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  1. Cliffs of Dover Video Thread V1.0 [Closed]
  2. Pulse (trailer for CoD)
  3. Going up against Beaufighters over Cherbourg - another youtube video by me
  4. Spitfire scramble from Hawkinge. Another annotated CoD video by me...
  5. Video
  6. Cliffs of Dover Video Thread v2.0 [Closed]
  7. Beware of the Hun in the Sun, another CoD youtube video by me...
  8. Getting Fraps to fit my screen.
  9. Windows Movie Maker Problem
  10. Trouble replaying Track
  11. Movies by Barfly (aka JokkerFX)
  12. Just saying thanks for listening to us MM, cheers for the forum, MP
  13. Problem with in-game avi and fraps
  14. My first online COD Video
  15. bf109 20mm canon
  16. I want to make a movie.
  17. Headsup - Reports of Spits sighted in the area.
  18. Fraps and Cliffs too heavy on system performance
  19. Spitfire vs Bf-109 over Folkestone, new CoD youtube vid by me...
  20. Important to remember
  21. Promo Movies by Tinus le Roux
  22. What is a "Movie"? What's an "In-Game Video" or "Game Play Video"?
  23. Ju-88 attempts to land at Hawkinge
  24. ATAG Server video
  25. "Dogs of Dover" Movie
  26. Let's Fly Cliffs of Dover: a Gameplay Video series
  27. "Fellowship of the Few" Movie Trailer
  28. Gameplay Videos by Freycinet
  29. Hurricanes for breakfast - - - - New annotated youtube video by me (flying a Bf-109)
  30. ATAG's 1st Bomber Night this Weekend Objective 4 (Stuka)
  31. Advanced Movie-Making Techniques and Tools...Tutorials and Questions
  32. Tutorials and questions on making Basic Videos and Movies
  33. Attention...Question on Camera selection in playback
  34. Absent Without Leve
  35. Battle of Village video
  36. Ah Well.....
  37. Like to see videos where altitude of aircraft make sense
  38. In-game video clips from ATAG
  39. Nightfighter pilot interview from 1942
  40. "We write the sky" movie
  41. My Cliffs of Dover Movie
  42. Spit documentry 59 min [Real World footage]
  43. problems getting msi afterburner to record
  44. Great History Channel Segment
  45. Bf-109 clips!... [Real world WWII footage]
  46. Gameplay Video: Spitfire Gun Cinecamera
  47. Black Screen of FRAPS
  48. My first movie
  49. Suggestion for video makers
  50. A short trailer-like - movie
  51. War Cry [COD Movie]
  52. Nice Marseille video [real world Documentary footage]
  53. Specificity in Movie or Video thread titles
  54. Friday update :-) My new website: www.flightsimvids.com (and new CoD video by me..)
  55. Good Stuff For Movie
  57. IL-2 and COD Movie Competition ENTRIES and DISCUSSION
  58. Question on External View in Playback
  59. Blenheim attack [Gameplay Video]
  60. Spitfire Mk. I Tutorial Video by Freycinet
  61. Defend Portsmouth [Gameplay Video]
  62. How to use panning camera in making Movies/Videos
  63. Attention: Movie Competition Contestants
  64. Deadly Ballet - [IL-2 CoD Movie Competition Entry)
  65. Driverless vehicles?
  66. Not a CloD Movie, But Good!
  67. ANNOUNCEMENT: Movie Competition expanded!!!!!
  68. The 109 [Gameplay Video]
  69. Wings of Affliction [IL2 Movie Competition Entry]
  70. IL-2 Series Movie belatedly showcased at FSM
  71. Another movie idea for the Movie Competition: von Werra
  72. Trailer-video [for IL2 Movie Competition]
  73. Another Movie idea for Competition: Galland
  74. COD and IL-2 Series visuals in Documentary Interview Movie
  75. MOVIE COMPETITION: Master Post of all submitted Movies (as of 13 May)
  76. Fight and Flight [Gameplay Video]
  77. The Porcelain Unicorn [Non-flightsim, live-action short movie]
  78. Unlucky WWII Aircraft Crews [Real World WWII footage]
  79. Close Encounters [Gameplay Video]
  80. Don't Mess With The Blenheim, It's Dangerous.[Short Gameplay Video]
  81. Imagination Battle [IL2 Movie Competition Entry]
  82. Aviachamp.ru broadcasts [Gameplay Video]
