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01-16-2019, 02:46 PM
I'm making a small mod that fixes some of the balance issues in Darkside. I've changed some creature, skill and spell inbalances, but I also want to change something in the editor.

The editor crashes 5 times in a row. I've moved the editor directory and exe file to the darkside directory. Also included luaide.dll etc that were missing at first. I also had to remove the SOUND directory else the editor wouldn't start.

I can choose 'darkside' when starting up the editor but after choosing a map it crashes over and over. I could use the editor with both Xworld and WoTn, but not darkside.

I'm used to the editor, it can crash, I've made several mods with it. This is different.

Any clues?

01-17-2019, 09:48 AM
I also wonder where to find info about Lucia, the companion, I think the bonus is too strong, and want to lower it. I tried surching for "wife", "companion", "valkyrie", with no luck.

01-19-2019, 09:22 PM
I've moved the editor directory and exe file to the darkside directory. Also included luaide.dll etc that were missing at first. I also had to remove the SOUND directory else the editor wouldn't start.

Is this the way you can manage to open WoTN maps? Interesting. I'm not able to help you for darkside but I think I have found companions. Take a look at "sessions\darkside\ses.kfs\items.txt"

01-23-2019, 09:16 PM
Thx, I will have a look at companions.

About WoTn, I just moved the editor directory and editor.exe file into the WoTn directory. You also miss 2 dll files, but when the game crashes, it will tell you what you need. Then either get the dll files from google (I did), or perhaps you have it in the Crossworld directory.
Although I didn't manage to make a "different" game like Orcs-on-the-Marsh, Red Sand, Trent etc., but only my WoTn mod instead of vanilla WoTn, if you understand.

01-23-2019, 09:20 PM
I'm playing my little mod now in Darkside, it is a mod where things are changed OUTSIDE the editor, which means it will work in existing saved games. To balance Darkside completely (or more), I need to change something inside the editor. After the tough "turtorial", I can sneak and loot Helvetia, Tristram, Dagandar and one more I think... becomes a little strong with lots of leadership, an altar gave 1.500 exp or so...

It is strange with Darkside, the quests are extremely complicated, I would have had an serious headache making these quests in an editor... but it doesnt seem they have tested the balance in the game, only tested maps and quest, I guess... also they have huge sites in underground with only few things happening, like the big underground system below the snowy island. Only a few fights down there, but very detailed and sophisticated scenairy.

01-25-2019, 06:50 PM
I also have the feeling the game is not totally finished. For example, I'm near the end of the game and two NPCs in the first islands still have a quest flag: the smith in Portland and Boulanger in Monteville

Apart from that, it is the most interesting of the four games

01-31-2019, 06:25 AM
When I try to use the editor to edit WoTn, or in specific, the ice and fire, click on it and the editor just automatically crashes afterwards. Moreover, for Darkside, it shows some mistakes about soundtracks, and I do not know which one should I remove.

By the way, Darkside does not have enough shops to recruit dark race army (dark human, dark elf, and dark dwarf),and the shops that sell them have little amount, such as 5 to 10 dark paladin/knights/horseman in Portland. When Montreal (the second island) is conquered, there is no change within the shops. I remember there is a big elf island but shops are all closed. Even though the island is conquered, little shops or houses sell the army ...

02-17-2019, 09:57 AM
With WoTn I could use the editor if editor is in WoTn folder, but never click on new viking scenairy. It is not in the editor from Crossworld and will crash. Hope it helps.

Darkside: I use the level 3 demon with sacrifice to get my creatures after I level up. Then after a few fights when maxed with creatures I often switch it out.
Before my mod I had to cheat to get passed the Shelter.

03-21-2019, 06:00 PM
I found out how to open Darkside maps. I had to copy LOCATION folder in the Xworld environment and open it there. but probably wont work if I save and use it in darkside afterwords, but this way I can use the maps from there.