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09-16-2010, 03:36 PM
I just want to ask before i do any damage that if i for example use editor to edit (choose session "orcs" from the session menu) "orcs on the march" campaign will it overwrite the existing files that came with the game if i save the things i edited? or will i be able to play it as a individual campaign without the original game files being changed? or if i make a new session and load "orcs on the march" campaign maps there will it then be individual campaign? I'd also like to edit "defender of the crown" campaign but you can't even load its maps to the new session so the only way to edit it is to open "defender" session and if that overwrites the original files i dont want to do it. :confused:

09-21-2010, 09:06 AM
Another question: can we modify the number of items (artefacts) the shops sell?
This is one of the main problems in AP. So many items, so many sets, but you seldom get to have the whole set. The game does a good job at randomizing, they don't appear twice, but I'm thinking maybe I can make the shops sell more and thus more chances of completing sets. I found a very interesting item for the pet dragon but it is only a part of the artefact.

Another thing I'd like would be to have access to all the islands sooner so I can play longer with undeads or reptiles or...

Saiko Kila
09-21-2010, 03:01 PM
I found a very interesting item for the pet dragon but it is only a part of the artefact.

Sorry, my post is not connected to editor, but I believe that most combined artifacts aren't particularly good. I've found four items for pet (surprisingly quickly, maybe it's not so random), combined them into a single artifact, and concluded that I prefer to use two or three of sub-artifacts than the combined one. They are just much more powerful that way. Similarly, in KBAP, I often preferred to use two parts of combined artifact separately (say, Crown of Chaos is so better alone than in a combo).