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Walkthrough Questions and solutions

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Old 07-31-2009, 10:58 PM
l0gic4l l0gic4l is offline
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Default Mission 5

Hi, I'm having alot of problems landing on the asteroids and not being able to deploy the drill even though i landed perfectly and the landing gear is down. sometimes to make things worst, my spacecraft will suddenly explode. I really need some help here. i turned on the SR scanner and found all the asteroids with red spots and yet it wont let me deploy. sometimes in the lower left corner box i clicked "others" and it'll show deposit locations. I tried landing there also and it still wont let me deploy.

this mission is getting really frustrating to pass and i've played more than 10 times over and over.

thank you.
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Old 08-05-2009, 07:37 AM
joca0361 joca0361 is offline
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that mission is tricky, but not hard to finish. when you enter asteroid field activate your scanner, find red asteroids and fly very,very close to them.Landing gear should activate and then....save...save every time you come close to asteroid because it is hard to land without blowing your ship.
After you landed on 2 or 3 asteroids, few bandits should show up, activate your jamming device and wait until they are gone.
In this part it is easier to simply shoot the bad guys( it was quicker to me).
After you set the last drill, simply follow instructions (it is cakewalk after that) and remember to save often.
I forgot to mention that you should try to land on red side of asteroids, your speed should be on zero and when you are close to asteroid, use only your control for landing, and save...save...save.

Sorry about my bad english.

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