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Star Wolves 3D space RPG with deep strategy and tactical elements

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Old 03-23-2015, 02:05 AM
malcontent333 malcontent333 is offline
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Default SW3 - complete guide

Almost finished with my second play through, but i still feel like im missing out on massive amounts of content. Are there any complete guides, even if theyre not in english? Im looking for things like a rough description of the different story arcs including some details of the pilots and risk/rewards for different quest options. List of possible motherships and how to acquire them. List of stations in each sector and average tech level of gear they provide. Id also be interested in a list of all possible ships and equipment along with their stats. Spoilers appreciated.
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Old 03-25-2015, 07:24 AM
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I Can't help you too much about the Different Story arcs, But I can definitely help you about the Stats, you can view the Exact stats on Ships & Modules in the Game Files (Game\Carcasses.xml - For Ships) & (Game\Modules.xml - For Modules&Equipment)

Best Program to open these is Probably Notepad++

		<hit_points>1000000</hit_points> <-- HP
		<mass>200</mass> <-- Mass (affects speed)
		<cost>50</cost> <-- Cost (For the Tradestations)
		<max_energy>2</max_energy> <-- Shield Points
		<energy_restore>1</energy_restore> <-- Shield Restoration per Second
		<max_speed>0.1</max_speed> <-- Speed
		<maneurability>0</maneurability><-- Maneurability
		<sensor_resolution>0.38</sensor_resolution> <-- Part of the Radar
		<sensor_length>25</sensor_length> <-- Also Part of the Radar
		<threat/> <-- Threat (IIRC It defines how much XP the Player gets when it destroys this Object)
			<big_guns/> <-- Bigguns Amount
			<small_guns/> <-- Smallguns Amount
			<rockets/> <-- Rockets Amount
			<systems>1</systems> <-- Modules/Systems Amount
			<turrets/> <-- Turrets Amount
			<gk_guns/> <-- GK Guns Amount (AI Only in Vanilla Unmodded Game)
			<gk_turrets/> <-- GK Turrets Amount (AI Only in Vanilla Unmodded Game)
		<level>1</level> <-- Required Pilot Level to Control this Ship
There was some kind of List around here somewhere in an Thread, Dunno where it is tho.

Hope it helps
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Old 03-25-2015, 11:40 PM
malcontent333 malcontent333 is offline
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Thanks, that helps a lot
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Old 07-06-2015, 04:15 AM
RexRagnum RexRagnum is offline
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Hi, any1 still playing this awesome game?

1 thing i hate most for new start is no mothership repair equipment available early in game. If starting have chrome i wouldn't need to download those mods or cheat.

Still not decide which campaign to play this time. Still farming xt17 map for money & xp. 2 cache at pegasus, 1 at x220, 2vauldille, 1 charon, 1 xt19.

No kali or tungsten from these cache. i have to grind lots of money only to equip astarte. have not start equip my fighters yet. just use what ever loot i have.
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