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FM/DM threads Everything about FM/DM in CoD

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Old 08-05-2012, 12:12 PM
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Default Aircraft Performance Data

Following the latest patch (and others!) I've been testing the Hurricane Mk I 100 octane using a data recorder script and thought it would be a good idea to gather all FM test results in one place. So I'm sticking my neck out and offering this thread with some simple tools. If it flies, it flies. If it doesn't, it doesn't.

THIS THREAD is intended for the community to post test results of CoD aircraft, particularly those in Beta patches, to determine whether they seem to be historically accurate and hopefully assist the developers in correcting any major discrepancies. It is not the intention to undermine or criticise the developers but to assist them and us in understanding the flight models we have, particularly during Beta stages.

COMMUNITY: Please do not make this a discussion Thread. Post your comments in a separate Thread such as “Aircraft Test Data – Discussion”. In those posts you can post links to results Posts in this Thread where you might feel the Aircraft Data results would be helpful.
PLEASE keep this Thread clean for easy reference by the Devs and the Community.
PLEASE do not take part in this Thread of you are not testing.

MODERATORS: If this proves useful/popular would you please sticky this and moderate it heavily to keep it solely for results.

Objective: To collect and analyse test data using a special 'Performance.mis' mission and associated script 'Performance.cs'. These are included in the attached zip file. 'Level Speed at Altitude' and 'Climb to Altitude Tests' should be made so that aircraft can be compared plus any other observations/tests as you see fit.

Method: Load and fly the test you wish to make. A data set is collected automatically in a Comma Separated Variable (.csv file). You then view and select lines of data to create an output chart and preferably save in Excel format. A guide on how to do this is included in the attached zip file.

Tools: You will need Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice or some other tool that allows you to open a .csv file save it in Excel format and create a chart. You select and Copy your results charts to paste them into your preferred image editor like MS Paint, Paint.net etc. to create 'jpg's for posting. I use OpenOffice but found it helpful to save in MS Excel Format as OO didn't keep some formulae that I was using in early tests. It also allowed me to collect more than one set of data, e.g. Level Speed and Climb tests, on separate sheets in one file.

Posting Results: Please title your post with aircraft details and version tested in the following style.:
Hurricane MkI 100 Octane - Beta Patch v.1.07.18301

Attach .jpg's of the charts using the Manage Attachments facility as this will create thumbnails and not flood the thread with full size images.
If you wish, Zip your results spreadsheet into a zip file and attach it using Manage Attachments. This may be useful for others to see. Of course you are bound to get 'feedback'

Include your sources/WWW address if you included historical data on your chart.

Summarise your conclusions such as (these are only samples!):-

Altimeter set to 1013Mb for standard Pressure Altitude readings.
(NOTE! The mission script calculates and outputs TAS and the Density Altitude to allow charting of TAS on a 'Standard day'.)
Full fuel load for all Level Speed tests.
(Recommend 100%)
For level speed tests, aircraft already flying at altitude were selected for each altitude test so starting with full fuel pre-load (or: I Climbed to height between level speed tests.)

Level Speed tests:
Conducted with Radiator fully open.
Speed approximately 7% to 12% down across altitude range.
Best speed generally achieved at 2650rpm, boost +6.25lbs

Climb to Altitude test:
Performance roughly 8% down on historical data

Other Observations:
BCO and full rpm/boost leads to early engine failre at low altitude( 30 seconds at 1000 ft)
Overheat at maximum Boost and maximum RPM after 6 minutes at 10,000 ft with Radiator fully open

.. and so on.

Its not hard, you just fly the mission and you get the data. All aircraft are included at bases but you would have to change the aircraft already at altitude in the FMB.

Zip file containing:
Instructions AircraftDataCollection.doc
Script file Performance.cs
Mission file Performance.mis
Script file Stability.cs
Mission file Stability.mis
Also some examples of Pre-set Mission files:
..BlackBoxPerf-HurricaneMkI_100oct.xls (sample)
..BlackBoxStab-SpitfireMkIa_oct.xls (sample)

..NOTE! The .mis.bak files are examples of how to keep a Performance file for different plane type to save you forever going into the FMB to change the aircraft type for the 'already flying' planes – rename or copy them to Performance.mis to test different a/c with the same Performance.cs script. DO NOT RUN THEM with their pre-set name as here is no script file with matching name. You can make files for other aircraft by simply changing the 'already flying' aircraft in FMB or, more simply, directly editing a copy of one in Notepad to change the aircraft type for the aircraft already flying. See instructions in zip file.


I've tried to get ths right and had useful exchanges with various people on these forums.

Those expert in scripting may like to look at the .cs file and tell me if they think I have chosen incorrect parameters. Please PM me.
Those expert in areodymanics/flight parameters/Flight Testing etc may like to tell me if they think my formulae are incorrect. Please PM me.
Attached Files
File Type: zip AircraftDataCollection.zip (6.60 MB, 29 views)
56 Squadron RAF "Firebirds"

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Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium / Samsung 22" 226BW @ 1680 x 1050 / TrackIR4 with TrackIR5 software / Saitek X52 Pro & Rudders

Last edited by klem; 09-16-2012 at 07:47 AM. Reason: zip file replaced with improved mission logging facilities and extra decimal places for fuel reserves.
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