View Full Version : BF110 engine sound swapped

05-02-2011, 11:32 AM
This seems to be from the latest beta patch (April 27 - Beta Patch #2).

The engine sound of left engine comes from the right hand earphone , engine sound from right engine comes from the left hand earphone.

Cannot swear that this is new to the patch ,though it is the first time I noticed it with the new patch . It would appear the the rest of the environment sounds do come from correct side(but this is not as easy to confirm).

As note, when in Options->Audio
When I do a test of the sound, I hear sound in left then right, but there is no indication in the UI of what side is supposed to be testing.

System :
Mac Pro 2009 (2x quad core 2.2GHz )
Sound : Realtek High Definitition Audio, (on board)
Windows 7 (64)
Driver : (Realtek)