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03-28-2019, 05:31 PM
Hello everyone!

I am trying to create my own maps. Problem is when I export the minimap. I would like to know how to create maps, minimaps and all the stuff like in the game

When I export I got this: https://www.casimages.com/i/19031009154782041.png.html

Has someone an answer?

I also wonder how to create the world map with all the islands

04-02-2019, 01:56 PM
I can't remember all I did for my map making but u need color the blackness same color as blue sea. Then u need to make 2 files one called radar_mapname.png or so the other just the mapname.png or so. But check Crossworld, surch for radar files and u will see how they look. I cant remember the size of file (pixel x pixel). When u export in the editor DONT change size here. U might have to cut part of png file?. Can't remember...

The two files must be in the directory of your project for instance orcs.kfs .

You might also have to register map name in a file. Cant remember which. Maybe logic.txt but cant remember. The file says something about angle of the map. If world map doesnt show it correctly it is here u change. U can search for the string "debir" within all files then u might find it.

For the whole world map it is more complicated. U need to make new picture of all ur maps in the seas. Also give coordinate for their position for sailing

Hope it helps

04-08-2019, 07:13 PM
Thanks for the answer. I am currently working on an other mod, but I'll have a look after