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  1. (Hungarian) Walkthrough for Armored Princess! (SPOILERS)
  2. Game go impossible after migrating from first island!
  3. Qwest List.
  4. No-Fight Quests
  5. Bug: Unruly Axe quest.
  6. Runes giveaway
  7. Take the Test at the beginning of the game...
  8. how do you get the flying horse?
  9. Lady Magnet qwest Trouble
  10. lvl 20 mage on normal stumped
  11. Demenion's lackey
  12. Dark warior statue
  13. Wat happened to rage?
  14. Leadership flags
  15. Leadership bug?
  16. question About the escaped imp quest (spoiler)
  17. How to enter the Mirror tower?
  18. Anyone ever beat the gambling game in Verona and goblin island?
  19. Do I have to beat Samman before confronting Demion ?
  20. *sigh* Quests needing "X number of Troop Y".
  21. Repeatable Battles?
  22. Which is the "Elven" Island?
  23. The Judgment Day Paladin
  24. few questions...
  25. Castle Unit Reinforcements, when ?
  26. The axe quest - bugged?
  27. Erica Proud vs. Rolf
  28. Geyser spam from enemy hero - Any way to prevent it?
  29. Contraband quest in Scarlet Wind
  30. Shackle Demolisher?
  31. About those upgrade fights
  32. Paper - rock - scissors type game
  33. Questions
  34. the Land of Dragons and the sword of hephaestus
  35. Where can I find mage from Umkas?
  36. Flying Horse Locations
  37. The shortest way through
  38. Where to find Necro Call spell
  39. Shenobis Burial?
  40. Where is fellow that requires 20 int
  41. enemy hero (quests)
  42. Quests and moral
  43. Orc Hideout
  44. Umkas buried tresure map help!!!
  45. The cave that needs a password?
  46. knights and mages game/riddle
  47. What is the best choice in Reha?
  48. Obelisks in Montero?
  49. Pearl Quest Broken
  50. The Save Game thread - we can share!
  51. Experience, Gold, Runes, leadership, etc. variation
  52. Strange Door on Scarlet Wind
  53. My attempt at getting the highest score
  54. Dragon
  55. Favourite & Least favourite places in the game
  56. Kite for maps
  57. Can most maps be kited?
  58. how much Leadership do you get from Quests?
  59. do I need to keep Demenion alive for a quest?
  60. Botany diploma fight
  61. Exploit or not
  62. Finally got this game and wow!
  63. roasted rats
  64. Intelligence Shrines
  65. Which quest is most often missed ?
  66. question about 2 guest
  67. Can't fight dragons on Ultrax...
  68. Wandering enemy Heroes?
  69. Husbands/Companions
  70. 4th playable class or alternate ending?
  71. A tale of Fake Dragon eggs and Rare Chickens!
  72. No Merchant Skill?
  73. Three Small Questions
  74. How to get more from KBScanner (an easy Excel file to plan your trip easier)
  75. Contraband Searcher-Wheres Bruges?
  76. Falling Star Je-Lo-Pi question