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Men of War New World War II strategy game

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Old 02-18-2009, 10:20 PM
Doolittle Doolittle is offline
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Question How like Faces of War?

Hello! I was a huge fan of Faces of War.. here's my old page. So please don't get me wrong, I love all that is BestWay... but FoW came out in late 2006 and now it's 2009 and I'm trying to see the difference between that and Men of War besides new campaign and units? Everything I see describing the game is what was already there in the latest patch of Faces of War. Please make my mouth salivate. Mention what new tech I can expect to see in MoW that wasn't in FoW....

Can we join a multiplayer game that's already in progress? How about the AI? Will we see a map editor ship with the game or released later like FoW?

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Old 02-19-2009, 06:30 AM
szebus szebus is offline
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For a better understanding of the game please visit http://www.digitalmindsoft.eu/forums...p?f=119&t=1500 and have funn.

There are some links where one can find out what is about playing the game :

Game modes : http://www.digitalmindsoft.eu/forums...p?f=109&t=1707

Nations and tactics : http://www.digitalmindsoft.eu/forums...p?f=109&t=1712

Controls and interface : http://www.digitalmindsoft.eu/forums...p?f=109&t=1729

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Old 02-19-2009, 05:12 PM
Doolittle Doolittle is offline
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I also remember there not being a way to tell in FoW what the season of the map was: desert, winter, etc. This would have been great because it would have meant you spawn in multiplayer tanks with right camo scheme. I hope Bot-59 (Skael) is still working with BestWay and that he remembers I asked about getting this feature.

I also hope this is fixed from FoW days where you couldn't have more then a certain number of units in MP: Unit rid allocator overflow (mp_unit.cpp, 49)
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Old 02-19-2009, 07:23 PM
Doolittle Doolittle is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2009
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Okay, found some more info when I went to the Russian forum. Note most of this was translated!

More changes to GEM engine, continuation where I last left off from 1.04 Faces of War

First we have this summary from them:

New models:

1. complete change of entourage, buildings, vegetation, of course, through oaks and birch, European house and the Russian / Ukrainian wilderness of wattle and daub is not done.
2. A model of new technology:
Tanks: Hellcat, Centurion, Jambo, IS1, IS3, PZ-2f, Sherman 76, Carro Armato M15/42, Sherman M4A1;
Broneviki: Autoblinda 41, Komsomolets.
Guns :2-x funtovka, 6 funtovka 17 funtovka, Type 1 47mm, LG-40, ZIS-30, Vickers.
Vehicles: 2 jeeps, Opel Blitz (Engineering), Bedford QLD.
Another technique: reactive mortar Land Martress, aircraft U52, Italian destroyer.
+ Handling weapons, about 30 models of Japanese technology (*) (Japanese techniques not listed, as the release is not included and will be a free patch)
3. New skins German, British infantry and infantry dollars - roughly speaking, new models of the entire infantry
+ Japanese infantry (*)


10 large-scale operations, each involving an average over 1-1,5. Maps and missions than the BPO grew significantly.

Changes and new features:

Changed traffic engineering physics - a concept of "inertia and momentum:
- Radius depends on the speed of the machine.
- Shooting accuracy is also dependent on the speed. Some of the tanks on which the stabilizer arms (eg, Sherman, Pershing), can pinpoint the fire at a reduced speed, the other for precise shots are forced to make a short stop.
On the other hand, get on a moving target is difficult due to the fact that in broadside guns scatter increases. The greater the angular velocity of turn a weapon, the smaller its accuracy.

New features in the single:

- Carrying dead bodies,
- Reaction to the patrols corpses (used in stelsovyh missions to increase the plausibility and atmosphere),
- Move units from mission to mission (used in some missions in order to maintain the plot, but can be actively used modmeykerami to create a coherent mode with a storyline)

New features in multiplayer:

- Installation of thorns, bags, a new mode of reinforcements.
- 4 Nation: USSR, Germany, USA, England.
- 5 new maps in the release version of the game, patch to add a few (3 exactly, can and more), plus all the old maps finalized perebalansirovany that would entail a change in the tactics of the game to them.
- Support for dedicated servers for a better game
- IM players out of the room with those who are already in the game.
- Friends list and ignore;
- "Hall of Fame" for the entire list of players.

