View Full Version : Sourcemedia doesn't include TL dungeon/cave textures?

01-18-2011, 05:23 PM
EDIT2: Disregard this topic. I've given up on the editor (unless there's updates to solve these issues but I don't think there will be).

Not only is the editor full of glitches, but it still continues to be an incomprehensible labyrinth, and crashes whenever it feels like it wants to. The last straw for me was when I was trying to add in a group of atoms so I didn't have to place them one by one and set up their scales and rotations each time. I happened to click on reload atoms, the editor crashes, and when I load it back up again all the atoms have been put under uncategorized and froze any time I attempt to access it.

I reinstalled the editor just to find out that now the .dds files for my maps are no longer there in the sourcemedia folder and if I edit the levels or textures at all on the map, the portion of the grid becomes checkerboarded showing that it cannot find the textures. I could handle losing an hour or two the several times it crashed and I didn't think to save my work recently but I really can't bring myself to redo work that took several hours for me to do. Landscaping, texturing, levels, terrain shaping, it's just way too much to have to do again d'oh. Drat, and I really wanted to make a custom campaign for such a great game too! Oh well, now I gotta wait for them to release more King's Bounty stuff to satiate my addiction for this series!