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FM/DM threads Everything about FM/DM in CoD

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Old 10-14-2012, 09:43 PM
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Default Flight Model (FM) Testing Bf-109 E-4 v1.10.20332 Beta

Flight Model (FM) Testing Bf-109 E-4 v1.10.20332 Beta

The following Top Speed per Altitude (TSPA) test was performed starting with a full fuel load and ammo load (no bombs) and the radiators/cowlings are set to full open (worst case).

The top speed is tested at each of the following altitudes:

17,750ft (Spit MAX)
The test begins with an air start near sea level. At each altitude the plane flies for a distance of 15,000 meters (9.32 miles) before climbing to the next test altitude. Note at SL and max altitude there may be some 'pilot error' associated with the data (spikes), therefore you may have to ignore the 'spikes' in the data at these two extremes and visually extend the graphs using the data above and/or below the spike. I am working on C# code to do this automatically, but it is not finished.

During the flight all pertinent data is logged using a C# script. The TAS and altitude (Z_VelocityTAS & Z_AltitudeMSL) data is than graphed (see attached). The graph only plots the max TAS value per altitude. If you would like to viewed/inspected all the TAS values you can do so at my web site http://www.flightsimtesting.com/.

NOTE at my site you can compare one in-game plan to in-game plane, or an in-game plane to one of the many real world data sets that are uploaded at my web site. This was done to make it easier to see how well the in-game plane test data matches the real world test data. You can also change the units SI to imperial, and save any graph displayed by simply right-mouse-clicking on the graph and saving it as an image to your PC.

I am also in the process of allowing you to upload your own in-game and/or real world test data at my web site, after which you will be able to graph and compare data via my web site.

FST for double checking my C# script file
FG28_Kodiak for all his help with C# scripts
Ataros for all his help with C# scripts
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Theres a reason for instrumenting a plane for test..
That being a pilots's 'perception' of what is going on can be very different from what is 'actually' going on.
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Old 10-16-2012, 01:40 AM
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I get pretty the historical 467kph at sea level in the 109 (low rad setting) and it looks like the high altitude figure according to your graph is accurate with real life specs.
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Old 10-22-2012, 12:22 PM
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Just a quick question: Do the Leading Edge Slats now work properly on the various Me-109 models?
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