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02-17-2011, 10:44 PM
The idea is to set up a reading list. Try and exchange some information about the books that are out there about the BOB. For ease of use I was thinking about 3 categories


Things like Cajus Bekker's Luftwaffe war diaries should (naturally) go in the luftwaffe category while Wellum's book goes in the RAF category. The excellent work of one Dr Bungay belongs in the general category.


Forgotten Voices of the Blitz and the Battle of britain by Joshua Levine
The most Dangerous enemy a history of the battle of Britain by Stephen Bungay
The Battle of Britain the greatest air battle of world war II by Hough and Richards

No 1 squadron by Micheal Shaw
249 at war by Brian Cull
The Battle of Britain by John Ray ( takes a look at the backroom battle waged by Downing)
The hardest day (18th august 1940, the hardest day) by Alfred Price
Bader the man and his men by Micheal G Burns
duel of Eagles by Peter Townsend
Fighter boys by Patrick Bishop
For your Freedom and ours (concerns the beginning of 303 squadron)
Spitfire by Leon Mckinstry
Hurricane the last witnesses by Brian Milton

The JG26 war diary volume 1 By Donald Caldwell
Stuka Aces 1939-1945 (german title)
JG27 1939-1945 (german title)
JG 51 (German title)
the 109 by H. Nowarra (german title)

I hope there are additions available to the list and that this can be made a sticky.

Biggs [CV]
02-17-2011, 10:56 PM
Battle over Britain by Francis Mason
600 Pages long. Goes into every aspect of the battle and does it day by day, lists aircraft losses/damaged and pilots involved. Written in 1969.

I'm what I guess you'd call a amateur WW2 historian. This is the most informative book on any battle I've ever read.