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Old 03-06-2012, 03:17 PM
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Default (All 6 Test runways ) disappear with bases

We have an issue with the FMB (full mission Builder)
We have an issue with the FMB (full mission Builder) that we were hoping you may be able to clear up. When we launch a mission on our server, with the current 4.11 version of the game running, there are a couple discrepancies.

Issue 1 – Test runways under the menu option objects/Stationary ships. These are the runways, non -moving, place able anywhere on any map, and useable as runways for placing home bases anywhere. There are, I believe, six different options for them. Available are two runways, different colors, and one is an air start with the runway located below you. The issue is, when we place them on our map, the icons for them as bases do not show up on the mini map when you are IN THE GAME and IN AN AIRCRAFT and looking to locate them. In the initial base selection map, when you are not in an aircraft, you are able to select them and spawn. When you do spawn, it looks as though your aircraft is positioned on a blank spot on the map. If you take off, there would be no way to return to the spot with the use of the mini map for navigation back to that spot.
Observe these in game photos:
This is a photo of what we see when we are testing the map offline
The Blue bases are TEST runways from the Object Stationary Ships options.


This is what we see after we launch the server Online
Issue 2:
The same thing occurs with the objects/ships menu. We like moving carriers on our maps, they are a dynamic addition to our spawn locations on our maps, but now, after loading a mission to our servers and launching, our moving ships are also selectable as spawn points in the initial window, but when you are in game and look at the mini map, the ships disappear and if you spawned on them, it looks as though you are on an empty location on the surface of the water.
I have tested all the options available to a server launching the game with the available check marks for icon display, to no avail, and has disseminated that it may be a 4.11M issue. Please, if you have insight or guidance. We at the RCAF would be most obliged to receive expertise on the subject issues.


Obviously the bases disappear after you select to spawn on them from the initial join window. This is a problem we have not seen in the past with maps posted to the server.

got the fix 'Realistic Navigation' off setting, thank you for all your help

Last edited by RCAF_FB_Bozo; 03-06-2012 at 03:56 PM. Reason: got the fix got the fix 'Realistic Navigation' off setting, thank you for all your help
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