  83. A short chase scene [Gameplay Cockpit POV video]
  84. Target Destroyed Vol. 1 [Gameplay Video]
  85. German Aerial Combat Footage [Real WWII footage]
  86. Stuka raid on the Isle of Thanet [Gameplay Video]
  87. Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3 Tutorial Movie, by me
  88. Formation landing madness
  89. My First Vid [Movie]
  90. Track from CoD without insignia
  91. Viewing different planes/outside views on tracks recorded on full real online server?
  92. 2 videos of an early morning mission [Gameplay Videos]
  93. Camera shake filter?
  94. Ju-87 B start up tutorial
  95. Ju-87 B dive attack tutorial
  96. Need some help plz!
  97. External View on ATAG Server Track?
  98. Flight over London in a Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4 - Patch 1.06.17582 [Gameplay Video]
  99. O ca├žador da noite - the nightehunter
  100. An unusual mission - A Junkers 88 Kampfgruppe tries to turn the tide
  101. Movie competition WINNERS announced!
  102. Imagination Battle by Ph0b0s95 - superb movie!
  103. Nice guncam-Video
  104. 16 Spitfires Flying Together - real world
  105. North Africa [CloD Movie]
  106. Il2 Cliffs of Dover Guncam Attemp
  107. New Guncam Video whit the new 1.7 Beta Patch
  108. Crash When Saving a Track
  109. In game video "Yellow Nose"
  110. Cliffs of Dover - A New Day Begins[Movie]
  111. Regia Aeronautica bombs Hawkinge! - New CoD video by me...
  112. RAF Crashes & Splashes [Gameplay Video]
  113. new video for the upcoming "war thunder"
  114. More good moments in Cliffs of Dover-A second montage [Gameplay Video]
  115. bombing radar on ATAG server
  116. New Movie - Legend Lives On by Scottnmegs
  117. Another stunning film from Barfly - moving on from CoD
  118. Dance with Defiants 2
  119. The most elementary question ... record track
  120. Training evening on Kampfverbander 13 from 5.7.2012 Netcode
  121. Good Morning , Dover [ClOD Movie]
  122. Re-creation
  123. AVI Conversion
  124. Machinima Competition
  125. [In game video] G50 Adventures - Starting the engine.
  126. [Must Watch] Fantastic video by ATAG_Headshots[GamePlay Video]
  127. Su 26 first look. [ClOD Movie]
  128. "Their Finest Hour" a Cliffs of dover machinima [ClOD Movie]
  129. Searching for a 'real world' Russian documentary movie about a Spanish pilot
  130. "Their Finest Hour" [ClOD movie] showcased at FlightSim Movies Website
  131. Amazing video [a professional CGI animated movie, not FlightSim based]
  132. Short 1 minute test to create an authentic Gun Camera experience ;)
  133. RB Air race in CoD
  134. Rotte tactics [ClOD Gameplay Video]
  135. Election time! Which movie do I do: "Ju-88 Convoy Attack" or "Hurri Summer, pt.2"?
  136. Ju-88 Convoy Attack [Gameplay Video]
  137. The Blenheim IV in short : overview [In-Game Training Video]
  138. Some guncam film clips
  139. Cod Movie. Found on Youtube: The Seaford Raid
  140. Hurricane Summer, Part 2 - youtube video I did...
  141. Did another vid...
  142. New short movie in slow motion
  143. Totally stumped in my movie making...
  144. Checkertails Part 2[Documentary movie with IL-2 footage]
  145. Bf109 Hi Yo Yo [Gameplay Video]
  146. The History of Flightsim Movie-making
  147. IL-2 Flight Sim movie honored [IL-2, not ClOD movie]
  148. RAF REDUX Campaign provides stories to be filmed
  149. Gameplay video: Dogfighting in the Bf 109
  150. Early Clod
  151. New Quality for the next movies im gonna bring you [gameplay video].
  152. Target point of view
  153. My first in-game video
  154. Merry Christmas with gifts delivered by Me-110 (youtube vid)
  155. "Jerky" motion in tracks
  156. Best places for royalty-free music for a video?
  157. EVAT teaser - Su26 formation flying
  158. How do I get rid of the cursor and little white instrument-i.d. labels?
  159. youtube revenue?
