View Full Version : MDS and Triggers

02-21-2011, 04:13 AM
I have seen a post somewhere where Oleg had said that there could be campaigns online lasting weeks, I was also under the impression that there would not be a Dynamic Campaign generator but I have to ask as I've not seen it stated, will there be a Dynamic or Moving Dogfight element where there is moving AI aircraft/ Vehicles? Will there be triggers? I have this wishful thought of having random ship/vehicle/train movement across the map controlled possibly in some way by triggered events. For instance You spawn into a server and the player gets a message that a enemy vessel has been spotted on the way to an enemy port and a last known grid position, players choose to be bomber or escort and try to intercept (if they sight the vessel the other side gets a message of a ship under attack) if the ship is not sunk or isn't found it gets to port and a short while later a Train leaves port to deliver "supplies", this generates a new mission report to intercept the train etc.. So is something like this within the realm of possibility? I have seen on some Forums that once the newness wears off that the BoB will quickly become boring due to the repetitive nature of possible mission scenarios never mind doing a day to day rehash of the events that actually took place. History tells us what happened exactly and how long it took, I have no doubt that online this will not be the case or people wouldn't want to play they've already seen the movie/read the book. So are we to expect some new aircraft to advance the years in the theatre after September or will we have something like the above to keep it fresh and new everytime we play?