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Reign: Conflict of Nations Historical real-time strategy game

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Old 10-28-2009, 12:31 PM
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Arrow Game faq

hi. here is the game's faq.
some important things you should know before reading: 1. the text has been translated by google ,so it's not very well and has some funny mistakes. you can understand and correct most of them. it's not very accurate but overally i think it's useful.(a few are impossible to understand, sorry)
2. these are not all the game's official faq, only important questions. some of them you know before from other topics and some are not very useful.
3.my source is official website of the game:http://imperia.1c.ru/?action=faq
4. the faq is for some months ago, i dont know if they have changed anything recently.
things i dont understand:
it says the game is real time with controlled pause , 1c says it's turn-based
maybe it's a mistake by translator, i dont know....

finally the faq: ENJOY

Why have you abandoned playability for the Tartar factions? Would it be possible to add a fashionable new faction?

Tatar faction had not been realized because of the orientation of the project to show particularly the events in Eastern Europe.This technical possibility of playing for the nomad remains in the capture of new areas they are "native" troops, not the teams line player, so that nothing prevents the user to master the Horde lands and establish there the army of nomads to traverse, for example, in Poland.
For the further development of the project is planned to add new factions (including the Tatar khanate), but in the current version of the game the number of fractions is limited to twenty-six, all with the game for them. In modifications of the easiest to be replaced by the appropriate fraction of any of the starter. This can be done by editing the file placement and emblems of fractions.

What features a complete set of armies in the game?

At that time there was no acquisition of armies by conscription, but because of the low level of economic development was not possible to tear off a large number of workers from the fields without the threat of famine, and utter ruin of the country.So the army were mostly salaried, composed of professional soldiers for whom war was the main work. We have this system provided that the city's population is divided into two groups: the actual farmers / citizens and certain "resource mobilization", usually within 10% of the population of the city. These are people who are waiting for employment in the service and do not work on the production of resources. . Roughly speaking, mercenaries and professional soldiers - the drones in peacetime, they produce nothing, but eating it does not stop. From the ordinary people of the player can be completed only part of the militia detachments very low efficiency.For any serious army must either create a permanent part of the mobilization of resources, or the ability to use characters-generals (such as "Call of mercenaries").

But whether the characters come into the city?

In contrast to the "aggression", the characters in the Time of Troubles "know how to hide in the cities, although in this case, losing the impact of all the active abilities In general, a player can have up to 12 characters on the playing cards + 4 in each of their cities (ie, the ruler of powers of 10 provinces could gain a pool of 52 charactersdozens of which will be on the map, the others - cities). In every town there is a tab "Palace", in which three "regiments" of four "slots" for the characters:

Yard - Here are all the characters of the player, who is currently in the city.

Embassy - here are the ambassadors of other countries, non-threatening, of equal importance and diplomatic status. Ambassadors improve relations between states in proportion to their level. When you declare war, new enemy characters will automatically go to prison.

Dungeon - here are captured in the battles on the territory of the province, enemy generals, spies are caught, taken hostage by the ambassadors. For being in prison, the characters a player can get a ransom, torturing them, trying to get him the necessary information, or execute.

What will be the appearance of characters and whether Minin with (and) Pozharsky (are presented)?
How are the characters on the strategic map you can see in the screenshots and rendering models, situated on the site. For the game was made more than 25 different shapes of characters with a fairly detailed study of historical costumes, in general, correspond to this time period. The work is conducted on standard principles - looking for reference, consult with experts, we create models of characters, making them animation.Notorious person like Ivan the Terrible, Dmitry Donskoy, Kuzma Minin and Pozharsky in the game certainly will, but the unique models for them we are not doing quite enough of a common set.

Do you plan to support custom modifications play?
Yes, support will be implemented. When creating a game is also taken into account in modifying its convenience - the basic game options in the code is not protection, and placed in the configuration files so that you can just edit them.. Accordingly, the data also playing in the xml will lie. Certain restrictions will be (for example, the new 3D-models of characters to substitute into the game can only developers), but if you do not try to go much beyond the game of geography and time period (14-16 centuries), it just may be doing their own game campaign. Simple modification to the balance settings and the addition of new characters / teams / start constellations will do quite easily. And of course, modders, we will try to maintain advice and information about the device game.

As implemented in the game Diplomacy?

Key moments in the diplomatic system of the game following. Is the concept of "diplomatic relations", by default they are installed only with its neighbors (ie, those factions that have a common border with the player)., Then he added more and those factions, the territory of which visited the player characters, not necessarily with a view to a diplomatic visit (you can go hiking on the way "get acquainted" with half the cards). . In establishing the relationship artificial intelligence calculates its forces and the player and react depending on the balance sheet.. May offer a tributary player can simply take note of the existence of other powers, and may itself require a tribute. For diplomatic negotiations is not enough just to open the panel interface, you must create an ambassador and get to any city other powers, which already "brow beat" the local governor. By their logic, the negotiations appear to be "trafficking". Something demand something in return offer, taking into consideration the modifier relations with this faction.. In a bad relationship with the player simply does not talk, and when quite bad - send ambassador to declare a "good" war. If we talk about the available options, military and trade unions, and also the dynastic marriages, tribute, sharing of resources and the provinces - all in stock.