  160. Flight of a Spitfire and Messerschmitt 109 over London[ClOD movie]
  161. Fail/Death/Crash compilation[Gameplay Video]
  162. My first Bf109![Gameplay Video]
  163. my first vid.[Gameplay Video]
  164. Guncam? Please help
  165. Flight WITH guncam included please watch :D
  166. ATAG After Action Reports Episode 1 [gameplay vid]
  167. my first gameplay commentary! [Gameplay Video]
  168. Rookie Spitfire IIa vs. 2 BF109s ATAG Server (1080p)[ClOD Movie]
  169. spitfire vs bombers commentary [Gameplay Video]
  170. Spitfire IIa versus 4 Bf109s Online Gameplay ATAG Server (1080p)[Gameplay Video]
  171. Smiting Them Hip & Thigh
  172. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover FanMade!! [Gameplay videos]
  173. Warbirds [CloD Movie]
  174. Fraps and TrackIR
  175. Junkers 87 B-2 Stuka over England [Gameplay Video]
  176. Epic FanMade Movie Montage (Wishmaster)[Gameplay video]
  177. First attempts at movie making [Gameplay Videos]
  178. Full Mission Builder ITA Simple Tutorial
  179. Spit IIa intercept
  180. ATAG: My first flight to 23,000 feet (1080p) [Gameplay Video]
  181. A couple of recent vids
  182. Video from the Camarillo Airshow 2012 includes P-51/P-47/P-38/P-40 and FW-190 + more
  183. Why the recorded track is sometimes different?
  184. Blenheim Attack by Freycinet [ClOD Movie]
  185. Movies by FF*Ph0b0s*95
  186. Bf-110 Start Up [Gameplay Video]
  187. The Stuka that almost got away [Gameplay video]
  188. 10-year Anniversary video of Jagdgeschwader 4
  189. space navigator
  190. Guardians of Britain film series [ClOD Movie]
  191. fraps not working
  192. Good times above and around the Strait of Dover - An IL-2 COD montage
  193. BF110 vs Welington DM show up [Gameplay Video]
  194. ACG Action
  195. News-reel type
  196. 2 Bf 109 of JG4 over Folkestone [Gameplay Vid]
  197. Smoking MG17s, burning Hurricanes[Gameplay vid]
  198. Movie by Heinkill
  199. Paying the Spitfires of RAF Lymphne a (short) visit[Gameplay Vid]
  200. The Essence [ClOD Movie]
  201. "The Beginning of the End" - ACG Movie Trailer [ClOD Movie]
  202. Epic Fanmade Trailer with TeamFusion Patch 4.0
  203. New Year's Squadron Gathering
  204. New CoD movie "Kanalkampf" (Trailer)
  205. camera moves
  206. Formation flying videos
  207. OFF TOPIC A "Rise of Flight" Movie
  208. My little Fan Made Video
  209. A new, short film of in-game footage
  210. Movie shot today on SoW server, by 92 Sqn.
  211. 17 Minutes or so of CloD
  212. Online dogfights, Wings 2
  213. A short montage
  214. Death from Above! (GunCam Video)
  215. Il2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover - Old WWII GunCamera Footage
  216. Recruitment Video
  217. Short Preview: "In the Clutches of a Spitfire"
  218. Stuntman's Cliffs of Dover studio
  219. Flying with Air Combat Group
  220. AI grudge match
  221. EaglaTURK Sq. trailer
  222. EagleTURK sq. Trailer
  223. Barrel roll tutorial
  224. Contrails High by Mysticpuma