View Full Version : Most annoying thing in IL2 was the LoD 'pop-up' detail effect.Any change for CoD?

02-01-2011, 09:11 AM
Sorry, I know CoD is the next Sim we can't wait to arrive, but I have to ask;

Now that the Graphics engine has improved, has the LoD (Level of Detail for those who don't know what LoD stands for) distance also increased?

I really hat the way that in IL2, when an aircraft flies too-far ahead or behind, it turns into a generic shape, then a dot.

I can appreciate the Dot, I have grown to love the dot! The dot is my friend, it warns me of an attack!

What I hate though is the transition from beautiful aircraft to lump of grey shape once it reaches a certain point away from the aircraft.

Now I can appreciate that this is needed as an aircraft too far away need not have that much detail, but if the transition could be smoother, or maybe the detail held until twice the distance it is in IL2, that would be very, very welcome.

Just asking now we have an official forum.

Cheers, MP

02-01-2011, 03:00 PM
It's almost guaranteed (I could have sworn it's confirmed) that at least ground LoD will be adjustable. I'm hoping they have a better transition for ground objects like a transparancy fade instead of popping up, especially since I'll bet most of us will have to keep the view distance rather short, even on good systems.

Now I know you're talking mostly about the plane models themselves, and again I would take a bet that this is going to be vastly improved, but I also wonder if it will be an advantage - like it was in IL2 - to use a lower resolution, for the point-whores.