What options are in combat units? How does the battle system Works?
The combat system looks forward to rounds of the battle, taking into account such things as the order of doing damage units, coherence, order, security and other less mobile artillery units and others. This allows to obtain sufficiently plausible outcome of battles. Options for both standard units (attack, defense, damage, strength, morale), and special, attributes for different types of units, such as "gunpowder", "recruits", "veterans", "linear unit", etc

How to realize the battle?
Tactical battles on certain maps do not, the battles are implemented as an extended system of automatic combat (without the player). Before the battle, the player can see the forces of the parties and set the desired goal (to attack the strong or weak opponents) for its troops, as well as their basic behavior (stand to the end, hit and retreat). Then the calculation of the battle is done automatically and outstanding results.

Do I need to supply troops in the campaign? Can the army to loot?
The army in the game is either on the "grass", or fed from carts (if it exists). When located in the province - the army eats in the first place, so that in an economically weak region stationed troops may cause hunger. When the troops in enemy territory (ie in the campaign) all depends on the situation.If they do not seized, they will starve themselves and quietly desert. If you captured the city, they begin to eat from the city and have access to the options "destroy", "rob", "hijack the inhabitants" (a different effect, but in general, focus on receiving damage to the enemy, gold and manpower, respectively) After activation of any of these options are captured city returned to the previous owner - that is You can not hold territory, but simply "make" the infrastructure and take away the people to himself.

If troops invaded the village, they block the access of food to the enemy city (there begins hunger, everyone starts to eat from their carts if they exist). Well, our troops without carts in enemy territory are likely to starve during the siege of the city.

How to implement role-based system of characters in the game?
All the game characters can explore six different professions: Monarch, Viceroy, commander, Scout, Priest, Scientist. Every profession has its own specialization, and only the presence of characters of all types will give the player all the possibilities of governance. Any character available to all classes, three of which he can learn to achieve a total level 21. Accordingly, the mark 21 is the top in the development of a profession. The levels are summed up, so having classes Scientific ur 10., Commander 4 ur., Monarch 7 ur. character is fully developed (the sum of levels in the three classes is 21). The resulting characters experience is evenly distributed between the professions chosen for development. The value of each new level for a second profession for 35% more expensive than the main. Third profession requires 70% more experience. Игрок сам The player himself distributes, on what the profession is directed lessons learned character, in terms of special "switches" in its panel. Each class offers the player a permanent character's basic ability to reach the third level.

In each class the character has a choice of 9 special abilities, but may take no more than six (even if the levels can take the seventh). All characters receive monthly a small amount of experience in the service of a player. For various actions (destruction of the enemy army, a quest, the suppression of rebellion and discontent, etc.) character also gets more experience.

How to implement the system capabilities in the game?
Each character can learn up to 3 professions and 6 skills (in this case in every profession possible abilities 9, that is, to take all possible).Experience in the 2 nd and 3 rd professions typed slower, that is theoretically advantageous to have highly specialized "pumping" character. With a variety of abilities (which are all in the game more than 50) characters interact with the game world. It is difficult to cover the entire range of possible abilities, there are quite a lot - from the call of mercenaries and the poisoning of other characters, to attempt a revolt of the mob in the city of the enemy, undermining the walls and to split the enemy's religion.

Turn-based game?
No.The entire game is in real time with the controlled pause

Epidemics and wars,how they affect gameplay?
The epidemic appears randomly in one of the provincial maps.Its appearance (except for direct damage to the inhabitants) is in the cities of serious decline in welfare, and then starts the outcome of the population (from the city comes a group of residents and sent to another village). Refugees from the affected cities have the plague with him, so the epidemic is on the map, and reaches its peak and then falls off (the city will recover themselves, but the player and his opponents put on their city block the spread of infection ability), but the damage already done and many areas the population has decreased, and thus reduce the economic base. Such a detailed system we needed to realize the famous epidemic of the mid XIV century, have killed hundreds of thousands of lives of Europeans.

War (ie the presence in the province of captured foreign military facilities and troops) as the epidemic is falling welfare and the special status of the province - "Invasion". Normally this on the normal functioning of the economy of speech can not go. Moreover, once the hostilities ended and there was a change of land owner (ie, one player has won back another province), there is a status of "Integration", in which also operates a number of penalties - the province's economy is built into their new overlord. Add to that the need for religious policy, it turns out that the expansion of the empire in our game long and require a special approach the issue.

Factions: (Translated by Nike-it in another topic)

* Kalmar Union
* The Swedish Kingdom
* The Hanseatic League
* Kingdom of Prussia
* Teutonic Order
* Livonian Order
* Ryazan Principality
* Vladimirskoye principality
* Suzdal
* Galich Duchy
* Yaroslavl principality
* Tver principality
* Muscovy
* Novgorod Republic
* Poltava Province
* Zaporizhzhya Sich
* Galician Province
* Principality of Kiev
* Chernigov principality
* Polotsk Voivodeship
* The Principality of Lithuania
* The Duchy of Mazovia
* Lubelskie
* Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
* Lesser Poland
* Upper Silesia
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Old 10-28-2009, 12:34 PM
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Thanks a lot for translation.
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Old 01-01-2010, 04:20 AM
persoiranian persoiranian is offline
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plz change the description text of the game at the main page of forum,it says Historical turn-based strategy game but in fact it's in real time with the controlled pause(as the devs say)
to fans:profile of the game is recently updated with some new info(comparing to previous months):Reign: Conflict of Nations
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