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FM/DM threads Everything about FM/DM in CoD

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Old 11-23-2012, 03:11 PM
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109 was very good before the patches (in relation to the spit and hurri). Now not so much, but as Krupi mentioned, it still dives and climbes better. This is at least something. But still, it feels almost like 1944 although its EARLY war.

I fly online a lot on ATAG and it's tons of fun. But if you meet a Spit or even a Hurri not like 1k above but on the same level you better run. How are you suppose to win battles like this? 109 is a defensive plane, you can survive if you really want to. Also you can fight quite well if you stay organised with your squat.

But it's such a bummer, that the biggest advantage, the boom and zoom, is so hard to to since the game has this f*** blind spot (for both blue and red of course) in like 700 - 1300m, where the dot of your enemy just disappears. So you loose your target rather fast and the red plane's gone.

This also happens for red players, but since they turn and burn more often it's not that much of a disadvantage.

Also, it's maybe only me but, I've been flying Il2 ever since the first Demo in 2001 and considered myself as a not so terrible shooter. But riding a 109 I couldn't hit UK by flying over it (yes even with tweaked convergence). If I online hop in a Red plane, what sadly becomes more often (in Il2 I NEVER flew red), I have a lot more kills period. I also can use boom and zoom pretty well as well as turn and burn.

In my 109 I've vulched Calais Marck at Dunkerque pretty often (sorry about that reds and it's fun. But I always have to fly like 1.5k away and re-engage. Then, most of the reds have taken off already.
But dare you the whole ATAG Squad comes over to Estree, you'd better hit the off button and go to sleep because they just turn 100m above the airfield and you don't have a chance to take off whatsoever for like 10 -15 minutes (no bad feelings here, it's war however).

I liked the 109 VERY much in the "early days" it was maybe almost too good in relation to the red planes (or the reds were too bad, I can't say becaus then I didn't actually had to fly them), but 1C didn't only improove the reds (for good) but also gave a pretty gory castration to the blues.

I hope there will be some changes to the fms again, when this whole thing goes free2play with buyable planes. Untill that I only fly 109 if I have to (when my Kommodore gives me the order to do so or fly the beloved and pretty darn well modeled Heinkel 111, or even Red.
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