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07-14-2020, 09:47 PM
Is it possible to create custom music playlists? Was wondering when I found the music folder, thought it was randomly played but then I realized there has to be some kind of system that separates battle music from free roam. Found in the editor that you can switch what playlists play on the island/location, now the question is can you create your own playlists?

Space Knight
07-14-2020, 11:55 PM
Go to KB folder -> Data -> Data.kfs (you can open it with winrar) and extract playlists.txt. Put the file in your own campaign folder.
Now, in order to have more soundtracks, open the file with notepad, and you have to create in any section (like /////TERRITORY/////) a special soundtrack section of your own, like this for example:

[name] {

From what I know, the higher the number, the higher the odds for that music to play. Then save the file and check in the editor if it appears and works. Tell me if it works, since it's a long time since I did this.

07-15-2020, 09:45 PM
Yep, it works. Opened data.kfs a couple of times, found a lot of interesting things inside. Tried to create a new unit, I even extracted the files that contain the .png files inside, edited them in photoshop. When I placed the unit in one of the shops, saved the session, went into the game, the unit portrait was blank and when I entered a battle with the unit the game crashed. Also wondering on how to rename units?? Thanks for the previous answer, thanks in advance for the next one.

Space Knight
07-16-2020, 12:24 AM
[unit_name] determines the technical name of the unit, not its actual name.

So, in order to create a unit, you need two files at least: [unit_name].atom and army_[unit_name].atom. The first one stores all stats, abilities and battle model of the unit, while the 2nd stores the adventure map data of it.

In order to rename a unit, you have to extract eng_units.lng from either sessions\Addon\loc_ses.kfs or sessions\Orcs\orcs.kfs, if your own campaign is base upon Orcs on the March (if it basically has the stuff that's in it as well). In that file, you can find, for example, stuff like this:


This basically determines the unit's name. Now, to give your new unit a name, you first need to go into the units [unit_name].atom file and search for the features_label field under arena_params. Most possibly, your unit is also probably cloned from another unit (I'm gonna use Horseman as an example), so you have to change features_label=cpi_horseman_feat(_new)(there are 2 versions) to features_label=cpi_[unit_name]_feat.

After this, you can return to eng_units.lng and add this anywhere:


Regarding the unit portrait, you have to name it [unit_name].png for it to show up and you also need to have the right resolution.

If you're interested in this as well, here's how to create new unit model with new textures (you can find the models in either data.kfs or in sessions .kfs archives). First of all download a hex file editor like HxD. We are gonna use the Horseman's model as reference, horseman.bma. Now,clone it and call it anything you'd like. Open it with HxD, and use ctrl-f function to search for "dds". This will lead you to the model's texture names. After finding all texture names, you can extract them from textures.kfs or a session's .kfs file. Edit the textures as you like (you can convert them to png easily by searching for dds2png, and back to dds by searching png2dds). However, you have to rename them so that they will have the same amount of characters as the name of the previous texture (it won't work if you don't). After finishing the textures, you can go back to the model's file. Search again for "dds" and type your texture's names instead. You can save and close the file. Now, go back to your own new unit. In the model field under main, replace horseman.bma with [your model's name].bma. Save the file and close it. Do the same for both [unit_name].atom and army_[unit_name].atom. Now you should have what you could call a brand new model. Sadly, you can't edit the 3D models themselves unless you have some tools which only the original developers had.

07-16-2020, 09:38 PM
Never thought I would find someone with such thorough explanations of every aspect of this game's editor... You can't get enough "Thanks" from me, getting closer and closer to perfecting my edits/campaigns.