General trends:

- Increase in firing range and, consequently, increase the size of maps,
- Shot,
- Modified system damage (a new formula of Perforation reservation)

Appears in a free patch for multiplayer:

- The new rating system in avtomatcha
- Upgraded mode Capture flags "(basically a new multiplayer mode),
- Additional models of technology and new maps.
And some info can be gleaned from patch changelog since game is currently out somewhere else:
List of changes to Patch v1.10.6

* Corrected
. balancing
+ Innovation
! planned

+ Added T-60, T29

* ZSU replaced by T-60
* Reduced power of 25-pound landmine
* For the burning of the units is calculated points
* Increased resistance to fire for medium and heavy tanks
* Configure sound for IP-2, SU-122
* Kamikaze longer bezhat with acceleration
* Reduced fuel tanks for
* Increased the momentum of the charge shturmtigra (for light, medium heavy equipment)
* Reduced rate intelligence

* Damage
. increase the radius of blast wave and high explosive anti-aircraft missiles
. reduced broneprobivaemost gun on a tank M4A1 Sherman
. increased effect of the English PT BB gun
. off chance of evading the bullets to fighters refuge
. reduced rate of excision radius blast lying on infantry
. motor vehicle, you can shoot one shot from the AV (with BB = 20mm)
. German attack plane faustnikam-issued bulletproof vest
. German paratroopers were +2 faustpatrona
. increased anti-rocket operation and protivomeshkovoe min

* Rate
. increased the time re Shturmtigra
. increased rate of RM Land Matress, Kalliopi and Rakettenverfer 42
. increased the length of the queue autorifle
. increased time reloading reloading PT Willis

* Reservations
. BA-64 to 9mm Reservations
. M5A1 set the thickness of the front turret and hull
. Nashorn corrected thickness of armor some parts (equal to 0)
. engine EC-3, IP-2
. Lower broneplita M4A1 Sherman brought up to 64mm

* Accuracy
. OB shells (increased variation in the horizontal)
. increased the accuracy of long guns
. mines the accuracy of fixed IP-2
. increased scatter gun KV-2 at large distances
. slightly increased scatter gun MIS-152 to limit the distance of fire
. Nashorn accuracy was higher than the other tanks with gun KwK 43

* Visibility
. reduced visibility of the field guns
. Added time zasvetki howitzer after falling at distances over 170 m

* Changed the price
. ZSU-37>> T-60 (13) --
. M-19 (18) --
. Kruseyder AA2 (20) --
. M4A1 Sherman (20) --
. Virbelvind (25) --
. KV-1E (32) --
. Sherman 76w (42) +
. Is something (46) --
. Sherman «Jambo» (48) --
. IP-1 (62) --
. Tiger (64) +
. Ho-ri (95) --
. intelligence (12) --
. mode only infantry increased prices shooting, sniper, gun, mortar

List of changes to Patch v1.10.5

* Increased accuracy
. tank shells
. Shturmtigra
. pantserfausta

* Added the sounds of turning on some Japanese tanks
* Added sound to the English revolution towers Sherman and Jambo
* Increased rate of Kalliopi and land matres
* A land matres shooting off by default
* Removed the word "broken tower" for samohodok
* Increased allowable variation in the shooting for the AI (especially anti-aircraft guns)
* Added dynamic accuracy at large and the usual machine guns mounted on the technique
* Changed prices
. nebelverfer (45)
. pantserverfer (50)
. Sherman M1 (24)
. Sherman M2 (30)
. KV-1 (36)
. Churchill (38)
. Is something (56)
. SU-100 (66)
. Nashorn (45)

* The cars added remkomplekt
* Fixed a bug with the impenetrable curtain on trucks
* Increased acceleration time of cars and bronevikov
* Reduced the maximum speed when turning to cars and bronevikov
* Reduced resistance of vehicles to high-explosive projectile
* Increase the power of 37 .. 57-mm mines
* Sangar now destroyed 37-57-mm land-mines
* Bazooka now causing damage to cars
* Reduced drop broneprobivaemosti AV and CC machine guns at a distance
* Increased accuracy pantserfausta

* Added missing files with textures and weather maps
* Please correct the map:
. bazerville
. borovaya
. deadriver
. farmstead
. forest
. hunting
. kanawa_mine

List of changes to Patch v1.10.4

+ Added map Kanawa mine, Dead River, Dunverde

* Beta switched on dedicated server separate from the Russian release
* Fixed remote mining and installation of fortifications
* Only those units that have mines / strengthening run mine strip / set to strengthen
* Fixed bug in which could cause a drop in the game through the manipulation of the barrel
* Fixed drop a game at the entrance to the multiplayer, with the wrong settings firewall'a
* Fixed a possible drop in the game when the team returns "dogfight"
* In case of collision at a soldier machine will not squash the box in his hands
* Revised network code for better work from the NAT

