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04-12-2010, 08:39 AM
which weapon would you pick for Droid oriented Army

Royal hammer -15% leadership + 5 attack
Axe of Wind III (speed +1, + 5 Attack)
Axe of Ice III (def + 7, 10% phys resistance)

What other items would you pick beside the obvious borg horn and badge

04-12-2010, 09:44 AM
In my current game I test the droid army. I have, or will have (used save game scanner) the following items:

Axe of Ice, Class III
Royal Hammer
Mithril Shield
2 x Slippery Curiass
Twinkling Boots
Engineer's Badge
Horn of King Borg

This will give 10+15+20 = 45% Leadership reduction and 10+15+2x10=45% Physical Resistance from items. Add to that the 7% from medal and the 20% of the droids, it adds up to 72% physical resistance before Stoneskin is used. So in this game not only the guard droid, but also the repair droids are used as tanks :-)

The only companion that allows these items to be equipped at the same time is Jimmy Kraud. (At least when you play as a Paladin as I do)

BB Shockwave
04-15-2010, 02:58 PM
Droids are some of the best new units in the game, making it finally usefull to go with an all-dwarf army (in Legend only Alchemists, Cannoneers and Giants were usefull from the 5 dwarf units).

I find that with enough items boosting physical resistance, you can even use your Droid Engineers to attack in melee and take hits for your team without losing one! The Guards become almost unstoppable this way. Only thing you need to watch out for are enemy heroes who cast Lightning or Ice Snake, as they will ALWAYS target the droids with those spells. Phantom is your friend in these cases.

However, I really recommend the Axe of Wind III instead of the Ice. That +1 speed really, really matters unless you have Tactics.