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Old 06-05-2011, 08:18 PM
Czynszol Czynszol is offline
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Default Making super tanks and super guns.

Hello people,one again i want to ask you for something.
On one video from You Tube, [don't really remember the title] i saw a IS-2 or IS-3 tank,shooting.Right,but not with his 122mm gun.Just with some rockets.Also,on World War Facts video from Ondkorven i saw the fact,where Tommy gun [Thompson machine pistol]destroyed japan tank,small one.
So,my basic questions:
-how to make tanks shoot other ammo/guns that they usually do
-how to make their basic gun damage bigger [if even possible]
-how to make Pistols,MPs,MGs,destroy tanks [or make their power bigger]

And sry if topic like this already exist.If it does,delete this but give me the link to the old one.

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Old 06-08-2011, 04:45 AM
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I know it can be done in a saved gamed game.

{Inventory 0x8255
{item "bar" filling "bullet155" "fg" "ammo" 999999 {cell 0 0}{user "hand_right"}}
{item "bandage" 5 {cell 4 2}}
{item "helmet1_usa" {cell 0 2}{user "head"}}
{item "body_armor" {cell 2 2}{user "body"}}
{item "bandage" 5 {cell 4 3}}
{item "m24x5" "grenade" {cell 4 4}}
{item "m24x5" "grenade" {cell 0 4}}
{item "morphine" {cell 4 7}}
{item "morphine" {cell 4 8}}
{item "mk1" "grenade" {cell 5 0}}
{item "mk1" "grenade" {cell 5 1}}
{item "mk1" "grenade" {cell 0 5}}
{item "mk1" "grenade" {cell 1 5}}
{item "mk1" "grenade" {cell 0 6}}
{item "mk1" "grenade" {cell 1 6}}

Now the BAR is firing 155mm fg rounds. Here is an example of this,

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Old 10-12-2011, 08:11 PM
mimin mimin is offline
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Open MoW\resource\game with WinRar
Find Set\smg\thompson
Extract it into your mod folder
edit it with notepad
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