* Fixed scheme Jagdpanzer IV, Pz IV E
* Fixed bug Japanese archers weapon (sniper accuracy)
* Changed the prices of some of the tanks (mainly American)
* Fixes the sounds of turning the towers in some tanks
* Reduced power of large mines
* Sangar configured to use low gear
* Fixed some errors in the maps (weather, terrain)
* Mobility Dulaev to samohodkah now fully restored after repair
* In the mask of Perforation guns are now sure that a break
* Reduce the effect of sloping armor for large caliber projectiles

List of changes to Patch v1.09.3

+ Added the Japanese side
+ Added a new technique: Jagdpanzer IV (70), Sturmtiger
+ New maps: Hunting, Fields
+ Possibility to install fortifications for field guns, mortars, machine gun
+ Option "Only Tanks"
+ Support for new types of budget
+ Added concussion crew

* Improved system broneprobivaemosti
* Fixed setting of reservation on some tanks
* Increased range tank vizorov
* Increase the efficiency range of guns
* Changed the maximum range for some guns
* Reduced knockdown ability decline with distance for small arms
* Increased range of prices depending on the class of technology
* Fixed a bug with sloping armor of Perforation
* Reduced the corners and of course a pair of machine guns

* Fixed bug with binoculars officer (to look through the barriers)
* Optimized search path (improved performance for large maps)
* Fixed some desync
* Fixed a rare drop in multiplayer games
* Fixed the display of the players in the main room multiplayer

+ Support for the manual of arms, which explodes on contact with a view to
+ Support for different visibility depending on the garment unit
+ Support properties shells "ready" and "charged" in the choice of weapons
+ Support for suicide bombers
+ Possibility to change the speed of issuing points for flags in modah
+ Added the withdrawal of the reference amount and date of Build the executable file in error messages

* Fixed many minor bugs
. many changes in the balance

Minipatch collected.
Changes in patch 1.06.1

* Editor otvyazan from the disk
+ Added separate outfront_mp.exe for multiplayer games
+ Added an interface to work with friends and "black" list
* Optimization of the search path for technology in multiplayer
* Fixed the issuance of reinforcements in the front line
* Fixed display condition of the players in the chat
* Changed the calculation of points in the battle
* Change your anti-tank mines
+ Added preservation screenshots. Png format

Refined single mission:
- Hot sands: a zone where the enemy does not need to get tanks moved slightly deeper into
- Fracture: Removed potentially endless stream of infantry with one of the
- Truce: the task "block visits" did not hide
- Castle in the desert: added ammunition for the howitzer, made disable fog in the bay,
corrected ubivanie battle ship on the boundary map
- Arsenal: truck drivers first column is now visible

Front Line Mode:
* Edited on maps Tinctures Sevastopol and Moskow
* Increased time round (15 -> 25 min)
* Reduced periodic reinforcements for the attack side (100 -> 60)
+ Added backing defending side
- Removed the limit on the attacking infantry at hand
- Removed qf17 in defending Party

file: mow-open-beta-v1.02.2.exe
md5 checksum: 369852C1 - ADB898B2 - 134BCC70 - 8E557715

* Fixed starting the game under Windows Vista
* Single units can be set to stack commands SHIFT (even after the frames)
* Remove potential rally game on a dedicated server when you start the game after a change map
* Now an engineer can back up your equipment
* The journal is now recorded history of communications in a network game (the magazine was called by clicking on the icon or button on the 'H')
* Fixed the bug with the reset the panel of fast commands (recommended to create a profile in the game again)
* Not worked very sharp rebound in the corner hit
* Removed a variety of games in the fall of the connection at boot time
* Improved hand-to-hand attack against the fleeing fighters
* Re-added indicator to bazookas
* Fixed the bug with incorrect calculation of the probability of casualty tracks on tanks
* Fixed some rare gathering of the game
* Returned to the opportunity to attack a group of tanks or howitzers
* Soldiers do not die after the burning of their ognemetchikom if sitting in the window of the house on the 1 st floor
* Fixed bug with red backlit innards Hummel and other tanks
* Removed the "transmit the units in the free play mode
* Now with the game on a dedicated server must appear all the options
* Completed sending messages from the game room in the general chat
* Improved connection to the game after rally

* Small fixes to the timer, and prices of equipment
* Enter zero for the majority of CP technology
* Reduction in scatter grenades PT
* Fixed action PT min at tracks
* Fixed vizory tanks, now they do not see the infantry in the bushes
* Reduced the range of artillery
* Connected to the missing sounds
* Corrected precision sniper
* Fixed booking Kingtigra
* Configured to sort the booking Achilles and M36
* Reduced the probability of shooting down quick tracks melkokalibernymi guns
* Reduced rate of mining and the installation of barriers ..

