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Old 08-31-2012, 01:17 PM
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Post Plane data sheet / guides - Infomation request.

I'm trying to put together a data sheet / guide for all the planes within the game using the latest patch. (1.08.18956).

I'd like to have a data sheet for each plane that is clear and concise that will cover warm up, take off, climb, cruise & combat settings at different altitudes. As well as bombing systems/protocols/methods.

I'm not doing this because i know it all and want to share.. i'm doing it because I don't know nearly enough and a central source for such info does not seem to exist. I need YOUR help to compile this info. I know nothing about bombers..for example.

I don't care about real world pilot notes or data. What i want is in-game data.. how things work in the sim not how they should work. For me this will be the manual that never was... and will need to be updated as changes are made through patches.

Below is an example of a WIP data sheep for the Spit MkIIa

For example i don't know what are the optimal combat or cruise settings. I don't know how long you can use optimal combat settings before frying the engine. To find these out i will be searching the forums here and over at ATAG, however i know there are numerous folks here who could probably provide this info.

I'm happy to produce these data sheets, but i need help finding the correct info regarding the latest patch.

Here is an example of a post by Dutch that will be so useful.. please post links to useful info and please share your knowledge so i can compile this manual/guide.

Originally Posted by ATAG_Dutch View Post
I always warm the water temp to 60 degrees or preferably 80 before moving at all. I don't take much notice of the oil temp in any of the Spits while I'm on the ground.

Once the water is up to above 60, take off at max revs/max boost, without engaging 'emergency' boost. Gear up, and allow airspeed to exceed 185mph before throttling back to +4 boost and changing prop pitch to give 2800rpm. Throttle adjust to give +5 boost, or + 6.25 if you're in a rush. Then watch your temps, and reduce revs with prop pitch if oil exceeds 95 degrees, reduce boost if coolant exceeds 110 degrees. Your engine won't blow because of water temp until 120 degrees. Set your rad at halfway open/closed.

For a nice relaxing climb, set revs at 2500rpm and throttle to +5 boost. Unless there are bogies above your airfield, why stress your engine? Climb rate at 165mph, 2500rpm and +5 boost is about 2000ft per min.
If such a resource similar to what i am trying to achieve here already exists please let me know. ideally this should be in a wiki... so it can be kept up to date by the community.. but i'll start with a off-line document for now.

Thanks for any input or help.

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