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04-03-2012, 09:02 AM
Hi all!

Let me tell you my campaign project for King's Bounty: Cross World.

The project is divided into 3 or 2 episodes. In the second episode is the fearsome pirate king of the undead "Leskull" and his island. In third episode is
to the wealth and the curse of Leskull.

Episode 2 - The Story:
Bill Gilbert is joined on his journey of discovery for new areas on a uncharted island and has since never returned back, until one day a knight was caught on a raft from a ship, and was taken to Teana. The Bill Gilbert told that his master was, and that they were betrayed by the Orcs of the undead, Gilbert was then captured by an undead pirate king. They called him "Leskull". The knight also has a map with you.

Princess Amelie has decided to seek asylum after Bill Gilbert and free him. .....

We are looking for this project, the people have much experience with the editor and have pleasure in this episode and the next work with.

What we are looking for:
+ Map Desginer
+ Arena Desginer
+ The quest and dialogue writer

Well, we hope that this forum yet what's going on.

So if you want to work on projects
then look at some ttp :/ / www.piratebay.bplaced.de
and write me an e-mail to pirat-jack@a1.net

Magic Marlin