View Full Version : Questions need some Answering

Soviet Ace
01-23-2011, 11:42 PM
Hi all, I was wondering about Il-2: CoD recently, and had some questions that don't seem to be answered or that I can find at least.

1. Is there a list, or something to give me a current update of the planes that are in CoD? I know of some, like the basic planes, (Hurricane, Spitfire, 109, etc.) and some more detailed ones like the inclusion of Italian Fiat's and such, but I'd like a list of not just all the planes, but ones that are known to be flyable from shipping.

2. Will there sort of be a "Fly Now" feature to CoD where you can scramble up your planes and just go out on a mission of your making? And if so, can these be flown in single player, with just some AI to fly against and with? (MP is no problem since I do fly MP regardless of SP when it comes to PC flight sims.)

I guess those are the only two for now, but answering them are something I will greatly appreciate. Thanks for your time, and happy flying! :cool: