mod files.
  37. Red Sands
  38. Files to Mod & Suggestions
  39. Red Sands English translated (Not complete)
  40. Is there a mod to make training cheaper?
  41. Is there a mod to make training cheaper?
  42. How to make a kfs archive?
  43. MOD: New npc portraits
  44. Reserve Extended (5 Slots)
  45. Red Sands Extreme Mod
  46. Does the gift-bag work with CW?
  47. Silent Digging? Original link is bad. Is there one for CW?
  48. Red Sands download
  49. Critical hit and item bonus for special attacks
  50. Unit turn in battlefield mod
  51. Request: Camera panning in on an attack
  52. Unlimited scrolls?
  53. Asmadeo Ritual Skill
  54. Red Sands Mod: Lilith
  55. Red Sands - Undead Tirex Bug(?)
  56. Need help modding battle rewards
  57. Crossworlds Hungarian translate
  58. How to add an item in saved game
  59. Dynamically adjust Leadership of units
  60. Units that are "summon only"
  61. How to change difficult level ?
  62. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Tomes Alpha Mod Development for CW
  63. Making a mod - need a little help
  64. Bugfix/balance mods?
  65. Morale and Infinity units mods
  66. Servant of death modding help
  67. HOMM3 Tomes for CW Mini-Expansion Alpha now Available for Download!
  68. LUA API-library page at official web site have gone.
  69. Chest From digging
  70. you can make an erotic game?
  71. Help with installing mods.
  72. Agvares troop control mod
  73. Please help with item edition
  74. River of memory
  75. I would like to beg You guys for CAMERA MOD -links not working...
  76. Level cap mod
  77. Resurrect all lost troops after the combat.
  78. Red Sands Extended
  79. How to restrict an unit?
  80. Testplay Red Sands Extended
  81. Red Sands Extended Released
  82. Adrenalin mechanics (scripts)
  83. Editing a unit
  84. help installing mod
  85. Class specific medals
  86. modding question: is skill dmg related to unit dmg?
  87. Blackknight.atom missing in DS
  88. Mods/forum features I'd like to have/see
  89. Speed Mod
  90. Question: Mod directory, plz help
  91. Would love to see a mod that increases reserve and garrison slots
  92. Modding creature abilities
  93. Heroes like mod with possible multiplayer
  94. Every Item mod ( request )
  95. Amelie Mage retexture +blonde portrait
  96. I start working on a new huge mod w new maps
  97. THE TRENT WAR --- a new campaign!
  98. TRENT - - - Testers wanted!!
  99. Amelie fairy princess
  100. Huntiro's Integration Mod
  101. Darkside Balance Mod
  102. Need help when changing the size of creatures!
  103. New mod for WotN
  104. A thread for modders to discuss encountered issues
  105. King's Bounty: In search of a new world.
  106. King's Bounty WotN DLC Fire and Ice now available in German
  107. Unit's custom portrait
  108. Portable castle mod?
  109. how do i add an arena to the list of area's arenas?
  110. Does anyone have the list of the scripting functions?
  111. [MOD][ENG] "Saturation Mod" v 1.4.1 for King's Bounty: Dark Side
  112. Reverse-Engineering of King's Bounty's 3D model and animation systems
  113. Diminishing Returns to mana regen/rage gen in combat
  114. What Is A Color Screen Used For?
  115. How to start Wordle Unlimited?