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  5. What will this game have that MTW2 does not?
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  8. Evigny where is everybody?
  9. What unit sizes will be available in this game ?
  10. All quiet on the eastern front.
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  12. What's your favourite game by 1C?
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  14. XIIIC vs MTW2 :: Cavalry
  15. GamersGate signs exclusive digital premiere for XIII Century: Death or Glory
  16. How many units per side?
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  19. Game runs very bad :(
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  21. Demo planned ?
  22. When does the patch ...
  23. Formation buttons (TAB key) --> stripes in graphics
  24. Unit speed in formations
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  26. XIII Century: Death or Glory exclusive digital worldwide premiere.
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  29. Somes bug
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  34. Gamespot puts high mark to XIII Century!
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  49. LIttle problem with missile units
  50. Please, I need an answer!
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  55. Anybody?
  56. Possibility to change command keys
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  63. Editor ? Resizing unit?
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  65. Circular pikemen formation Bug
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  68. How to play by direct IP
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  70. What the hell is happening with the patch?
  71. Best ratio victory?
  72. lost customer/the lost viking
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  74. ZOTAC+XIII Century Death or Glory=Victory!
  75. Problem with the start of XIII death glory
  76. How can play with the default enemy sides?
  77. Any ideas of tactics..?
  78. Will not buy due to StarForce
  79. Stuck in Tutorial
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  81. XIII Century: Death or Glory Patch
  82. Cant play on vista
  83. How to made appears the Hamachi IP in direct ip game
  84. Poll: what century and armies would you like to see with the engine of XIII?
  85. How to win Bonus stages? Please help
  86. Battle Speed
  87. need help on last english campaign
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  89. lost serial
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  95. Battle in ETW and XIII: differences
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  98. Italian TW community Manifesto
  99. My first map
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  101. Special Offer for XIII Century: Death or Glory
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  103. Hamachi matchs?
  104. Error on my game
  105. Use video capture of editor with the replay
  106. Better tactic against strong archers
  107. Anyone out there still play this in Multi?
  108. Unit Models
  109. Open Total Games Italia
  110. Game won't run on a 2.66 Ghz Quad Core?...
  111. Total Games Italia - Room for Foreign Users
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  117. XIII century Gold Edition sold in steam at 15,74 euro
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  132. Out of memory leaks on 64 bit systems fix
  133. Excellent try to do a TW game
  134. Any Problems Playing MP via Router
  135. multiplayer appointment
  136. patch exe doesn't run
  137. I can't conect to MP and register
  138. Battle of Lincoln- Getting up the stairs?
  139. XIII Century Gold edition on steam