View Full Version : How can you make destroyed vehicals fade away.

07-24-2011, 11:24 PM
Well, I've seen many times that after I destroy an enemy tank it will fade away until it completely disappears.

How can I make vehicles do this in the editor. :confused: I like having large battles, but it gets messy with all the wreckage everywhere.

07-24-2011, 11:48 PM
The only answer I know to this problem is that you must come back in Map/Mission editing and delete everything that you dont wan't into your battle , for example , when a tank is destroyed , come back in map/mission editor and delete its wreck .

There's probably other answers to this but you still can use this solution until you find another better :)

10-15-2011, 05:12 AM
I would also want to know the answer to your question. I have been trying to figure that out, but I haven't had any luck.

01-22-2012, 12:06 AM

I figured it out. when you are on the F3 menu, press F9, then go to entity manager, and then select 0.5x. That will cause the excess dead soldiers and destroyed vehicles, as well as excess items fade away.