View Full Version : Demonologist's Summon Ability

07-09-2012, 09:25 AM
I just tested the demonologist cause i never really considered them.
Was a bit surprised when i found out that you can't control their summoned demons. Why can you control all other summoned creatures, but not those demons?
That seems to be a huge handicap since you can't block narrows and they easily suicide attacking large enemy stacks. Can't they break spells like Blind too?
So why do you find this summon ability still useful?

07-09-2012, 05:28 PM
For me 2 reasons demonologist summon is great :
1) they are strongest summons in game when you get lucky with demon/executioner (and that is 66% of time)
2) early game if you get only 1 demonologist, it can decide battle. Demonolog leadership 210 can summon 1 demon/executioner wit 300/360 leadership, highest summon% in game, also his summoning % is rounded up to higher unit number : 10 demonolog can call 25-50% of their lds worth =525-1050 lds = 2-4 demons (600-1200 lds, 150lds above max), which allot comparing to lets say 20 thorns who call 5-10 thorn units, and never more than that.
And about not controlling their summons, they are meat shields not your main dmg dealers (at least in my way of playing), summon them near enemy units to pull aggro and attack with rest of your army.