View Full Version : Questions about Ray of Light & Dice

02-10-2010, 05:25 AM
I think the Ray & Dice are new gift bag items...

I got the dice, kinda pricey, it has a luck rating that starts at 100%, it's down to 0% now and it doesn't give the bonus anymore. Kind of like a living item that needs suppression but there is no option to suppress it. Does anyone know how to bring the luck back? If that's a finite 1 time consumable thing it's not quite worth 21,000 gold for a few random bonuses and +5% gold.

It looks like the Ray of Light wears out and disappears. Does anyone know anything about this? How quickly does it go? Any variables that affect how fast it wears out or if the process can be reversed? Kind of sad being part of a set that the whole set will be defunct when that 1 item wears out. I guess with the set bonus considered it might be worth 50,000 gold even though it wears out. Maybe it would last the run through Nameless & Sheterra. As long as one doesn't use a lot of night time bonuses.

I've got Trolls, Ancient Vampires, Cloak of Shadows, Night Time Operations lvl3., and if I had that lantern helmet that's quite a night time bonus collection.
Night Time Operations and that lantern helmet sure crank the Dragons and Arch-Demon up to massive proportions at night.


The Crown of Blackthorn. It looks like it does not affect Royal Thorns. Is that true it should only affect regular thorns? Sad if so. I've noticed some bonuses don't affect summoned creatures and some do. I've been looking at it and can't quite tell. Does anyone know for sure if the crown affects thorns spawned by the Royal & Dryads?

Items like the Silver Rapier that give +30% attack vs. undead. Is that a totally invisible bonus calculation. It doesn't seem visible, nor do I see how it could be visible when viewing unit stat screen. Should I trust that it's actually in effect when my units strike undead that are mixed in with other enemy units. Or does that item only work when the group has the majority % of undead and the whole group is considered undead. Like the way the Orc & Lizard group is calculated for the Mage & warrior medals?

02-10-2010, 10:52 AM
I think the dice and the ray of light are made to spice up the game. The Ray of Light wears off at a rate for -1 to -8 per battle. So I guess you may want to take it off when not fighting undead and demons.

I used the crown before and it worked. Unless something bugged in the english version of KBAP, it shuld be working.

The Silver rapier takes effect only against undead. Its bonus is indeed invisible as it is, because it does not affect the unit in general. However, the damage increase is noticeable.