file: mow-open-beta-v0.14.1.exe
md5 checksum: 0057E05F - 12AE143F - 9D85D703 - 65E89B59

+ Added the English text of the description of equipment and soldiers
+ Added description of angles armor
+ Soldiers can now cross from the window of a house through the window of another home without pre-boarding
+ Added text shift of localization, if the string description does not climb
+ Howitzer after purchases appear to have pritseplennymi tractors
+ Added ACS SU-122
+ Added the ability to disable the interface to Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D
+ Improved the definition of visibility when the fog realistically (the object becomes visible, if visible at least a small part of it)
+ Added tractors to howitzer (Universal Carrier, Steyr RSO, T-20 «Komsomolets»)
+ Automatic weapons shoots bursts teammates «Attack»
+ Added delay to switch between the front and back

* Shifted the pop-up descriptions of units that it did not close the cover purchases of troops
* Reduced screen shaking from the explosions of powerful mines
* Some units were not immortal immediately after purchase
* Added missing icons units and patterns of damage
* Model Pz-IV H increased the length of the barrel
* Corrected model Sherman M4A1, KingTiger, SU-100, QF 6-pdr, Pz-IV, Mk2a «Matilda», Mk7 «Priest», MIS-152
* Not add / play / attached to the towing vehicle Land Matress and Raketen Werfer during fire
* Fixed a bug where the circumference of sight is displayed along the landscape
* Fixed aiming bazookas in a tank at close range
* An empty gun, towed the towing vehicle, and now will not explode in their mines
* Returned animation shots on tanks + aimpoint is no longer "jumps" at each firing
* Banned team attack / sighting in itself
* Changed display zasechek adjustment at gunpoint
* Fixed a bug with the transplant unit at the scene killed comrade in the models of the type - a motorcycle, machine gun and several guns.
* Fixed a bug with the distortion of the animation when landing in the unit under enemy fire
* Fixed a bug with the team disembarking from armored personnel carriers or tanks. Now the units are not running away from the place of disembarkation to the commander.
* Turn back the tank during the movement, if the tank shot down tracks
* Possible to repair the destroyed tank.
* AI now takes into account the dynamic variation before opening fire from the main gun
* Fixed rendering of tracer for the manual of arms
* Reworked the choice of weapons to tanks - is now in the first place chosen long-range guns. That is, if the tank takes machine gun, he would shoot the infantry machine gun, if not lacking, it will shoot mines.
* Now the guns can be deployed even if there is only one soldier
* Added to the distribution group of hedgehogs, thorns and bags in taking them out of the engineering truck
* Added a munition for Panzerwerfer 42
* Added missing sounds in some equipment
* Improved operation techniques for single and double-click on the attack and movement

. are reinforced in the «Only infantry»
. entire infantry increased skill Hand to Hand Fighting
. Extend the mine-laying and other engineering barriers
. Increased firing range sniper
. increased knockdown ability and rate of self-loading rifles
. Increased the length of the queue machine guns
. Increased knockdown ability of automatic weapons near the
. Increased range of anti-grenade
. Reduce the likelihood of erosion of the cylinder with ognesmesyu when a bullet hit

. Reduction in variability of the rocket launchers
. Increase the power of rocket-propelled mines
. Increased rate of a pair of machine guns and schetverennyh

. Slightly reduced the initial timers expensive equipment
. Fixed CP at the elite infantry units and attack plane

. Reduced maximum speed most of the technology.
. Reduction in fuel consumption

. Processed damaged equipment from hand grenades
. break towers heavy ordnance adapted
. Configured differentiated reservation for the IP-1, IP-3, Sherman
. Corrected bookings frontal part Stug 4G
. Corrected bookings zenitki Oerlicon
. Fixed bug with major punching tower tanks without causing harm
. Increased broneprobivaemost 93mm cannon 32pdr (Turtle).
. Increased resistance to track land-mines, melkokalibernym missiles, heavy machine-gun bullets

. Attack plane, and elite infantry is killed if the number of landmine explosion
. For all the mines increased the radius of damage behind infantry
. Reduced effect of 152 mm anti-tank mines
. Pushka 88mm_oqfmk2 received a more powerful 89-mm projectile
. processed blast effects on trucks and cars

. Increase the time re-MIS-152
. Increased broneprobivaemost shells
Pz-III J / 2, Puma, T-34/85, KV-85, SU-85
. Decreased broneprobivaemost shells
T-34/76 (L11), M4A1 Sherman
. returned to animation in the shot and the bullet hit
. increased arc of fire Pak 35
Sounds like good fun! Too bad no one here in the United States has really heard of this game coming out.
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