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03-19-2012, 08:45 AM


I need help from an editor who, with the help of experience.
And I want an old hero of the three Kings Bounty: The Legend use in my new campaign as a hero. When I use the "nuclear" model of the hero, unlock it and then test the game then I'm always the hero princess Amiel as a hero, but I want so for where I've used as a hero.

What should I do with it that works. Because it is standing on the http://www.kingsbountygame.com/editor.php but how?

Capabilities of the "King’s Bounty: Armored Princess" Editor

Using this Editor you can modify the original game and even create separate, independent, full-scale campaigns, complete with mission maps, unique locations, and new quests.

The editor allows you to:
# Add new content to the original game, by modifying or adding new game locations, arenas, items, characters, companions, enemy heroes, and quests.
# Create a new campaign, which can be played by Bill Gilbert (or the mage or paladin from "King's Bounty: the Legend", Mateush Tein or Christian Tyler), Princess Amelie, or the knight Arthur. However, all skill trees will match those of Princess Amelie. You can give the pet dragon to any hero, but only Princess Amelie may fly.

The map and arena editor enable you to create and modify existing locations, customizing their appearance and behavior.

How can help me!